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Your Love Horoscope

If you find yourself craving a soulmate – or at least a touch of fantasy – it might be the effect of Neptune transiting into idealistic Pisces this week (for four months). What’s more, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries midweek can give you the audacity to act on your desires. During the weekend, Moon in Cancer encourages you to express your feelings, while the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries fires up flirtatiousness. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – and Saturday, if you don’t mind some chaos.

Aries: Having the courage to be who you are and sharing your creativity and optimism with others makes you especially magnetic. Taking the lead in love, while staying in touch with your sensitivity, will bring romance to your doorstep. Using your way with words energizes both passion and friendship to overcome emotional heaviness this weekend.

Taurus: A sudden psychic awakening during some downtime can guide you this week, so listen to your inner voice. Your sensuality is on fire on Tuesday and Wednesday, an excellent time for a sexy tryst or taking in a show with friends. A poetic expression of love inspires romance on Saturday, but communications may be off track on Sunday.

Gemini: Socializing or networking can bring a lucky personal or professional opportunity this week, so seek out positive, successful people. Romance can be found online or during a group gathering or career-related activity, especially on Thursday. Heart and intellect may play tug-of-war on Friday. Love needs a show of feelings during the weekend.

Cancer: Neptune in Pisces will enhance your ability to see the future by deepening your psychic powers. It can also make you attuned to the energies of other people. This week, an outing with friends or group activity brings joy on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your mystique and/or humor draws admirers this weekend, if you keep moodiness in check.

Leo: Your adventurous side may prompt a spontaneous trip with your sweetie or friend. Exploring a new locale or activity you’ve never tried before will energize you – and set passion ablaze if you’re paired! Romance can also be found while learning something new. A serene but enticing environment and/or reminiscing about the past inspires love this weekend.

Virgo: You may feel pushed to speak up or take action on your desires – or something else you feel strongly about. A lusty romp would be especially satisfying on Tuesday or Wednesday, so plan something fun. During the weekend, a rendezvous can be delightful on Saturday, but expect the unexpected. Feelings swing between hot and cold on Sunday.

Libra: A shared activity with your sweetie on Monday can bring you closer together. Your sense of style draws admirers on Tuesday or Wednesday. Exploring a new activity or locale heats up passion on Thursday or Friday. This weekend, getting out and socializing on Saturday can bring a romantic interlude, but love may seem irrational on Sunday.

Scorpio: Neptune moving into your romance sector means you’re likely to attract an artist, spiritualist, healer, addict or deceiver, so check out romantic prospects thoroughly and keep your intuition on guard for people with unhealthy lifestyles. This weekend, especially on Saturday, romance can be found while participating in a class or spiritual activity.

Sagittarius: Passion escalates on Monday! A natural environment brings out your sensuality and helps feelings flow on Tuesday or Wednesday. Lending a helping hand can inspire love as well. A twosome tryst brings delight on Thursday, but feelings may clash on Friday. During the weekend, a sensitive approach can make love bloom, if your heart is open.

Capricorn: A homey tryst can turn lusty on Monday. Romance kicks into high gear on Tuesday or Wednesday, when some creativity in the boudoir heats up passion. Romance can be found during a work-related activity on Thursday. A date with your sweetie will bring satisfaction on Saturday, but some fear about commitment may arise on Sunday.

Aquarius: Playful flirting or a heartfelt message will bring a romantic interlude on Monday. Entertaining friends at your home or a date for two brings delight on Tuesday or Wednesday, so plan a get-together. Romance escalates on Thursday through Friday. Volunteering for a cause close to your heart can bring a romantic prospect this weekend.

Pisces: Neptune transiting into your sign will awaken your artistry and intuition, but it may be difficult to establish/keep concrete goals. Staying grounded by eating right, surrounding yourself with positive people and sticking to a schedule will help keep you on track. This weekend, a spontaneous tryst can bring satisfaction on Saturday. Sunday night is passionate!

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