Let Go of Loneliness and Live

You’re Actually Lonely for Yourself

Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 is a natural born psychic medium and empath, who is also clairvoyant and clairaudient. She uses meditation techniques to help her access positive energy, and even provides her callers with specific meditation methods to assist in their unique situations. She talked with me recently about coping with loneliness, which affects many individuals during the holiday season. In her video, she shares excellent strategies for healing and coping when feelings of loneliness become overwhelming. To find out more and to watch the video, click here.

Today Is All You Need to Think About

Remember Lucy’s uplifting recommendations when loneliness starts to overtake you: “A lot of loneliness comes from looking back at the past. I always say, ‘Today is yours, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is in God’s planning.’ Today is all you need to think about. We’re really here to make every day count. I’m getting a lot of calls from people concerned about spending the holidays alone, and I say, what a wonderful time to be in gratitude to celebrate you. Celebrate where you are in your journey, and where you want to go. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your life’s journey.” Feeling lonely? Let Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 help you.

Fill Yourself With Love, Then Reach Out to Others

“Reaching out to people in need and inviting them to join you gives you company and lets you do a greater service to mankind. For instance, one thing I was able to do was help foster children. I realized they needed direction, love, and nurturing. It starts when you love yourself enough to go beyond yourself.”

Lucy is a wonderful person to reach out to if you feel alone. Her supportive, comforting manner shows how she cares about her callers and intends the best for everyone she speaks with: “Every call is so unique. When people call me I completely tune in to exactly what is going on with them. I want my callers to get off the phone feeling uplifted in their truth. There’s a way to convey the messages that leaves them empowered and that’s what I strive for.” Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 can guide you through life’s challenges. Call today!

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13 thoughts on “Let Go of Loneliness and Live

  1. Rivers ext. 5273Rivers ext. 5273

    Reed you’ve hit it right on the head. Happiness is a choice! So often we react to something rather than consciously choosing how to respond to it.

  2. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    I, too, have gotten many calls from people worried about spending the holidays alone. There are so many messages in our culture that tell us we must have others with whom to celebrate or else it’s going to be miserable.

    We can choose to believe those messages or to not believe them.
    We can choose to be around others or choose not to be with others.

    We can decide that someone else is responsible for our happiness, or we can decide to make ourselves happy (which is exactly what attracts others to us in the first place).

    If you don’t want to be alone for the holidays, don’t be! If you need to, get more ideas from your psychic about how to make this choice.

    …but keep this in mind – If you can’t enjoy your own company, why expect others to enjoy it?

    Reed 5105

  3. Devyn 5303

    Great article Erica and Lucy you are just a wonderfully gifted psychic! You are so right that reaching out to others is a great way to lift your spirits. Finding time to visit a home for the elderly or participating in helping a child or serving Christmas dinner at a shelter can bring a real sense of love and community to yourself and others. Having some time to yourself during the holidays is also a great time to work on your goals and vision board and finish old projects so you start the New Year right!

  4. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Hi Lucy, the title of this article says it all!

    I love this quote by you ~ “Reaching out to people in need and inviting them to join you gives you company and lets you do a greater service to mankind. For instance, one thing I was able to do was help foster children. I realized they needed direction, love, and nurturing. It starts when you love yourself enough to go beyond yourself.”

    Lucy, your writing is gentle and beautiful; filled with love and wisdom.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  5. -quinn ext.5484

    Epigmenio J. Rodriguez, i am writing to you via computer so that i may touch on a few of your very interesting points.
    as of late i have been reading about collective karma, and when we connect on any level it is proof of this collective karma. if i did not understand what you were saying or you couldn’t read my words there would be no connection and in that case we would have no karmic connection.
    to create value is to be enlightened. we live our life to be happy it is our destiny. there are positive and negative vibrations in the universe what we do with these vibrations make our life happy or not. sometimes we experience many levels of happiness and saddness in any given moment.
    money is a form in which we engage in fare trade. it is only a tool in which we create value. there are some very special things in this world and to ignor them and have no desire is an absense of value.
    desire is a path to enlightenment.
    may you have a holiday season full of good fortune, happiness and love.

  6. kim

    I have a question when holiday comes i have a mixed feelings when i hear the holiday music i feel happy but when i go to the store or mall i feel loneliness and sad because i think iam by myself not that i dont have but they areall busy working and tirer exhausted i have time but dont know what to do when i really need to buy something then i go to the mall but i prefer to go with a girl friend 2 is more fun than 1 i am not entirely sure whether holiday bring out the worsr in me or because moody because iam a women and being a women you do have mood and it changes sometime u feel sad depress want to cry next you feel like happy singing i guess that is nor mal i dont know . anyhow have any idea bye.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Way to go Lucy !!!!!

    Not only is she a fantastic psychic…..but I can honestly say that Lucy is an al’round fantastic, loving, kind, and generous human being as well.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose

  8. Epigmenio J. Rodriguez

    if you all psychics are really serious of what you say is true about my spoken out loud thoughts being processed in my own mind & heard or read miles away, I would like to ask you to message me back just like this that way i know a real person is typing to me & not a systematically operated computer just advertising for a couple of bucks which really truly wont even have value to me unless I can make it a good thing. Because honestly to me money is a disgrace in my eyes when i see it. It just makes me ache in my mind why are we being ran by pieces of numbered lustfully addictive money as we humans call it. Yeah it does & always will make you change up a boring day to an outrageous wasteful day in the end . and I’ll tell you it dosent take much once you walk out that door money magnets are just inserted everywhere on mother earth distracting you from the benefit of positive ideas in mind instead we lure through the disguise of negativity driving your emotions to make you feel satisfied and full of positivity but you know what; it just kills you & so it will to me…. I want a new life on a whole other scale without everything having a value and being priced. we are just building and paying technologies advancements in the world eventually a world sustaining life without emotions & left with the people of long lived visions of manipulation taking place on Earth’s crust and really i dont care much for proofread & editing I just write all natural the way i want and yes you understand ………………….. really i would like to for you to message me I am curious of your response Thanx for actually having computers really read my emotions because it really sounds true how you speak to my curiosity that I notice of myself but seem to have no solution to SOLVE


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