Psychic Megan: Everything Happens for a Reason

Tune In to a Non-Judgmental, Illuminating Reading

We sat down to have a conversation with Megan ext. 5621 and discovered that through her readings, everything happens for a reason. Some notable successes with clients are:

“There’s been a lot of breakthroughs and a lot of calls about timing. There was one female who hadn’t heard from a guy in 10 years. Her guides gave the time frame when she would hear from him: two to six days. She didn’t believe it at all. She said, ‘I’ve been hearing that for such a long time. It’s been years.’ A few days later I got a phone call, and she told me she’d heard from him. They’ve rekindled their relationship and are now back together.

“I had one woman who dated a gentleman from high school to her early 20s. She wound up getting married to someone else. This man cheated on her a few times and broke her heart. Her family didn’t like him, but she felt she had a soulmate connection, and the spirits confirmed that. She then got remarried, and had three children. All this time, she hadn’t heard anything from that first man she dated in high school. She said she had no intentions of contacting him; she didn’t know what to say, since her life was already set. The spirits told her that there would be contact coming from his end. The timeframe was between one and two months. There was contact. He was separated from his spouse, and did mention to her that throughout the years he’d felt her energy. Over the course of reading for her, I would tell her ‘You guys have a spiritual connection; you can send him love and energy.’ She started to see him while she was still married, and eventually they both ended up getting divorced and marrying each other. She thought it was a first love—puppy love—and didn’t think they were going to get back together.”

How does Psychic Megan do it though?

Megan will introduce herself and launch into reading you! She’s fast, very fast. If you have questions, feel free to share them, but she does not need you to ask anything to start. Through her clairaudience, she hears messages from her spirit guides and relates them to you. She will hone in on what has happened in your recent life and then forecast important timelines. A great listener, Megan is very in tune with her spirit guides as she empathically connects to you and yours. A straightforward reader, Megan feels that sugar-coating messages will not best serve your needs. She shares what she sees occurring in your life so that she may bring about positive change. Megan’s hope is that “an honest reading from a true psychic can bring hope.” She has been reading for over 20 years and particularly enjoys answering questions about your love life.

How did she become a psychic?

“I was born with a gift. When I was between eight and 10 years old, I started to hear my spirit guides speak to me. I didn’t fully understand it until I was about 15. That’s when I realized I had a special gift. I started to read about spirit guides and the psychic world. Even though my family didn’t understand it, I still felt like I had a gift, so I read about it and learned how to get deeper in touch with them. I started to give readings to friends and family members and a lot of the messages I was receiving were coming to pass. There wasn’t much I could do with it at that age, so I couldn’t understand it at that age. I was just gaining knowledge and getting confirmation. I started working professionally between the ages of 19 and 20.”

If she could help people in the world to realize one thing, what would it be?

“To have a better outlook. Usually when somebody’s going through a tough time, and things feel negative, it’s not the end of the world—there’s something bigger and better waiting for them. If they didn’t get a job, their boyfriend dumped them, or when something doesn’t happen in their favor—I really, truly feel like it’s for a reason. There’s something better out there for you.”

What can Megan ext. 5621 see for you?

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7 thoughts on “Psychic Megan: Everything Happens for a Reason

  1. Anya


    You’ve known about my rollercoaster ride w/Andrew, my soulmate. Why did he come between me and my husband? And why did that woman come between Andrew and me? I was happy before without having to even try. I agree with Francisca. Now I am just waiting to be happy again.

  2. Jane

    So things happen for a reason? Lost my job of 17 years with one company at the end of 2010. Took to court by one of the credit card co. even though trying to pay them off. Now on disability. Dec. 2011 found out spouse behind on his cred. card bills and did not tell me until they were very high. Jan. 2012 tornado hit our area-van destroyed. trees down, fence destroyed and us with no money. Feb. 2012 church we had been members of for 33 years disbanded. So is the reason to knock me down?

  3. Francisca

    Sometimes I want to believe that something happens for a reason, but I always ended up getting hurt all the times 🙁 it’s just like never ending story…how long do i have to suffer before i find my happy ending?

  4. marc from the uk

    MESSAGE FOR DEBBIE, Please be strong and realise that nothing is permanent, thank the universe for all the positives it bought you and be open to change, there is nothing to fear but fear itself, life rarely works out as we planned, planning is merely a line to walk, but along the way other paths will open up. PLEASE get involved in other things and enjoy the experience they bring x

  5. arise

    Debbie – Spiritually, your love is still with you, closer than ever. A psychic reading can ease your sense of loss, just make sure to ask for someone who specializes in afterlife communication. When you’re ready, your old love may help guide you to a new life and love.

  6. Angela

    I truly believe that when a person goes through stuff in their lives there is a reason for it. More than likely a positive one.

  7. Debbie

    I lost my soulmate in end of December 2007, and life had been such a rough ride.Still occassionally still feel the pain for him.I just lost my balance and I am trying hard to make
    myself come back to the norm. I have lost so much since that day and am wondering what kind of future I may expect to come forward to me……will I overcone it all.
    I am alone since, and just am afraid to think of what will the next day be for me……can you please advise me.

    Thank you


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