Your Chinese Horoscope: The Dragon of Patience

The Dragon of Patience

Your Chinese Horoscope

The Dragon of Patience continues to guide us through the new moon on May 18. You’ll see future potential, but sense that the time isn’t right to move ahead. This allows you to lay a strong foundation for your dreams to be realized. On the 18th, the Hibernating Snake begins to rule the month. Realize that some parts of your relationships have yet to be defined, so approach lovers and friends with the appropriate understanding to allow natural growth. Here’s your Chinese Horoscope!

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These are the days when your animal energies are at their peak:



On May 12 your Granary Rat energy allows you to sense the undercurrent in communications, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Your sensitivity to what people are feeling as opposed to what is being said gives you the perfect response. You get great information from a wise and passionate woman on May 24 as you are the Rat on the Crossbeam.


The natural beauty surrounding you on May 1 inspires you to speak on behalf of those things you love as the Lake Buffalo. Gentler, more romantic pursuits work best for you as the Ox in the Byre on May 13. May 25 is a fast-paced day where misunderstandings can arise, so your caution works well for you as the Ox in the Road.

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Enjoy the high-energy, productive times in the morning and evening of May 2 as the Tiger Climbing the Mountain. May 14 is a dramatic, edgy day as you are the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. Allow this energy to serve your creativity. May 26 brings transformative ideas for your career as the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


The full moon day of May 3 brings you the energy of the Rabbit of Woods and Mountain, according to your Chinese Horoscope. There is intensity, passion and inspiration. On May 15 people around you will be expressing frustration. Remain your kind, understanding self as the Rabbit in the Burrow, knowing that this will pass. Your energy really flows mid-afternoon on May 27 as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest.


May 4 is both the Dragon of Patience month and day. Heal yourself and your relationships by letting go of old wounds. On May 16 innovation brings success and desired changes in your life as the Rain Dragon. As the Dragon in the Whirlpool you find the way to bring swirling ideas together on May 28. Diplomacy is the key.

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Once you use your intuition on May 5 your worries will pass as the Hibernating Snake. The new moon day of May 17 brings new beginnings. You take old wounds and transform them into something beautiful as the Snake in the Field. Passionate tensions are released midday on May 29, freeing you as the Snake Leaving a Hole.


Your Chinese Horoscope says your new ideas and positive attitude bring success to that new project or relationship on May 6 as you are the Way Horse. Stay calm and fly above conflicts that surround you on May 18 as the Horse in the Clouds. As the Traveling Horse, go with your instincts and stay calm on your steady course on May 30.


On May 7 focus on letting go of the past as the Sheep in the Flock. You’re on the brink of breakthroughs in your relationship. As the Serious Sheep, positive words and a new approach on May 19 soothe upsets from yesterday. Let romance and idealism guide you on May 31 as the Lost Sheep.


Your spiritual willpower carries you through the unexpected on May 8 as the Tree Monkey. You’ll love the new heights of self-realization that you reach. May 20 is a day when romantic moments and loving family ties bring joy as the Mountain Monkey.


May 9 is a high-energy morning, so plan activities for this time, advises your Chinese Horoscope. As the Cock Crowing at Noon, spend the afternoon organizing and planning. On May 21 as the Rooster in Solitude, set aside a few moments to indulge your dreams and share love with someone special.

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Words and feelings flow in harmony on May 10 and synchronicity is part of your day as the Sleeping Dog. Startling surprises offer new opportunities. On May 22 plans and ideas need time for some clarity. Later in the afternoon you’ll start feeling the flow to move forward as the Mountain Dog.


Dedicate your time on May 11 to completing tasks as the Pig Traversing a Mountain. This will allow you to be open to special opportunities this evening. May 23 is an exciting day of electrifying spiritual and creative experiences as you are the Monastic Pig.

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  1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

    hi rae,
    the rat and the tiger can get along yet here we have a big cat and a little rat. lunch time says the tiger, as the rat runs – once caught the tasty intelligent rat has the power to give understanding to the tiger and in time they can become great friends and more importantly great lovers. this is a hot mess of a mix – the tiger is rebellious the rat is smart, high energy and activities that they both can take part in can make this a grand duo. the rat will be jealous and putting a tracking device in the tiger is a good idea.
    Buddha Bless,

  2. Richard A Jones

    Intersting month for me the dog. What are the better signs to look for love in, as a mail Dog???


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