Spiritual Insights: Connect to Your Psychic Abilities Through Dreams

Sonali from Australia writes:

My dreams are very strange, and I get up feeling as if I should remember them and they are telling me something, but I just cannot remember clearly.

Also, I have a feeling that someone is looking out for me but I don’t know who. I did feel sometimes that my sister’s mother-in-law, who departed some years back, protects me.

I would like to know, what does all this mean? Would greatly appreciate your insight as at present I am in a very confusing state and have very important decisions to make.

Dear Sonali,

You’re correct in feeling that remembering your dreams is important. Apparently, they are your primary gateway to information and support from other realms, so anything you can do to develop your ability to remember and understand them will pay off hugely. Your guides recommend that you commit yourself heart and soul to learning to do lucid dreaming. It will be the first step toward fully awakening your considerable spiritual and psychic gifts.

The next step in your development will be getting comfortable with your particular dream language, which seems even more than usually symbolic. If you like to study new subjects, learning how to be comfortable with the language of symbols would be richly rewarding. The two routes recommended by your guides are 1) working with more traditional Tarot imagery, such as you’ll find in the Rider-Waite or Hanson-Roberts Tarot decks, and 2) investigating the fascinating ideas of psychology pioneer Carl Jung regarding dreams, symbols and the collective unconscious. The works of Jungian analyst and author Marion Woodman are especially recommended for you, particularly her book Pregnant Virgin.

You actually have several beings who protect and guide you, and your sister’s mother in law is definitely a caring and committed member of the group.

The astrological information you provided gives interesting insights into your confusing state and important decisions, and by the time you read this a series of events, issues and opportunities which have kept you busy off and on since May or June of 2009 should be pretty much resolved. However, challenges which surfaced around your sense of safety and belonging in October and November of last year, while seeming to be quiet right now, will not be fully resolved until this August or September. In the meantime, although there’s no external pressure to do so, if you spend time this month (April) doing dream work, study and even counseling about the challenges which surfaced in November, you’ll be more than ready to handle whatever surfaces in mid-June and then in August this year.

What does this all mean? It means you’re in the process of awakening to new levels physically, emotionally, mentally and, above all, spiritually, in preparation for a whole new level of expansion in 2012. The early stages of these journeys can be disorienting and occasionally unnerving, but once you find your balance it’s a real adventure.

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