Insight and Reflection: The Effects of the 2021 Seasonal Blue Moon

Insight and Reflection: The Effects of the 2021 Seasonal Blue Moon | California Psychics

A Full Moon Surprise

Something very special is going to take place on August 22 this year. It is referred to as a seasonal Blue Moon, and it refers to the third Full Moon of four happening within a given season. It will be on the Aquarius/Leo axis, and it occurs between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox of 2021.

A Variety of Blue Moons

Blue Moons come in different varieties. Some are zodiacal (within one zodiac sign), some are calendrical Blue Moons (taking place within one calendar month), and some are seasonal. This one, taking place within one season, is the latter variety. Seasonal Blue Moon events are not ultra-rare, but they are not frequent either. For example, the next seasonal Blue Moon that we will see takes place in August of 2024.

Seasonal Blue Moon Effects

Those with natal moon or sun in Aquarius should feel the effects of this seasonal Blue Moon the most. But, all moon and sun signs that aspect Aquarius, like Libra and Gemini by trine, Aries and Sagittarius by sextile, Taurus and Scorpio by square, and Leo by opposition, will notice heightened effects. These will feel easy or difficult according to your sun and moon house and sign placements in your Natal Chart. If you don’t have your Natal Chart yet, you can get a complimentary one done for you when you join our Karma Rewards program.  

For everyone, where Aquarius falls in your natal chart is where you will feel these effects. A call with one of our expert Astrology Psychics can help you with this information, especially if you know the time of your birth. The time of birth is so very important because that sets the cusps of the chart and determines which signs rule which houses. Each house signifies where the energy and power of this Blue Moon will take place. Astrological houses show in which sector of our lives the action is occurring. The signs that rule them show how it is happening.

The Universe is waving a bright blue flag and doing a drum-roll for us to pay attention. Blue Moons are like Full Moons on steroids! With their extraordinary light, these moons can help us see with great clarity the fruition of our past, present, and future actions. The effect of this energy can be life-changing if we meet it with awareness.

Harnessing the Power of the Blue Moon

This occurrence can be turned to your advantage. Just don’t refuse to see what is revealed by the bright light of these Full Moons! They are part of larger cycles that can reach backward and forward several years. Welcome the wisdom that comes from acknowledging the results of past actions and attitudes. See how they will project into the future. Pay attention to what area of your birth chart is flashing a signal. This is where the work, and the rewards, will happen.

Relax and Reflect

Here’s a recent situation that happened to a woman I know.

Jazmyn is a Taurus rising, with Scorpio ruling her seventh house of intimate partners. Her life was running well in most ways. Career, friends, children, hobbies; everything was great, except that one special soul mate connection just wasn’t coming together for her. She chose to take a day or two around the last seasonal Blue Moon we witnessed on May 18, 2019, to stop her hectic routine. She chose to relax and contemplate her life. The moon’s light brought her to some honest observations.

For example, she saw how she had dated several men over the past few years but always expected perfection. She realized that she pulled away at the slightest sign of a flaw and began to write the person off as “not good for her” or to readily place them in some other “box” with a pop psychology label. Through meditating, talking to wise people, and communing with the positive spiritual forces surrounding her, she saw that she needed to stop looking for somebody perfect and start looking for somebody to love. She saw that she wasn’t perfect, and neither was anyone else.

She emerged from her Full Moon “retreat” with new insight and resolved to flow with who the Universe brought to her unless of course, it meant accepting the truly unacceptable, such as abuse or exploitation. She admitted to herself that she had too hastily dismissed viable lovers because they failed to rush toward commitment on her timetable. She realized that in some cases she hadn’t taken into account where they were coming from as individuals struggling to find peace, happiness, and success in their own work and relationships. There were things to tie up from the past with all of them, in a way that just couldn’t be done overnight, even if Jazmyn wanted and needed them to be a certain way for her right now.

Once Jazmyn realized these truths about her life, she was ripe for some happiness- bringing changes in how she dealt with potential partners.

Let the Blue Moon Guide You

Blue Moons are fairly rare events that help us rip off the veils of self-delusion. If we approach them honestly, looking for the truths they want to tell us, we can be freed from those things we are doing which keep us from what we most dearly want. An authentic look at ourselves does not have to mean harsh criticism, aimed at making us feel guilty or angry at ourselves. They are opportunities to see and change what is holding us back. Working with the intense light of these moons will lead us to greater happiness.

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