Psychic Tansy: Where the Spiritual Meets the Practical

Tansy ext. 5289 has been a professional psychic and clairvoyant for 17 years. A practical psychic, she prefers that you ask a specific question so that she can quickly connect to the heart of the matter. Her expertise lies in business affairs and guiding callers toward making the best career and finance decisions. A licensed Real Estate agent, Tansy ext. 5289 loves using her psychic gifts to assist with money matters. Tansy ext. 5289‘s specialization in love and relationships includes insights into many forms of romance, including lesbian, gay and bisexual partnerships, among others.

We sat down with Tansy ext. 5289 for a revealing chat into her abilities and outlook.

“I feel I have a very practical streak,” Tansy ext. 5289 relays. “I do seem to receive good practical advice for people who want a reading about the outcome of business and finance. And I do very much sympathize with people who want to be well-grounded financially, and I have a special fondness for giving readings about real estate.

“As a psychic, it’s important to help people not only spiritually, but practically speaking, as well,” Tansy ext. 5289 explains. “I worked in real estate professionally for over ten years before I actually started doing psychic readings; that’s when I discontinued real estate.”

“I felt that real estate was extremely interesting, as well as a challenge, but also, at that time in my life, I felt the need for a more spiritual balance. And I didn’t want my whole life to be taken up with strictly business. When I started giving psychic readings, I found a wonderful way to combine spirituality with real estate! I emphasize the practical in my readings. I believe that people need as much practical information as possible to help with decisions they make in their lives. I like to give as much factual information as I possibly can. I don’t see any reason why the spiritual and the material can’t mesh in a good way.

“The reading types I give are on business, readings, love and relationships. I find it particularly interesting to work with people who are going through or have gone through divorces, because there is an amount of recovery that goes with divorce. I do readings that can predict various stages of recovery.

“I also enjoy giving readings for the gay and lesbian community, because I’ve had friends in the past who were gay—and that knew that, at that time, they would never be accepted. That was years ago, and I’m so glad things have changed since then. And although I’m not gay, I do feel a real affection and affinity for people in this community, knowing just some of the problems that they’ve had to overcome in the past. I had a fellow I went to high school with, and I saw him at a class reunion, twenty years after the reunion, and he told me, I always wanted to tell people, but I never could—I’m gay, I have a partner, and I’m very happy. I told him that I thought that was wonderful, but he was right—when we went to high school, it never ever would have been accepted by anybody. I’m glad that we’ve reached the point where people can be more open. In 1971, people didn’t even talk about something like that. Integration was hard enough for us. That’s how isolated I guess we were from just what life really is. He told me, and I said, I always knew you were, why didn’t you say something? He said, back then, it would have gotten me killed! But he’s happy now, he’s a professor here at Berkeley. He had to move to California so he could get away from Kentucky!

If there was one thing she wished everybody in the world could realize, what would it be?

“The one thing I wish everybody would realize is that no matter what we do in our lives, whether it’s good or evil, with every action we affect the rest of the world. I do believe that there’s a true ripple effect that might not be seen, and might not be possible to measure, but I truly do believe that no matter what each one of us does, we affect the world.”

What can Tansy ext. 5289 see for you?

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