Psychic Raziel: Seeing Divine Spirit

Psychic Raziel ext. 5377 Helps You Realize Your Highest Potential

Raziel ext. 5377 was born open to the spirit world, but didn’t realize his innate talents until his mid-teens. Once his eyes were open to his gift, he began to hone his abilities by training in the arts of energy and clairvoyant healing. He mainly consults the Akashic Records, but may call upon his claircognizant and clairsentient skills to channel knowledge that best suits his clients’ needs. He reads with an inspiring style that delivers messages to assist and guide his callers through any life path choices they wish to explore.

We sat down with Raziel ext. 5377 to explore his views on reading and his successes with clients, and got some great responses!

“When I was a kid I used to have all sorts of psychic experiences. Being an empath, I pick up on things very strongly in the body. Throughout my whole life, I’ve had a sense of connecting in with another dimension of reality. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I started doing it professionally, and a number of experiences confirmed my abilities—connecting to people, seeing visually, and having that knowingness of what’s coming through. And then between 18 and the present moment I’ve always been doing readings, part time or full time. Now that it’s full time it’s so much better, because it feels so natural and easy to do.

“I had one client—when she first called me she had a situation where she was connected to another relationship. I saw there was another opportunity coming, a relationship on the way. She’d been living with a man in a different country, and I also connected to her going on holiday and visiting the same country. I got the month and time, she met this person while on holiday, and since then they’ve developed a close relationship and she’d been moving out there. That’s my success story. She continues to call me to this day, and she’s even closer to this man.

“I had another customer who was constanty calling—she had a career focus, opening up her own business. There was a certain store location she had in mind, because her lease was running out, and she had a couple options. I tuned into both of them, and I felt sure that the property she wanted was the right one. She called back to say ‘thank you’; she got the lease on time and moved her business, which was very fortunate for her, too.

“There’s a delightful caller I speak to every other month, who calls for quite lengthly readings, a more mature lady dating a younger man. The situation is somewhat tense—the man that she’s dating was married to someone else, they had to have a separation and divorce, because of certain cultural differences and sensitive things around that. It wasn’t easy to pull that off, because he comes from Eastern culture. There was an arranged marriage situation, with property involved and so on. I connected with a lot of info around the details of separation and divorce, which was necessary for the client to understand, and at the moment they’re getting closer together, he’s successfully divorced and they’re very happy with each other.

“I had a lady call me, I think it was about six months ago, she had a writing project, and when I connected in with her I saw she wasn’t working full time as a writer but in an office. When i connected with her, I felt that she was supposed to do creative work, and in all honesty I had to be very direct with her. She was always interested in creative writing. I think that she thought about it and acted on it. She called me back and she had looked into a creative writing class, started working on material, submitted to publisher, and that was exciting for her. She actually did get something accepted. I believe she’s now working on something to do with a screenplay.

“There was another psychic (not from this line) who called because she was having problems. When I tuned into her, her energy field was too open. She came from a generation where doing psychic work wasn’t as acceptable, so she was searching for that opening, that possibility of doing this work, but had fear of it. I connected with her abilities—because she’s so sensitive she was picking up on everything but not shielding herself. I recommended she take a psychic development class, and she start doing readings for people immediately as soon as she felt comfortable. When she did call back to say thank you, she told me that she’d found a position in a bookstore where she was doing readings. The synchronicity of that was incredible.”

What would Raziel say his specialty is?

“I would say that what I do is helping people to realize who they are and their highest potential. When it comes to relationships, I feel like I align people with their true natures, that which is beyond ego-self, allowing people to see that everything in this world that exists is made of love, and every single experience we choose to have is an expression of that love, that divine spirit that makes up our experience of what reality is.”

What can Raziel ext. 5377 see for you?

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  1. sunday

    I came up with an invention a few years ago and now have a company looking at it to patent and sell. I cannot afford the process myself (single mom) and I must trust the individual that I am working with. Everyone keeps telling me to be careful because there is so many people/companies out there that will just rip you off. Of course I heed the warnings but I just am not really feeling threatened. Do you think that I am setting myself up for failure or success?


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