Psychic on Psychic: Unveil Your Future for 2012

Psychic on Psychic: Lucy ext. 5353

Curious to know about upcoming global shifts and awakening that 2012 will personally bring to your life? From changes in our personalities, weather patterns and natural disasters, Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 delivered details about what I could expect in the year ahead on both on a personal level, and in various scenarios surrounding me. Lucy ext. 5353 served as my personal psychic meteorologist, shedding a little light upon the unknown darkness of 2012.

During our reading, messages of global awakening and planetary information rolled out of Lucy’s heart with empathy and certainty. Wondering where all this detail was coming from, I had to ask! She told me that she had survived a near death experience, leaving her “with one foot on the spiritual plane, and one foot grounded here on Earth.” Although she describes herself as a little “unique” in that way, it was to my benefit that her balance between the two worlds allowed her to easily transmit her psychic messages. In connecting with her, and remotely viewing her on the aethereal level, I could see her as she described herself; one foot securely anchored on Earth, giving her the ability to feel the energetic transformation of our planet and how she sees the environmental events unfolding around us.

Lucy was eager to talk to me about where I was living, accurately picking up that I do live in the state of California, but fortunately not close enough to any of the fault lines that she saw awakening in December. I did mention a trip I will be taking in early December to the Southern California area, but she assured me that my location would be safe as the earthquake she saw was due to occur just south of Santa Cruz, California. The earthquake would be approximately three miles inland from the coast line of California, and was sure to be noticeable for several hundred surrounding miles. Yikes… This hit straight to the heart. My dream of owning a beach house has been heavily in pursuit, and for the past few months, I have been scavenging the remote coastal areas for property to purchase, specifically within that area. I interpreted her message to mean that perhaps I’d be better off waiting a few more months, avoiding probable disasters, and likely to see a decrease of property values. Good to know!

During the more vulnerable and personal moments of the reading, Lucy certainly had a connection with me and was able to point out my chosen career path, describing me as an intuitive soul “here helping and talking to others.” So true… we both have heard “the calling” and through California Psychics, we are in service to others.

Lucy’s style of conveying information was very articulate and she was careful of her choice of words. This was in no way a “drive by” reading where I felt that information was blasted at me. Her careful delivery, making sure I understood her guides’ messages, demonstrated that she really cares about her callers’ concerns and is ready to patiently assist them with her strong empathic abilities.

A master of language, every word spoken had a certain energy attached to it. It was not surprising to learn that she has two published books. Lucy mentioned that in addition to writing books, she is also a writer for California Psychics, and has a noteworthy presence on the blog. You may want to keep an eye out for some of her upcoming articles, tidbits of insight, and geological predictions to awaken you to the shifts of 2012.

Marin ext. 5113

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6 thoughts on “Psychic on Psychic: Unveil Your Future for 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    it is so wonderful to read about the readers…
    great insight and a wealth of information to help the caller find the perfect reader for their questions.
    this is by far one of my favorite blogs. thank you marin…

  2. misskrystal

    Marin & Lucy-I so enjoy these. Marin, this is a wonderful profile on Lucy.
    Everything described so perfectly. You both rock! Happy Holidays! Big huggies!
    Miss Krystal


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