Psychic Tenley: Everything That Happens in Life is a Blessing

How many of wonder is things happen for a reason and if even the bad stuff is a blessing?

Psychic Tenley Shares Her Success

Tenley has felt different since she was a young girl. She would dream, see, and hear things which she would then repeat to the curiosity of others. People would ask her questions while hanging on every word. This, plus a friend’s suggestion, is what led her to giving professional readings. She has now been doing so for over 25 years! She’s even given live on-air readings in the radio arena. Tenley’s guides’ voices always speak to her and sometimes give her names relating to people in her clients’ lives. She feels that she is the ultimate nurturer: “I love people and they feel it!” You can open up to her about love, relationships, conversations about spirit guides and her clairaudient, clairsentient, and empathic abilities will yield detailed answers. Tenley can also pick up on those around you to accurately paint a picture of your life. Her personal philosophy is “be kind and gentle and always guided by truth.” Are you struggling with something in your life and are looking for answers? Call one of many psychics and get personalized guidance on your life.

We sat down to talk to her, and she shared some of her remarkable successes with clients.

“Recently I had been talking to a woman for a while and she kept wanting to know why she couldn’t contact her mother; why she didn’t feel her mother’s presence around her. I worked with her and during a call we both got a very warm sensation and broke into tears. The message came from her mother and was so direct and had everything to do with what she was going through in her life. She wanted to know if she would have the love of her life and if they would be married.  She thought it was hopeless. She just didn’t believe this man loved her or anything would happen. The message from her mother said that he would propose to her, and it happened the day her mother said it would. We both got this message at the same time, and it was an incredibly touching feeling. She’s getting married in October!

“I worked with the police on missing children cases. One case in particular was about a child who had been missing for 15 days. I walked into the police station and offered help, and everyone there looked at me like I was crazy. But one of the investigators saw something, and he said, I’m going to sit down and talk with her. We talked for a while and decided to take a ride, and I directed him to where I felt this child might be, and we ended up a block from where they found the child. She ended up being with the father, and that’s what I predicted. I said she’s got to be with her father—and the father had been out of the picture for 10 years. I took the police to a block from where she was and the father and the girl happened to be outside the home while the police were searching the area. The girl was returned to her mother safe and sound.

“I have a personal client that I’ve had for the past five years. She wasn’t sure what path she was going to take and I kept telling her that she was going to be in the medical field, specifically nursing. She didn’t want to and didn’t have the money for training. I kept saying that I saw her becoming a caretaker. A couple of years later, I got a call out of the blue from this same client, saying she got the greatest opportunity. I told her I saw a male figure. It turns out, one of her neighbor’s father was really ill and she was asked to come to the house and take care of him. She connected with him and ended up being his caretaker. He passed away a year after that and left her everything he had so that he could make sure she went to nursing school, and from that point on she became a nurse.”

What would she like most people to realize?

“Always count losses as blessings. Whatever happens is truly a blessing, no matter what it is or how difficult it is. For me that’s not broad at all. I live by it! Always be guided by truth. Also, if you think you’re psychic or empathic, you probably are. Don’t be afraid of it. Develop it by talking to psychics. Feel free to ask the psychic you’re on the phone with what their recommendations are; how to recognize what’s for real. Talk to other people. Open up, don’t ever be afraid to ask.”

What can Psychic Tenley see for you?

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7 thoughts on “Psychic Tenley: Everything That Happens in Life is a Blessing

  1. Ty

    I cant say enough good things about Tenley! I feel like if I hadn’t spoken to her I would be so lost in regards to where I’m going and what I’m destined to be. I thank you for delivering your honesty to me so gently & still filling me with hope and blessfulness at the same time.

    Thanks a million

  2. Ty

    Tenley has made a few predictions about my life that are very remarkable, a couple of things she told me I know to be 100% true right now, and things that she had predicted has already come to pass for me. I have spoke with other physics before, but I didnt have a connection with any of them like I had with her…Thanks for being you.


  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Sorry, oops. don’t know why it posted like that…..

    Anyhoo…..I started to type….. that I don’t often comment on individual psychic profile articles,…. as it’s their turn to shine !!!!

    But, I have to say, if ever I needed a shoulder to cry on and tell my troubles to, I think it would be Tenley…..don’t know her personally, but her picture just radiates warmth, caring, and kindness….that kindness and compassion and love for others shows up in her aura in her picture too.

    Nice write-up Krishna Bill !!!!!

  4. Chrissi Matusevics

    its difficult to think of the loss of my first love as a blessing- although it was relatively recent- just nearly two years- and I hadn’t seen him for around 25 years, and he and I were both married- him arranged but still married-him about 30 and me for the last 20years, because since then I have become more and more unhappy with my own situation although I do care about my husband, I think while he lived I must have harboured hopes we’d be together again someday and of course now that will never be, in this life anyway. I made so many mistakes with him- mainly because I was young and very naive about other people- and I really wish now I could have told him that I truly loved him- and still do


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