A Wild Omen

By Believer (A CP customer!)

Do you believe in omens? In what capacity do you believe animals play a part in omens? How does one interpret them?

I was at home enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning. At one point I was lying on the couch asking God and my Spirit Guides to bring me a sign in regard to the direction I should take my life. About 2 hours had passed when all of a sudden I heard a rustling behind me in the living room. Much to my amazement there was a large hawk flying ‘inside’ the house. He looked large enough to be an Eagle but I could tell by his coloring that he was indeed a hawk.

I sat in shock and watched the hawk fly around the house. Then he flew over to the kitchen counter and dining room table where he sat for a little bit. I walked towards him and told him out loud that he would need to let me catch him in order to get him back outside since he was nowhere near a doorway. Within about 5 minutes and much to my amazement, he was on the kitchen floor, lying on his wings (his back) with his huge claws up in the air. I thought maybe he was dead but no, he was perfectly alive, breathing, blinking, just lying there.

Next I thought, “Is it normal for a large bird to be submissive?” It seemed like he was being submissive like a dog would be…obviously, I know nothing about birds. So, I grabbed a towel and picked him up by the fat of his belly and his rib area while pushing his big claws in towards his belly. He let me know by his body language that he didn’t want me to grab his wings or his tail, so I didn’t. I held him with one hand and stared at him for a while. During this time he held his wings out (spread) not flapping them just holding them out like he wanted to show them off.

I told him that he was the most beautiful hawk I had ever seen. When I spoke to him, he would cock his head back and forth, listening to every word I said. He never struggled to get away, fussed, wiggled or tried to bite me at all. After a little while, I decided to get him back outside before he got away from my loose grip. I stepped sideways through the doorway because his wingspan was too large to fit if I walked straight through. I lowered him down gently and placed him onto the grass, he stood there for a moment, rustled his wings and then looked up at me as if to say “Goodbye, I’m leaving now.” I said goodbye, thanked him for gracing me with his presence and invited him back anytime. Then he flew off into the trees.

Please note, about a year ago I realized that I have the ability to communicate with animals, telepathically. I’m not sure if my meeting had anything to do with my gift but I did not communicate with the hawk telepathically as I was too flustered to do so. I know there is a deeper meaning behind this encounter…I would love your feedback. Please share your thoughts on omens and how you believe that animals play a part in them.

40 thoughts on “A Wild Omen

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  2. singer

    Today about 5 p.m. as I was getting ready to go to work, I heard a noise at the front door. The wooden door was open but the glass inner door was closed. On the front porch just inches from the door sat a large hawk.
    I think he had flown into the door and I thought he was dazed.
    But, he didn’t appear to be dazed, or frightened. He looked directly at me and followed my eyes when I moved.
    I went through the garage, got a camera from my car and walked up within a few feet from him and took a couple of pictures.
    I went back through the garage into the house and took more pictures through the glass. The hawk didn’t appear to be injured and seemed to be alert.
    I HAD to get ready for work so I left him to take my shower. When I dressed and went back to the door he was gone.
    I have a great deal of financial trouble in my life right now and have prayed for help. God has never let me down and I don’t expect He will now, but I wonder if this bird is trying to tell me that.
    I am of Native American ancestry on my mother’s side, but certainly do not practice or even keep up with any traditions.
    I was surprised to read of many similar experiences from others, and wanted to add my story.

  3. Beth

    This is a beautiful story… I too, had an encounter but in a dream… A bird, like a hawk…possibly a thunderbird came from the sky and landed on the house next store to mine. He then started to turn into a man as he climbed down the house… He came at me screeching… I wanted to run and hide when I suddenly heard my soul say to me…stand your ground…the thunderbird man or hawk man’s energy touched mine…I had been screeching back at him and when the energies touch each others he became more queit and slowly started walking away…he waved bye to me as I stood in the same place and as I watched him, he turned into a young man and stood and watched me as I walked into my house… I didn’t turn back to see and then I woke. up.. What is this dream telling me?

  4. Donna Langley-Leischner

    I completely believe in animal spirt guides. Every where I go in my home town, I see doves and eagles. Which there are none in this town, and everyone else tells me that with conviction. But, I have read and been told that the doves and eagles are a sign of high sprituality. That is a question I have, is that correct or am I confused?
    Thank you.

  5. Meredith

    How does one work on clairvoyance? Meditation? Can you recommend something? I once heard the sound of a hawk flying into my chimney while I was thinking about a deceased man who had appeared to me in dreams; and, recently, a hawk sat on top of a tree in my backyard not far from me for about a half hour Thank you.

  6. Emmy

    Hi Everyone 🙂 And what a fabulous story! All birds are messengers of spirit, each having a more specific individual meaning. Hawk speaks of strength, vision, amoung alot of other attributes but ask yourself, what does Hawk mean to you? This meeting was no accident! Irecommend you meditate upon this meeting and see what comes to you. I have had manyyyyyyyyy messeges from our animal friends and i work with animal energies. I must tell yall about an earlier incident today ~ I walked out of the front door earlier and theres a rose bush just outside my front steps…well 2 white butterflies took off in a hurry …..so i stopped and its “it’s alright, i didnt mean to startle you, you can go back to the roses now”….and you know what?? they did a 180 turn and flew start back to the rose bush!! FREAKYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!LOL….i laughed and kept walking…..but it made me smile…..i haven’t seen Butterfly here in a long time 🙂
    Love and Light to all,
    Emmy, Mozart and Matilda 🙂

  7. Daniel Gibson

    I believe that you received your spirit name and can translate the strengths of the hawk/falcon into healing. Many Blessings B.G.

  8. Isabel

    Dear Traveller…I AM Isabel Cristina..a few days ago I was passing though a time of make a decition about something, one of them was that for security reasons with my user name I change Butterflygails, for Lady Hawk. Then two days after I went to the kitchen sink were there is a window that leads to the patio and I saw a Hawk coming my way to a tall tree..Right there she was..flying..then pose her self on one of the branches..like she wanted me to admire her..I felt her Presence like a gift for me in my tormented moment…She remind me of a movie Lady Hawk..She change my perspective, she change my hopes, which eventually changed in to Faith..Everything that this amazing animal represented at this moment I took it as a messege from above..after a few minutes of deep meditation with her..she flew away..living me with this enourmous feeling of Love, care and I was feeling so strong from withing…Then looking for meanings about this..suddenly through this site I read about it..a few days ago..I read some…But today it really cought my attention…’cause again cross my path when I start reading the encounter of this Amazing animal with our friend above..I start reading through, looking for more understanding and I pose my self here looking for the Traveler…I learn to relly on signs in order for me to move on an heal my self up..this technic have being caming more and more accurate…My life since the xperience with the Hawk..had being dramatically change for the greates thing!!!More Peace, more insightful, more connection with my own Spirit..my personal Love life change..it pass through being a solitary being..to the most fulfiling Love I ever had in my entire Life..I AM 48 years old and Now I AM soaring with my own wings…And I believed this Hawk brought me the good news to Believe and Trust more in God-Me-You-Them….IT was Beautiful..is still Beautiful and will always be Beautiful..Now I fell my call to be Lady Hawk….God bring Blessings,Prosperity and Abundance to all of you..Thank you so much..
    Ps. Please excuse any gramatical mistakes..

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Believer,
    I told you over a year ago that you had a gift with animals…..and
    now, you ” see” this for yourself.You have been given confirmation of that.
    I told you so ….( sorry, I couldn’t resist saying that. )
    Keep on working on your gifts….you are a very strong empath.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. Believer

    Thank you all for your comments & insight on my story. I have enjoyed reading about your stories and experiences as well. It’s been fun sharing.
    Blessings to All.

  11. LaniSilverwind

    It must have been an awesome experience, to have seen the hawk inside your house. The hawk my main totem, unlike the others that just flow in and out of your life. One of the great things about the hawk is that although they have exceptional vision, they also have amazing speed, as well as being pretty strong. A hawk can carry up to half of it’s body weight in flight, as well as diving to speeds up to 200 mph. The experience you had may have been the hawk telling you to remember how strong you truly are, even when you doubt it.

  12. Cortney

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational story! Hawk often symbolizes the ability to see from a higher (spiritual) perspective. The hawk flying into your home may be a reminder to bring this higher perspective into your daily life. You may be called upon to help the wild things of the earth as well. You might try this: Thank Spirit for the hawk messenger, and then ask for a more specific message about your direction. Keep us posted on what happens!

  13. M. christian

    Beatiful story-my wife and I have had many such encounters with the supernatural.
    If you are open-minded, I’ll give you some encouragement but also, challenge you:
    YES, God loves animals and uses them to bring messages, speak through often. For example, I personally don’t think it a “metaphor” when God spoke through a donkey (ass.) in the bible.
    In Revelation, creatures w wings, eagles, are present. St. Francis ( who San Francisco was named for) would have been perhaps the first PETA member, although a devout (obviously) Catholic.
    Crows are often harbingers of evil. although they themselves are not “bad.” Remember, God created ALL LIFE and called it “good.” Satan has taken some life forms, like crows and made them symbols of evil, while Eagles (and perhaps Hawks) are symbols (because of their great eyesight and vision) are symbols of God’s all-seeing power.
    On the other hand, be careful who your “spirit guides” are: the unseen world is starkly divided between light/dark, good/evil, God/devil, Angels/demons…..satan himself masquerades as an “angel of light” in order to gain followers who would never, of course, follow anything remotely resembling evil….if the spirit doesn’t reflect Christ-consciousness as the ultimate source of all that’s LOVE and GOOD and LIGHT, then that spirit is FALSE. TEST the spirits: ask them if they are from Heaven, or from “somewhere else.” If they are from “somewhere else,” use great caution; they might not be benevolent in the long run. God bless you on your spiritual journey.

  14. Kate

    You asked what to do with your life and a very powerful, intelligent bird flew in. The bird is a symbol of strength, freedom and courage… You were not hurt in any way when you “seized the moment” … I would say besides being an impath that you were being shown how powerful you are and you can do as you wish without fear of being hurt. K. Buttles

  15. MSDIV/Sister

    Dear Believer,
    Quite signifigant to your encounter is the large size of your visitor. You specifaccly mention the size of the “hawk”(she may have been a falcon). Almost singularly peculiar to the family of raptors, females are quite a bit larger than males, almost 2 times as large.. Your vistor was most probably female. Her presence in your home portents time/preparedness of new sight development,to my experience. Continue to seek communion with your guides. Keep the door to the goddesses eyes opening to you. Don’t be shocked should vists become more frequent(not in the home,that was a wake up call) along routes of travel, unusual times of day and times.Seek to fly with your teachers in vision. New seekers need to find a trusted,hopefully like gifted compainion when initiating vision quests.Lady Hawk showed this by trusting you.
    Thank you for sharing this wonder of communion.
    In Service and Blessing
    MSDIV/Sister Traveller

  16. Lynne

    I enjoyed reading your article, thank you.
    Like you, a huge bird appeared on our window sill in our lounge but it was a big black crow.It was in the middle of the day and the windows and doors were shut. Although there was an eerie feeling, the bird remained still and calm, just looking around. It was quite happy for my boyfriend to pick it up and free it in the back garden. We had no end of bad luck in that property, do you think that it was telling us something?

  17. garycolinnjGary Colin

    I had a similar experience. In the past year or so I’ve been learning alot about the other side. I’ve connected to my deceased father, grandmother and many friends. “Someone” keeps teaching me the beliefs of Ancient Egypt. Many won’t believe me, but the Moon and Venus have become portent “entities” in my life. I have Video and Photos of these “Cosmos/Afterlife” experiences.
    I believe that my deceased father (or “someone”) sent either a Vulture or an Eagle onto my yard shed. The bird was eating a squirrel (and left no carcass-only fur stuck to the shed roof). I was having problems and my father was letting me know that he would protect me.
    And no, this isnot something that only I saw. My Mother saw it and I have the bird on Video VCR. As far as the individuals who harassed me, the Government created the Consumer Financial Protection Service to legislate such crooks. I’m not sure if it was an Eagle or a Vulture. I also became a Democrat this year. Maybe this “bird” was teaching me something about the American Eagle.

  18. Roberta

    Last new year’s morning, I had an Owl land on my balcony railing which was right by where I sat inside. It was still dark and I sipped my coffee. The Owl and I looked directly into each other’s eyes, frozen for at least 3 minutes until it flew away. It was a surreal experience. Later, I looked up native animal meanings and it said that the appearance of an Owl means life changing and now that almost a year has elapsed, I can say that this last year has been the most profound change in my entire life!

  19. Patty

    Hawks are the messenger. When a hawk comes into your life there is a message coming. I believe he was giving you a very direct, clear message.
    What a gift.

  20. Lori

    Hi, What a beautiful story, I’m just wondering if the hawk is of your own personal totem? I have hawks around me alot of the time, I live in a city, it bothers me a bit because I think they belong in the wild. August 10 2008 we had a propane explosion about 5km from my house, this I believe was seen around the world it happenend in Toronto, it was around 4am. In the afternoon of that same day I went outside to my back yard which stands a very tall oak tree, I looked up and on the very top branch was a hawk, I ran back inside and got my camera, took pictures of this beautiful bird. Do you know that the hawk stayed on that branch for almost 2 hrs, for some reason I felt reassured, about what I don’t know. Yes these birds are here for a reason,their messenagers from the heavens? Next time your out for a walk, in the park, or where ever you go look around it’s amazing what you see. Thanks Lori

  21. sharon

    hi, that was a beautiful story.and so srtange to read this morning,as yesterday i was driving on a canal road close to home and found 2 hawk feathers standing straight up out of the ground where i had passed by a few minutes earlier,both so beautiful.my late husband was a true believer in gaurdisn spirits,as a hawk had made him aware of his surroundings when he had fallen asleep while cutting hay.It landed on a bale directley in front of him and just sat there looking at him and when it fly away it left a beautiful feather behind.this happened on 2 seperate occasions in 2 different states. so can it be telling me something also?

  22. Nakita

    my happy that u r very gifted but i think it was god that send him as a guardto you to spead your wings too and experience the world too so be greatful for gods praise.much love nakita

  23. blomps

    hi there
    I do believe in omens. I find that every time i speak to any of my late relatives, a black cat appears and stares at me until the end of conversations with them. (This started happening when I asked them to make the apparitions stop because they were freaking me out). I do believe that the spirit world communicates, especially to those who are open to its messages. and sometimes not in a subtle way 🙂

  24. Betty

    Sometimes a Hawk is just that. Did it not make you stop to wonder? I’ll bet you weren’t even think of fright as amazing as it was to you. Animals know who means to bring harm and who to trust.In my culture a bird flying into the house means death,after may son and daughter-in-law came back from Iraq a sparrow flew in I flipped out until a friend told me a sparrow is a sign of a fearless warrior! I beleive he was “Thanking” them for their bravery.

  25. benpolyak

    crazy as it is …i was just telling my friends about spirit guides and shamanism about an hour before i recieved this message…i think that animals the earth and the stars the planets and humans are much more connected than we want to believe…the truth is out there….i think you and i may be more than connected through the internet….please reply

  26. Alisa

    Hello I also want to say thank you for your story, and to say we are always being communnicated with we just need to be able to recieve. I wish you the best and hope all is well for you and your loved ones.

  27. Abigail Ext 9570

    Good morning,
    It’s the ability to mimic and blend in with nature and its creatures the ebb and flow. You are able to go with the flow so to speak with the environment. I am very adapt at this you will find you are too… you know kind of like Dr. Dolittle taking to the animals heck some people would think what a strange person I am I talk to animals and plants like people.
    Many Blessings

  28. Pam

    I remember when my mother came from the UK to visit us. She was telling me about this ‘Romney Gypsy’ (they come from Wales, UK and are travelling pedlars) knocked on the front door at their home just outside London to pedal her wares.
    My brother John (see story on children grow up in heaven on the blog a few days ago) hadn’t long passed at the time and clean out of the blue she said to my mother, if you see a strange robin/s in the garden it is relatives visiting you.
    What was strange there had been a strange robins/s in our garden and I would look and watch them, and some would just stand and stare right back and they were not scared if I moved or touched the glass.
    I haven’t seen any for a while, I wonder why.

  29. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Believer,
    Well…..the hawk stunned himself , and was still stunned when you found him lying on his back in the kitchen…..wild birds do this….I had a large wood pecker fly into my home years ago and do same thing.Sometimes a wild bird will be submissive for hours after being stunned until they fly off.
    But, in YOUR case…..I feel the overall incident,as a whole, did have a deeper meaning…..hawks are usually aligned with clairvoyance, since they have such great eye sight. ” The eyes of a hawk”….or ” hawk-eye”
    I do feel it was a message for you to work with your animal gifts and to use your gift of empathy AND start to work on your clairvoyance.
    Does that help you ?????
    Blessed Be )O(….Gina Rose ext.9500
    ps… try to keep working on your gifts.

  30. Susan

    The Halk,
    Mercury, the Messenger.He is asking you to seek Truth &Pay Attn.You need to Highten your awareness. Sprite is holding a gift that only you are to receive.It will come to you, Don’t try to interpret the Omen your way .Let the Divine Light Deliver the Message to you. You may have new opportunity coming and you need to examine your life from a higher perspective.Maybe the healing of animals is where you need to be. Try Reike. Love & Light Susan

  31. Cynthia

    I wonder if your feathered friend was someone you had known once come back in the form of a hawk? Or at least a friend who took a temporary shape.

  32. Believer

    Gina Rose,
    Yes, thank you!! I don’t know much about signs, omens & the like but I knew the special visit had to have a deeper meaning. That’s why I decided to share the experience on the blog.
    Since the encounter (which was just a few weeks ago), I am taking my gift even more seriously…I assume it was sort of a thump on the head from the universe telling me to ‘wake up’. But I did at one point think it could have been someone visiting me in hawk form….
    Thanks again!!

  33. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Believer,
    What a great article.
    Communicating with animals is a wonderful breakthrough for you. Both my dog and cat communicate with me telepathically and I communicate with them telepathically in return. I forget it surprises guests to watch us communicate.
    Some years ago, in a different home in a very wooded subdivsion, I had an armadillo who would sit in front of one garage door and my cat would sit in front of the other when I would be out late. I could hear the “where have you been” coming from both of them as I approached the driveway.
    Hope to see another article from you,
    Ext. 9146

  34. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Believer….
    This was a beautiful article Believer.
    Yes….you not only have a gift with
    animals… but, as I’ve told you before….you are a very strong empath !!!!!!!!
    Are you still working on your gifts ?????
    I sure hope so, as you have some genuine talent.
    Blessed Be )O(……Gina Rose ext.9500


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