Rewire Your Anxious Mind

It has been said that anxiety (fear) is always a call to action. There are two basic types of fear. Specific and global. Specific fear relates to any situation that has your attention and requires a resolution. Global fear is defined as a general sense of anxiety that has no specific focus. As a result, global fear is harder to immediately understand and requires some mental and emotional re-framing. But first let’s clarify what global fear feels like.

When in the grips of global fear, everything is viewed as a threat to one’s well-being. Often this habit comes from another lifetime — almost always reinforced by some variety of childhood stress. Remember, energetically fear and anger are a Martian energy, emanating from the solar plexus (just below the breastbone), under the heart chakra. This energy is connected to the adrenal glands and clearly explains why people who live in a continuous state of fear eventually suffer from adrenal exhaustion. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Re-framing of the mind
As stated before, the mind controls our perception of reality, therefore the mind controls our reality. Scientists are now pretty much in agreement that mind also controls matter. On a sub-atomic level that has actually been demonstrated. Click on this video clip. I think you will find it interesting.

We all know the drill. There is fear or there is love. Forget about the circumstances of your drama. We are not our pain. We are not what has happened to us. We are what we choose to become (Jung). We created the fear habit. Now we can create the courage habit. Need some help? Check out Richard Bandler’s book, Getting The Life You Want. I have repeated this line to so many people, “The universe will always bring you what you fear, to teach you to grow beyond it.” So, fear nothing. Want everything, and the Universe will comply. Trust me. It works.

Are you having trouble reigning in your anxiety? Tell us about it.

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