Does Your Personality Affect Your Weight?

Are you wondering if your personality is affecting your weight? We take a dive in and answer these questions by examining the facts. You may be shocked by what your read.

Will You Gain Weight if You’re Too Caring?

Here we go again, apparently finding yet another reason for women to worry about weight control, dieting, and body image. A widely touted recent study by the American Psychological Association seems to say our personalities may make us have eating issues like obesity or even anorexia. One source hypes the idea that nurturing women are fatter than others because of their caring personalities. Rubbish.

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This study report, like all others, is long and packed full of statistics, facts, and jargon. The researchers’ results point at some people being more prone to eating disorders or weight issues because of traits tested in the study. But know this, the researchers put it right out there that it’s a chicken/egg thing. It’s unclear if certain traits predict weight problems, or if weight problems create those traits. Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

This study went along with ideas currently popular in the medical community.

1. Set weight doesn’t seem to have as much impact on health as widely fluctuating weight does. Yo-yo dieting, right?

2. Rapid weight gain, or continuous, significant gain over years is also worrisome and links to serious illnesses.

3. Where you carry weight matters, apparently. Doctors believe certain kinds of fat tissue massed around your waistline are more dangerous to health than weight carried in hips, thighs, or booty, for example.

4. Many things contribute to good health and to weight gain or loss.

5. BMI might not be the be all and end all.

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So Do You Have a Fat Personality?

On one hand, we all know lean, mean people whose natures require orderly ultra-discipline. They face a plate of brownies, scoff, and turn to a shot of wheatgrass. They hang out at the gym and happily do everything in calculated moderation. You wouldn’t expect them to have weight issues, and the study saw such people keep steadier weights.

The study found that, though everyone goes through weight fluctuations, people with impulse control issues may gain more weight than disciplined people. Risk-takers and those who tend to be antagonistic, cynical, competitive, or aggressive also seemed more likely to gain weight.

Those of us with those traits give in to temptation when impulses pop up. Lots of times, impulsive people can’t keep on a healthy track or stick to an exercise regiment. People in this group were more vulnerable—warm, excitement seekers living slightly more chaotic lives. The women, kind of emotionally charged, often over-nurtured loved ones and neglected their own needs. The men tended toward anger or hostility. These folks showed up in the group where weight went up and down, faster and more heavily.

Conclusion—Are We Born to be Weight Watchers?

Not likely. The most interesting part of this study is what the researches said about their findings.

• Overweight people may be overweight because of their personalities, or their personalities might change when they worry perpetually about battling weight problems.

• Underweight and overweight people might share similar emotional issues.

• Though this study took place over 50 years and included almost 2,000 people, the study group may not mirror the traits and habits of all people. Well, I could have told you that!

Maybe certain people are more prone to battle the bulge, or it may be that struggling with self-esteem and self-image causes personalities to go one way or another. Is that yet another reason to fret? Who cares? Your best bet for good health is to eat delicious, nutritious, natural food, get up off the couch, and nurture your whole self.

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5 thoughts on “Does Your Personality Affect Your Weight?

  1. Psychic Giovanna x5214

    Interesting article! Outside of systemic issues, I believe both developed and intrinsic personality traits and emotional tendencies DO, in a large part, support weight issues. Anorexics and bulimics, for example, use food as a control mechanism in much the same way as the emotional eater does. Balance and moderation in food choices, intake, and physical activity is a must. In general, as a society, with “things” being so easily attainable, culturally, we have become lax in many ways, which can be reflected by an average overweight US population. Convenience foods (drive through, packaged and processed) are a staple in our society, as are grossly expanded food servings, found everywhere but in measured, processed, pre-prepared diet food meals. Recent studies show that the majority of individuals suffering from an above-average and beyond weight are not well-educated in nutrition or healthy lifestyles. Perhaps this is one of many in the domino-effect of behaviors that begins in the home. For instance, the majority of today’s kids will park in front of the TV, PC, or game consoles if not made to get outside and play (I am the mean mom and kick mine out of the house – regularly, LOL!). What will become of their generation in later years, and those to come if we, as a society, do not begin living more consciously, starting with the smaller things?

  2. Marc from the UK

    I agree alot with Gina Rose! It is all very well eating procesed food I DO! but at the same time I am being far more aware of what I eat, I love cooking now and will try to buy natural products, not processed, I then cook in bulk and freeze if I can. Food in the UK is now expensive, and we are in a vicious cycle as processed food is cheaper, then that leads to illnesses and obesity, then we the tax payer pay the national health service A FANTASTIC FACILITY to make the lives of these people more comfortable!!! THEY ARE WHAT THEY EAT!!! 90 % of the time. I am no Angel , no pun intended! I enjoy junk on rare occassions, but then it is a treat. In the UK they are on about banning advertising on cigarette packets, making them plain! great idea, stops glamourising smoking and attraction by subliminal messages and attractions to the brand, they should do the same with processed food and then we would all be winners! But hey with live in a democracy, or do we!!! I like the debate on this , brings out the feelings and arguments on all sides.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    Nice article…..As for the conclusion , the question : Are we born to be weight watchers???

    No, I don’t think we are born to be weight watchers…..I honestly think there are 3 main reasons why weight is such an issue for so many….

    1. modern technology….we live in an age where machines do much for us,….
    … simple example: dryers…I remember my Grandmother, outside, hanging up her laundry to dry on a clothes line on a nice sunny day.

    2. stress…..we seem to have alot more things to keep track of and worry about these days, such as job security, medical insurance, and just simply surviving day to day.

    3. AND….my personal pet peeve : processed food.
    Why is it that healthy, unprocessed food is SOooooo expensive, when the junky processed food is relatively cheaper ????
    ( You would think that ADDING on chemicals and stuff into processed food would raise the cost, as compared to natural unprocessed food that doesn’t have all the junk added to it )…..but that’s just my logical Virgo thinking at play I guess…..just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Growing your own produce is great, but not everybody has the land to do it…..
    I’m blessed that I live in a very remote rural farming community, by the way, where folks, who were born here and grew up here and have lived off their land, live up into their 90’s and even reach 100 yrs old.
    But , as I said, not everybody has the land to grow their own food.
    My answer would be to make junk food more expensive and the wholesome, natural foods cheaper and more readily available to all…..
    ….but I guess I’m dreaming again of a perfect world…..LOL…or of a better system that makes some sense.

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    who and what we were in past lives also has an effect on our appearance in this life. it is a karmic thing.
    weight (high or low) is a stuggle. stuggles are part of life.
    sometimes the joy is in the struggle – 🙂
    food is legal – it is the hardest of compulsive addictive behavories to get a handle on.
    we need food to live – so we can’t just stop eating. food can be so much fun, it is a social activity as well, that we share with family and friends.
    and hey there are tv stations that are all about food and the artistry of it.
    food is one of lifes greatest pleasures – (sometimes even better than sex lol)
    acceptence of self and loving oneself no matter what size is the challange.
    oh! to be rich and thin and happy in love all at the same time…

  5. Marc from the UK

    I feel that there has been an over sight here! Many moons ago when people walked or cycled to work, did not have all the gadgets that ease house cleaning, food making products, extra incomes allowing more procesed food rather than home made, takeaways easily available, more people owning cars ect. The bottom line is WE ALWAYS HAD OUR PERSONALITY TRAITS, It is just our sedentry lifestyles allow us to become taken in that this is the right way to live, bottom line, EAT LESS CALORIES THAN YOU CONSUME! the 80/20 rule applies, eat well 80% of the time ease up on your self 20% of the time, not the other way round!!!


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