Your Relationship is About to End

Is your relationship just in a rough place or is it about to fail? Here are some signs that may indicate you and your relationship may soon be over.

Know When It’s Over

All relationships are susceptible to rough patches from time to time. Stress at work, financial troubles, or a sick family member can all wreak havoc on a romantic relationship. But if any of the following signs apply to your current relationship, you may need to face the fact that your rough patch could be a sign of harsher things to come, such as the inevitable and tragic end of your relationship. Let’s look at a few of the signs that most certainly point to the bitter end of lover’s lane.

Full Dance Card

If your social calendar is so chock-full that you know more about what’s going on in your friends’ lives than in your significant other’s, then it’s time to reconsider your commitment. This manic schedule sans partner usually signals that you’ve already taken one step out of the relationship, whether or not either of you have realized it. You should ask yourself why you are spending more time with your friends than you are with your partner.


It’s healthy to have individual interests and activities outside of your relationship, but if one of you is consistently craving experiences separate from your partner, that’s a sure sign of disconnect. They say, “opposites attract,” but the point of being with someone is to want to share your lives together. If one of you continuously insists on having multiple experiences without the other one, you need to evaluate why you’ve stopped viewing each other as your partner.

Couple Jealousy

If you find yourself wistfully watching other couples hold hands, playfully interact, stare lovingly into one another’s eyes, or any other activity which makes you wish for something similar, you’re not getting what you need from your relationship, period. As soon as you find yourself obsessively comparing other relationships to your’s and end up feeling empty, dissatisfied or resentful, you know your relationship is in major trouble.

Slumming It

Casual, harmless flirting with others can be a healthy thing, but there’s a fine line between being appropriate and taking it too far. If one of you is shameless in your flirtatious interactions with the opposite sex (though actual cheating is far worse), this relentless suggestion of cheating can destroy a relationship just as quickly.

Liar Liar

If one of you is lying to the other, relationship destruction has already begun. Honesty and trust are two of the major foundations of a healthy relationship, and if you’ve already compromised these, then you’re on a very slippery, downward slope!

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“I Don’t Deserve You”

If one of you is dishing out this infamous phrase, chances are it’s Game Over. Even if this is designed to serve as the kinder way of saying you want out, the message is still the same. You may as well follow it up with “It’s not you, it’s me” and just pack it up and go home.

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5 thoughts on “Your Relationship is About to End

  1. mags

    i am one of these people who really is sacrificing but hoping that it will go fine and that he will come back for a second chance which i do hope will be better…am i stupid?the fact is he is not ready for a serious relationship because of his baggages from his past life and afraid to be left again and that he does not dare to let his feeling go free to love again now, but maybe in the future,but he wants me to be there for him and he cares about me as he said.we see each other once or twice a week to be together for some hours and we travel together now and then and he threats me in everthing free,so there is something there but i wish he will find out soon what he really wants…times is passing by so fast and life is too short …our relationship now is based on intimate friendship…but we are not together!!!!he wants his freedom but no third person involve so it is not bad but how long will i give him this opportunity???help me

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article, Alina…..catchy title too…..LOL

    Yes, all of these signs are definitely glaring, bright , red flags .

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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