4 Ways to Improve Your Psychic Readings

Enjoy Your Psychic Readings With This Excellent Advice!

One may think from that title that I’m talking to other psychics, but I’m not. This article is for those of you who get readings. Especially those of you who have never had a reading before or that have only started to recently receive readings.

If you keep the following four points in mind, you will be well on your way to getting the best readings that you can possibly get.

Tip One: Know What a Good Reading Is

Everyone has a different idea about what constitutes a good reading. You need to consider for yourself what this phrase means to you. You also want to make sure that the psychic you’re working with agrees with your perspective on what a good reading is. For example, I consider a good reading to be one that is both uplifting, yet as accurate as possible and pertaining to what the client really needs to know as opposed to what they want to know.

I’ve learned that many people consider a good reading to be one where they only hear what they want to hear. In my book, that does not make a good reading. Likewise, hearing what you don’t want to hear also doesn’t mean the reading is a “bad” reading. More on this later.

Additionally, many times people call to get readings thinking that they are focusing on a particular topic, when another topic is far more important for them to consider. So if you’re calling about love and your psychic wants to focus on or is getting information about family or career, it might be beneficial to follow the lead as opposed to telling them “Well I don’t care about that” or “That isn’t important to me.”

Tip Two: Select the Right Psychic

Trust your intuition. See a picture that resonates with you? Read an article or comment that makes you smile? Follow your intuition. If you’re talking to someone and it doesn’t feel right, trust what you’re feeling.

Finding the right psychic is trial and error. You can’t depend on the testimonials you read, how a friend’s reading went, or anything like that. Why? Because everyone is different! The only way to find out if a psychic is right for you is by reading with them, getting a feel for how your energy and their energy works together, and by knowing the answer to the question “What is a good psychic reading?”

I often tell my students that finding the right psychic is like finding the right doctor, therapist, etc. You may hear good things, but until you’re in the room and get a feeling for yourself, you won’t know if it’s going to be the type of relationship you need or not. If it’s not, then you must give yourself permission to keep looking.

Tip Three: Go Into a Psychic Reading With Neutral Emotions

The worst time to get a psychic reading is anytime you are in hysterics, over emotional, crying, upset, angry, etc. Sure, you think it’s the best time – but what ends up happening is the majority of readers will spend the majority of the session trying to calm you and make you feel better. You won’t get much “information” regarding the future. I encourage my private clients to take at least 24 hours after a major emotional breakdown before they reach out for a session. Ideally, they’d wait a week. The less emotional investment the client has in a session, the better the information ends up being.

Tip Four: No Expectations

Finally, it’s important to go into a session without expectations. Yes, this can be hard. It can also be rewarding. So many people want to hear certain information… this is not good. It’s not good because A) depending upon how the psychic reads, you may influence the reading, and B) if you end up being told something opposing what you want to hear, you’ll shut down and not get much else out of the session, or you’ll hang up feeling “blah.”

So, if you want a “good” psychic reading—go into it without expectations and be in a neutral state. Trust your intuition and feelings when selecting a psychic. Ask your psychic what they’re picking up, and then listen and take notes. Try not to judge the information during the session, rather wait until later before making decisions about the information.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll end up making future sessions even better.

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