Women Need to Be Romantic, Too

Be Unique in Your Actions

Sometimes we believe that it should be the man who is responsible for the romance in a relationship. This purely isn’t the case nowadays. While it is nice to be pursued and courted as a woman, it is also necessary for the woman to create a little romance from time to time. The easiest answer would be to do what a man would do such as dining by candle light, romantic music, wine and romantic gifts. There is more to it than we think. A woman can be romantic in her own way and can also take a completely different approach to what a man might do. Here are a few suggestions on how a woman can romance her guy and keep their relationship spicy and loving.

A Message From the Heart

When your guy is coming home late one night, why not leave a path of loving messages for him to follow. Whether you want him to find you in a bubbly bath tub or snuggled up in bed; leave little notes that express your love. You can’t go wrong in this scenario because it truly shows that you are making an effort for your sweetheart. Another idea is to lead him on a romantic treasure hunt, leading him on a trail of cute little gifts or items that he loves. But make him work for it so it is a challenge as he searches for each item and next clue.

Make His Favorite Dish

If you know his favorite meal, why not spend the early evening making it while he relaxes. Nurture with food. Not to be old fashioned, but food is still the way to a man’s heart in many ways. If you never cook, research the contents and try your best. Even if the meal doesn’t turn out the way “mom used to make it,” it shows that you really care and are willing to make him happy, even if you burned the meatloaf.

“Bake him cookies.” – Quinn ext. 5484

Quality Time Together

Put aside your weekly stresses and book a night away together at a boutique hotel. Plan an escape and don’t tell him about it until the moment you are ready to go. Surprise him on a Friday evening after work, pack him a bag and kidnap him. If he adores surprises then this could be a very romantic adventure for you both. Take the weekend and spend some quality time together being lazy, eating your favorite foods and being in each other’s arms.

Get Involved in His Favorite Activity for the Day

If he likes to go hiking or be outdoors, plan an adventure that he loves. Take a picnic basket along full of goodies and enjoy time together being active. If he likes to play video games on end, challenge him. If he likes to watch the hockey game, join him at the pub sometime. Show an interest in what he considers to be fun, but don’t overdo it and join his bowling league. Moderation is the key.

“Embark on an active journey to see what romantic potentials may await.” – Althea ext. 9582

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5 thoughts on “Women Need to Be Romantic, Too

  1. Amanda

    Marc hit the nail right on the head.

    My husband can sometimes be overly competitive so challenging him at a game & winning could be bad for me. Keeping score of who’s done more for whom or tit for tat is bad for a relationship.

  2. wenajoy

    Make him wonder about you. He knows youturn the table around? are there for him all the time, he feels relax and do not need to chase you. Why not turn the table around? Get your girlfriends and stowaways, text him u r not available to see him get busy but do not give the reasons only a little bit. Be mysteerious. That is…

  3. marc from the uk

    Its about balance, and being equal in give and take, it’s a mistake to think real love is about devotion and give give give!!!

  4. Priyanka Verma

    Hey i read your todays article..I think all the points mentioned above are very true and I am already following these points but what if my fiancee love to stay with his friends all the time? I always try to do these things but he loves to be with his friends..I dont know why….No doubt he loves me like anything but still I think that his friends are always able to steal away that charm. Help me…!!!


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