Venus and the Magical Number Five

Your Creative and Nourishing Relationships

June is a phenomenal month for the number 5, earthy and sexy Venus, and creativity. For those of you who have a strong “5” in numerology, or are a Taurus (Venus ruled), Gemini (the sign of these events), Leo (the 5th sign), Libra (Venus ruled) or Aquarius (in harmony with the signs involved), this is a month to unleash your creativity and your sexy self.

Other signs would need to look for a “quintile” aspect in their birth charts to determine the power of “5” in their lives. Great innovative artists and other geniuses are found to have a number of quintiles in their charts. Others with a number of quintiles at least need a creative outlet to be happy. Finding your quintiles is a good reason to contact our psychics who also know astrology. Given that everyone is sexy and creative in some wayit’s great to find your own niche.

The reason June is so important to this creative outlet for everyone is that Venus makes her very rare crossing of the face of the Sun on June 5, the day after the earth eclipses the light on the Sun. This is a very powerful window for creativity, beauty and the earthiest sexual attraction one might imagine. The Mayans were avid watchers of Venus—Quetzalcoatl to them—and she was essential to their 2012 predictions. The June 5th crossing of the Sun would have been a major factor in their predictions thousands of years ago that 2012 would be the pivot point of shifting to a new age.

Regarding the numerology of 5, you can refer to California Psychics’ many numerology forecasts to learn the formula for birth, destiny and heart’s desire numbers. In addition, if you are born on the 5th of the month, this number impacts your life as well.

In astrology, Venus appears to form a gorgeous five-pointed star or five-petal flower in her orbit’s relationship with the Earth and the Sun. If you have seen the signs our ancient ancestors left us in 17,000 year-old caves, you will notice the large number of beautiful silhouettes of their hands on the walls amongst far more intricate astronomical/astrological paintings.

Given the accuracy of their portrayals of the constellations in these paintings, they were probably trying to tell us something about the path of Venus with her magical number 5 as they watched her intimately interact with the Earth and the Sun. In any case, the ancients were quite aware of the importance of everything 5 and Venus-related—and June 5 is the big day!

This particular year, with Venus crossing the Sun in Gemini—beginning a new flower or star in the zodiac—we need to focus on Gemini’s gifts of communication, travel (even to “other worlds”) and brotherly/sisterly love. Gemini needs to react to the “mirror” of others to feel complete (the real essence of communication and love) so it is a wonderful astrological location to have Venus for this special event. This is the place where she can guide each of us, and humanity as a whole, to greater love and joy.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

With the “window between realms” opened by the lunar eclipse the day before Venus crosses the Sun, what a perfect time to put the word out and find your true soulmate or put your ultimate creation before the world! For those of you who have already found your soulmate, this is the time to let them know through your most natural, attractive qualities, that they have found “the one.” For those who don’t think they’ve found the gift that they want to give the planet, the window is open to receive that inspiration.

June offers us an amazing opportunity to reach toward our deepest love connections and communicate them. Or we can effectively express our most amazing talents, or show our greatest performances at work, on stage, or in the privacy of the bedroom. Given the power of this Venus transit with her magical number, you might even manage all three for an amazing new life.

The time has come for not only a new age predicted 2000 years ago by the Mayans, but a new life for you. Seize these powers and the magic will happen for you and those you love most. Everyone has the power of Venus and “5” within themselves. Reach deep and astound yourself with your true “magical” powers.

“Regarding 2012, I think that perhaps a portal will open and a new age will begin. For all who are connected to their spiritual side, it will be a wonderful time. For those who are not, nothing will change.” – Blythe ext. 5339

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  1. Marc from the UK

    Hello C.Wright .Thru, ARE YOU SURE ALL CALIFORNIA PSYCHICS ARE GODDESSES??? what about Eric???

  2. C.Wright.Thru.

    Infinite and Eternal Blessings to Venus, All Feminine Energy/Power, All Females.

    Divine Love. Divine Light. Divine Gratitude. Divine Joy. Divine Wisdom. Divine Wealth.
    To/For ALL, Always.

    All Female California Psychics are beautiful Goddesses.


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