Psychic Teagan: Exploring Past Lives

Teagan ext. 5318 has been a professional psychic for over 15 years, is a third generation intuitive and a passionate spiritual counselor. Using her Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities, Teagan only needs your first name and a couple of deep breaths to tap into your unique energy. An experienced mortgage broker for 15 years, Teagan is a licensed real estate agent who gives her clients insightful information about buying or selling. She aims to reveal the truth with accuracy and compassion. Many feel uplifted and empowered to put their free will to good use. Acting as a Medium, Teagan can connect with your past loved ones relaying important guidance about your current life path. She is a no tools reader but can use Tarot and Pendulum upon request.

We sat down to speak with Teagan recently on the subject of mediumship and past lives, and received some excellent responses.

How did she get started?

“Past life regressions are part of a teaching to be able to build upon and open up new gifts that we all have. It was a taught gift; it didn’t come naturally. I can get visions of past lives. What a past life regression entails is a very open mind, almost a meditative state. Alpha or beta state of sleep. In that state you’re able to direct your mind to a place where you were a soul, just energy. From that point in your mind, you take me to a place starting with what your feet look like, and start going upward from the feet up. I ask very general questions: what do you look like, how do you see yourself in your own mind? Eventually you’re describing to me whether or not you’re a male or female. Past life regressions can be very hepful, especially when there’s a block in your heart or mind. If there’s a fear, we will carry over with us some of the struggles, some of the things we can’t complete.

“Regression is cleansing the spiritual closet. It’s very healthy, and can bring you to a very gentle, calming place. A lot of people are directed by fear; they don’t move forward the way they’re supposed to, because they didn’t get closure on something they should have. Cleaning the closet and moving forward in this life is a helpful tool.

“Einstein said that repeating the same mistake over and over again is the definition of insanity. You need to let go of those pessimistic thoughts. As souls, before we come down here, we go through the veil, take on the armor of this human existence. Just because something negative is happening doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. We choose our lessons. When we’re energy, we’re all connected somehow, we choose one another to help each other become better people. Sometimes you need to go to that heavier place to feel the light. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done something bad. You just need to understand.

“Suppose a soul ‘up there’ says ‘I want to know what it feels like to feel fear,’ to feel these other feelings that other souls are feeling. And one might raise its hand and say ‘I’ll be that being… But remember this, because when I come down and I hurt you, you’ll forget that I signed up to hurt you, until we are both back here as love, as energy, as vibrations.” It’s important that people stop focusing on what they ‘did wrong,’ and to realize that we chose this to become a better person, to learn, to teach other people around them.”

What can Teagan ext. 5318 see for you?

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  1. misskrystal

    Hi Teagan,
    Past lives have so many messages and answers to our current lives-I really enjoyed this and hope you are doing well. Huggies and thanks, Miss Krystal


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