Your Spirituality Horoscope for November

Your Spirituality Horoscope Calls for Internal Expansion

The ruler of Pisces, Neptune is associated with spirituality, intuition and compassion. Where Neptune is at any point will influence how inspired, connective and receptive you are. A poor placement can also leave you feeling hazy, disconnected and/or overly indulgent in substances. As most spiritual growth is gradual, it’s no surprise that Neptune is one of the slowest moving planets. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. How is Neptune influencing you horoscope now?

Here’s your spiritual horoscope for November:


Just because something doesn’t glitter, doesn’t mean it isn’t gold. What it does mean, however, is that you’ll want to take note of interests that hold potential for your personal development—and they may not be in the obvious areas.


Developments in your relationships with others are teaching you things about yourself. In your reactions to others, you’ll uncover your core motivations and begin to make choices based upon them.


This month’s horoscope says you’re feeling limited by the confines of your relationships—personal and professional. However, don’t let these challenges send you packing. Dig deep and focus forward.

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Creativity and the aspirations you hold dear are favored under this influence, urging you to think bigger. If you share those things you hold sacred and special, you’ll be surprised (pleasantly) by the response.


Growth is the name of the game this month, Leo. The abstract is crystallizing in front of you and you’re gradually able to see the actions you need to take to make meaningful change in your life.


Your horoscope reveals that signals are apt to get crossed this month as you open yourself up to the possibilities. Be clear in your intentions and be sure your actions match up with them in order to avoid too much confusion—even within yourself!


You’re attempting to manifest meaningful changes. While you’ll need to be practical and patient in your approach, you’re headed in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or be adventurous. Big risks beget big rewards.

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You’ve been tested on a profound level over the last year or so, Scorpio. While it’s not quite over yet, you’re gaining ground and growing in lasting ways. Neptune highlights the power of your imagination to create reality. Dream big!


You may be feeling a little afraid, Sag., wondering if your environment (home, family, friends, etc.) is really stable. This is a lesson in trust, according to your horoscope. Know that the universe will carry you provided you take stock and remain engaged.


There are no absolute truths, goat. This is a huge lesson for you, but it’s coming this month. You’ll find yourself more flexible than usual, intellectually and spiritually. Translation? You’re growing and your world is expanding.

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You’re never opposed to sacrifice. It’s part of your philanthropic nature. On that note, you may need to relinquish a long-held belief in order to help someone close to you, according to your horoscope. You both stand to benefit as a result.


Giving of yourself is favored, but don’t be the martyr. You don’t need to put other’s needs before your needs. There is a middle path wherein everyone benefits. That is your current celestial lesson.

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