Your Mercury Horoscope for November

Mercury and Meaningful Change

Still trudging along last month’s path through Scorpio (complicated by a retrograde for the first 10 days of the month), Mercury continues to elicit passion in what we think and what we say. Conversations and negotiations can get heated during this time and not everyone will be motivated by the greater good. Fortunately, forewarned is forearmed!

Read on to find out how Mercury impacts you in November.


Sticking through a difficult situation opens up the possibility of progress. Your judgment may be clouded early in the month in terms of important matters. Wait until after the 10th to express your point of view—it may change before then!


You’re not great with change, Taurus. However, this influence will help you contend by heightening your intellectual prowess. Your mind is sharp—particularly after Mercury turns direct on the 10th. Use it to your benefit!


Look out for hidden motives in those around you—maybe even in yourself. What do you want, Twins? Be sure you know the answer before you begin any pursuit. This will keep you operating above board.

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It’s a little cloudy as the month kicks off—Mercury in retrograde can do that. However, as the days progress that energy fades and you find yourself yearning to break from the comfortable confines of your shell. Go ahead, do it!


What makes you tick, Leo? Or rather, what do you want other people to think makes you tick? You’ll need to delve deeper if you want to crack this funk once and for all. Be true to you!


You’re a critic by your very nature. However, in delivering your assessments this month, be sure to come from a place of bringing value rather than devaluing the object of your evaluation. Otherwise you run the risk of burning bridges.

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You’ll find yourself feeling impassioned this month, Libra. Whatever your current cause, you’ll want to fight for it. Go ahead and do so—just wait out the retrograde before taking the stage, otherwise you’ll be perceived as grandstanding.


Stinger, this month is no joke! Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and Moon are all aligned to bring you to the next level of awareness. Maintain your willingness to go as deep as need be no matter how difficult it gets and you’ll be rewarded.


You’re feeling deeply connected to the people who matter in your life and compelled to take a stand in their honor. This may mean setting your own needs aside for the moment, but worry not—your time is coming.


The month starts off slow, but brings with it a host of opportunities as time progresses. You’ll feel increasingly social after the retrograde lifts and your thoughts will be centered around finally putting long-held plans into motion.


It can be difficult to stare down your demons, but that’s what’s been happening these days for you, Water Bearer. Take heed that while this month will not lighten your load just yet, brighter, breezier days are coming next month!

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The month starts off foggy for you, fishes. Then, with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse leading to Mercury’s return to direct motion, you are given a choice. Should you delve deeper and blossom or let your head float further into the clouds and disappear?

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