Each Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Fears and How to Overcome Those Fears

Each Zodiac Sign's Biggest Fears and How to Overcome Those Fears | California Psychics

Embracing Fear

Everyone has something they fear, but they also have methods for how to overcome it too. Life always provides some kind of compensation to help you. It can just be a matter of patient endurance, letting yourself heal, or simply asking for help. It can help to acknowledge to yourself first what makes you most afraid. Remember, only strong people ask for help.

There’s no shame in feeling fear. It is a gift that protects us and helps us stay safe and alive. The only negative is when it begins to overwhelm you and starts to cause everything from overreaction to paralysis and prevents you from doing the positive things you need to do. One way to overcome fear is to remember that stress can magnify something you’re afraid of until it’s all out of proportion, but afterward, you find that what you feared never came to pass.

Another way to overcome fear is to let it fuel you into action. For example, if you are afraid of speaking in public, or meeting new people, or trying to do something new, let that fear motivate you into practicing these things until the fear itself is vanquished. When we face our fears, we chase them away. Here’s a wonderful mantra to tuck into your mental pocket and pull out whenever you need it: “Today I choose faith over fear.”

Zodiac Signs’ Biggest Fears

As you read the sun, moon, and rising signs for yourself and those you care about, you’ll see what each zodiac sign fears and how they can conquer it.


The Ram almost always needs to be the first, the best, and the most noticed, and they have a real fear of being second best, or even worse, being ignored. That’s one reason the brave Mars-born keep trying to lead the way as they give their best, no matter what. That takes real courage, and courage is the very thing that helps them keep right on being Number One.


The Bull fears loss of stability, along with literally not having enough food on the table or money to pay the bills. One way the Venus-ruled overcome these terrors is to let fear motivate them into taking action. It pushes them out of bed in the morning to go do the hard work that ensures they will be a good provider, keep a roof over their heads, their bills paid, and maintain that sense of stability they so need.


Being bored and stuck in a routine rut is the equivalent of terror to the Twins. They can effectively combat this fear by accepting that life is made up of ebbs and flows and use the time they feel bogged down for reflection, deep thought, and meditation. They will find they can grow their minds and souls as much if not more in this way, and inner growth gratifies the Mercury-born.


Just the thought of losing family and home can strike horror into the heart of the Crab. In these moments, the Moon Child just needs to remember to breathe. It is most likely stress making them imagine the worst. If there’s ever something dreadful looming, taking baby steps and focusing on whatever task they have in front of them will lead them to whatever help they are in need of.


Being disrespected, invalidated, or treated like a peon can make the proud Lion shiver with fright. But all they need to do is remember who they are: The Kings and Queens of the zodiac. Removing that metaphorical thorn from their paw, shaking the fear off, and getting back out there, are the first steps for the Big Cat in these moments. As long as they keep their confidence high, no matter how dark it may get, their light will always shine bright again.


The Virgin suffers from the fear of feeling imperfect. They can stop their brutal inner critic in its tracks by thanking it for its attempt to protect them and then telling it to back off now because its abuse is crippling, not helping. Besides, no human being is perfect. Not one. The Mercury-ruled can be calmed by realizing it is best to avoid perfectionism. It is enough to strive for excellence.


The fear of being alone can throw the steadiest Venusian out of balance. So can apprehension over making a wrong decision, especially in choosing a mate, which can be agonizing. But the way out is through trusting the love in their Libran heart to guide them into the right choices. They can find comfort in knowing that their deep desire for true love will magnetize it to them.


Even the most courageous Scorpion can fear abandonment and loss of love, but deep down they know loss is part of life. Mars-Plutonians need to remember that nothing is taken from them that shouldn’t be. Spirit will thankfully send anyone or anything howling away that is toxic to their soul. When anxiety comes, they can calm it by saying, “What is mine will come and stay. If it’s not mine, I don’t want it anyway.”


Archers can become quite frightened by the possible loss of their freedom. Fear of being trapped can affect their every decision and make it very hard for them to commit to anything or anyone. The truth is that structure brings freedom. Commitment is structure. Jupiterians have the power to thwart anxieties with their innate optimism. And often, they seem to just know that everything really will be okay.


The fear of failure and losing their financial gains can practically paralyze the Saturnian-born. But the Goat will ultimately take the practical view by reminding themselves that they were born to climb mountains and just get right back to work. They will also take great care when it comes to securing what they’ve won and ultimately have quite a bit of savings to ward off any rainy days.


The Water-Bearer fears the loss of independence and will rebel against whatever or whoever might try to take it from them. Uranians find solace in ultimately realizing that no one can force their minds or hearts against their will and that they are always free to choose from within. They also learn that they can be in a relationship and still maintain their independent spirit within a true, steadfast commitment.


The stress and fear that comes with just facing reality, and the rejection that sometimes comes with it can fill the Fish with night terrors. But the mystical Neptunian can run a sharp trident through these worrywart fears by reminding themselves of their natural power to swim over, under, or through their anxieties, and by gently loving and nurturing themselves through everything they experience.

Fear Doesn’t Rule

When you feel afraid, know you are never alone. Your angels are always with you. Take a moment to notice that in spite of everything you’ve been through, you’ve made it this far. You can trust that you will always get to where you are supposed to be. Let yourself take these soothing words of Bob Marley to heart:

“Don’t worry about a thing,

‘Cause every little thing gonna be all right.”

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