Get the Guy: 5 Simple Steps to Your Ideal Guy

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Get the One at the Top of Your List

I can’t begin to count the number of women that have come to me telling me they don’t know where to meet men. When I ask women how many new men they meet in an average week, 90% of them tell me the number is between 0 and 3!

Now we all know that we don’t just want to meet men, we want to meet the RIGHT men. However, it starts with meeting more than we are right now! With this in mind, here are my five steps for finding your ideal guy…

1. “What would my ideal guy be doing this weekend?”

When in pursuit of your ideal guy, the very first question you should ask yourself is, “what would a guy with the qualities I want be doing this weekend?” I know women who seem to exclusively go to bars to meet people on the weekends, and yet they still wonder why they never meet sophisticated and cultured guys. What other activities would your ideal guy be doing with his weekend? Visiting museums? Sitting in the park with friends? Going to music gigs? Once you have your answer, GO THERE!

2. Integrate more men into your peer group.

When it comes to finding guys, the bottom line is the more men you know, the more men you will meet. Men are typically friends with guys who share similar characteristics to themselves. So whenever you meet a great guy, make him part of your social circle. He may not be your ideal guy, but his friends might be.

3. Get into a sociable mood.

It isn’t enough just to go to the right places. If we don’t adopt a proactive mindset, no amount of perfect guys will make the difference, because you won’t meet them! Wherever you go, take the opportunity to meet as many people as you can. Don’t be too picky about who you talk to. Half the battle is just getting warmed up so that you’re in a sociable state, and you can do this with anyone. As soon as you see a guy you like, you’ll have the conversational-momentum to go over and speak to him without hesitation.

4. Get outside your comfort zone.

Every day you should be finding opportunities to break out of your shell. The easiest way you will find of doing this is simply by saying “Yes” to more things that come your way. Whenever you get invited somewhere, even if you feel uncomfortable about going, just say “yes” and see where it takes you. By taking on these little risks, your comfort-zone will be stretched, you’ll meet new and interesting people, and you’ll have more to talk about as your life gets more active.

5. Look for the risks in everyday situations.

Look for different ways that you can connect with all the people around you. If you are on the train and you see someone reading a book, ask them about it, or better yet, if you’ve read it, offer your opinion about it. In everyday situations, just start looking for ways to connect with people, and I guarantee you will start to find them everywhere.

Now there’s one last thing I have to share with you. In all my years of coaching women, I’ve discovered that there are four things you MUST have in order to have guys falling over themselves to be with you.

I call them, “THE 4 MAN MAGNETS.”

ALL the tips and techniques I’ve shown you will only get you so far until you learn the 4 Man Magnets. If you are missing just one of these Man Magnets, you won’t get the love life you want and deserve.

When you learn the 4 Man Magnets, you’ll be able to attract any man you desire, regardless of how you look and how old you are.

I want to show you exactly what they are and how you can use them immediately to have guys attracted to you INSTANTLY and have them FIGHTING to be with you…EVEN if you think you’ve already ruined your chances with them.

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– Matt

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