Morgan-Greer Tarot: August 18-24

Morgan-Greer Tarot: August 18-24 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Time for a literal reading of the cards this week with the Morgan-Greer Tarot. While it is true that the Tarot has many layers of meaning, ranging from the petty to the cosmic, it’s important to remember that it also predicts specific events which are occurring, or which will occur, in the world of manifestation.

Have you ever noticed how colors have psychic and energetic properties? Some psychic advisers exclusively specialize in color readings, and the result is sometimes impressively accurate! That’s one of the reasons I love the Morgan-Greer by Bill Greer. The colors are deep, rich, and vivid and contribute a great deal to the interpretive meaning of each card.

Let’s dive in and see what’s likely to come up for us this week!

August 18 – Sunday

Wheel of Fortune

Whee! Our two Ferris wheel riders are at the top of their game on this card. They are depicted as King and Queen in this deck because, regardless of their objective status, this is how they are feeling. The King wears the red cloak of Mars-like courage and some pretty cool boots. The Queen’s luxurious purple gown appears to be satin. A huge, ghostly hand is turning the wheel of fate. The wheel is mounted on a tree stump connected securely to earth. It is a day to realize gains set in motion by previous efforts. Expect a concrete improvement in material status or a circumstance relating to your career today.

August 19 – Monday


Justice holds her sword in one of her hands and the scales in the other. She inclines her head neither right nor left. Her judgments are perfectly balanced and her gaze is steady. She wears rich looking robes of dignity. Over her heart is a square brooch signifying perfect honesty. The card is telling us today that it is crucial to keep impartial and clear-sighted in a tricky situation. The universal energies support us in this and are expecting nothing less. If we do so, there will be a good outcome in a matter currently concerning us. If there is a literal courtroom hearing going on in which we are involved, the verdict will be favorable.

August 20 – Tuesday


The judgment card carries a very different meaning from the general definition of the word. We all hate to be judged for who and what we are, but this card symbolizes the ending of a certain level of being and the entrance into a newer, higher world. A family is pictured coming out of the renewing waters, floating up in the air. The joy on their faces is palpable as they experience their release from limitation and stillness. The card tells us today, that for ourselves and our closest companions, a new level of freedom will be realized. Literally, it can signal that a new home is in the offing and we might be moving to a better place right away.

August 21 – Wednesday

Ten of Cups

A couple locks forearms in a tryst of commitment. Ten goblets surround them, along with a rainbow in the sky. It is a time of completion and the beginning of greater commitment in a relationship. The card tells us today that a commitment we have been striving toward is on its way. If we are the ones holding back, the card signals that great benefit will come through going ahead with plans to marry, or another similar agreement. Much benefit will follow.

August 22 – Thursday

Five of Pentacles

A wounded man is aided by a kind person who wears the “habit” of membership in a spiritual pathway. Light comes from the stained glass windows close by. He doesn’t look up to see that he is in fact surrounded by supernatural help in his destitution and despair.

We are surrounded by positive spiritual forces today, coming from this plane and others. The card tells us to reach up for the help that is being offered. To recognize and receive what the Universe offers us today is our challenge. Don’t waste time complaining or feeling hopeless. Help is abundant but will not be forced upon us. Let’s take it.

August 23 – Friday

The Moon

Emotions run high today and we don’t need to fear them. Feelings are only overwhelming when we try to suppress and resist them. We don’t necessarily need to act on them now. It is enough to acknowledge and communicate what is going on in an important situation.

Take time for reflection, honesty, and communication with another important person tonight. The card says that if we do, uncomfortable feelings will change into something we like better.

August 24 – Saturday

Three of Pentacles

The apprentice works away at his craft in complete absorption. He is on a learning curve and devotes all of himself to his work. He works in total solitude and holds his tools respectfully because they earn him money. Today is a day of recreation, yet the card is saying to devote some of today to learning or improving new skills. It will make valuable achievement possible, which will make the future better.

A fun spread to try:

Since practicality reigns today, I’ve chosen a simple, but useful, spread that gets right to the point. Shuffle, and then randomly pick five cards from the deck and lay them out as follows: a five card spread, with the cards arranged horizontally, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Card 1- What I am already doing well

Card 2- What I need to work on

Card 3- External resources for improving

Card 4- Internal resources for improving

Card 5- Most important thing for me to remember

Thanks for joining me this week in the Morgan-Greer. See you next time!

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