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Many times psychics and spiritual advisors use language and words we may not be familiar with. That’s why we consulted our experts to come up with this exclusive psychic dictionary. Now you can become familiar with – and learn the language of spiritual enlightenment. Use it to enhance your journey and understanding of yourself.

Air Signs
The three air signs of the zodiac are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air Signs are communicative, intellectual and have clarity of thought. People with an abundance of Air in their chart tend to have their head in the clouds.

The ascendant means “rising sign,” which is the sign that had just risen over the horizon at the moment of an individual’s birth. The ascendant is your public persona – personality traits, needs and physical characteristics.

An aspect is a relationship between two planets. This relationship generally consists of the geometrical angles between them – some aspects are beneficial while others present challenges.

Astral Plane
An astral plane is a level of awareness in the etheric world. It acts as a double of the earth with a notable exception – everything is neutral. It is a place where soul minds can meet and change forms.

An astrologer studies the relationships and influences of the stars and planets. Using this information, they can prepare astrological charts that can tell intimate details and predictions of people, places and things.

Astrology includes the study of planetary cycles and how their respective energies influence life on earth. Astrology studies the harmony of the universe and relates it to the possibilities of human behavior and experience.

Everything present in nature has an aura – an envelope of energy that radiates from within. An aura is not visible to the normal eye but generally can be seen by Clairvoyants as a multicolored mist or halo of light.

Automatic Writing
Automatic writing is a free-flowing message sent by an entity in the form of the written word via a person. It is sometimes called ‘trance’ writing, because it is done quickly and without judgment. The person may appear in a trance-like state, putting down whatever comes to mind. The messages may be in a language foreign to the person’s own native tongue and the handwriting can be unrecognizable to the person penning the words. It may also be lacking spaces and punctuation. Pictures or symbols may be part of the writing as well. Automatic writing allows the person access to the entity for guidance. It can also serve to retrieve information from your unconscious and/or provide insight.

Birth Chart
A birth chart is a basic tool of astrology which uses the date, time and place of an individual’s birth to show the positions of the planets in the signs and houses at the time of birth.

Cardinal Sign
The Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cardinal signs are the initiators of the zodiac who are associated with getting the ball rolling – but also being impulsive.

According to Tantric philosophy and Yoga, chakra is the Sanskrit word for ‘moving wheel.’ The chakras are vortexes of energy present in the energy centers of the body. The chakras are not physical, but they function as pathways for energy to be taken in. There are seven such chakras and each one is associated with a section of the body, as well as assigned emotions, thoughts and functions within the body. Chakras are assigned a color, which is displayed in a person’s aura, and can help to reveal a person’s spiritual and physical health, as well as one’s karma.

A channeler is someone who receives messages of advice and teachings from a spirit guide. The channeler’s relationship is a direct, beneficial one. A guardian angel serves to protect a person from harm and a spirit guide provides guidance and knowledge in order to help further one’s path to spiritual enlightenment.

Clairaudience is defined as one’s inner voice – translated it means ‘clear hearing.’ This is the power to hear sounds that are not audible to the normal human ear, but exist in the tangible world or in another dimension.

Clairsentience means ‘clear knowing’ or ‘clear thinking,’ and signifies your inner sensing. Those with this ability can perceive information out of the range of ordinary perception. It is not tied to one specific sense and can manifest as feelings, sensations or smells. It’s the subtlest way of receiving psychic messages, and many people may not even be aware it is happening and explain it away as a revelation.

This term is often used as a catch-all phrase for psychic ability, but it really describes one’s inner vision. Clairvoyance is a French term which translates to ‘clear seeing.’ It’s the ability to ‘see’ what is not physically in front of you, in the form of an image or event in the past, present or future.

Two planets are conjunct when they occupy the same degree of the birth chart.

Cusps are the imaginary boundaries between zodiac signs and the houses.

Divination is an attempt to communicate with the Divine or the supernatural in an effort to foretell the future and seek answers to questions or mysteries. Divination has traditionally been the chore of Shamans, oracles, priests, prophets or psychics by a variety of methods such as the use of the Tarot, Astrology, Ouija Board, runes etc.

Dream Interpretation
Dream interpretation is the process of interpreting the universal symbols and archetypes seen in your dreams and unconscious state to understand how they relate to your waking life.

Earth Signs
The three earth signs include Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Earth signs are sensual and love luxury. They are industrious and get the job done.

Also known as triplicity, the elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided amongst the elements: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are Fire; Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are Earth; Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are Air; Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are Water.

Empaths are very susceptible to the feelings of suffering and distress picked up from others. They tune in on an intuitive or psychic level to the emotions, moods and attitudes of a person, group of people or animals.

A book used by astrologers to find the exact location of any given heavenly body on any given day.

Equinox means a time of equal day and night. There are two equinox per year usually occurring around March 21 and September 23 – when the sun crosses the equator.

Fire Signs
The three fire signs include Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire signs are known for their explosive, energetic nature – and fickle tendencies.

Fixed Signs
The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Fixed signs are concerned with maintaining the status quo – and are known for perseverance and strength.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui is a physical way to bring a sense of harmony and well being into one’s space by arranging furniture and structures to be one with the occupant. It uses all of the elements – earth, wind, fire and water as well as compass points to achieve a sense of peace and tranquility.

Like the signs of the zodiac, the sky is divided into 12 houses. Each house encompasses a specific area of life such as love, career and health.

I Ching
The 3,000-year-old I Ching has 64 hexagram configurations that comprise an entire philosophy based on the Yin and Yang principles. The aim is to achieve and maintain balance in your life via a messaging system, which involves tossing coins in sets of six. The male, or active energy of Yang, encourages actions and ideas. The female, or receptive energy, enables adaptation and flexibility.

Intuition is “knowing” without conscious reasoning. It draws on knowledge gained from past experience that has been stored in the subconscious mind.

Kabbalah is a form of Jewish mysticism and is actually a Hebrew word meaning “received knowledge” or “tradition.” Though its origins are debated, most believe Kabbalah to be as old as the Torah, while others maintain it did not rise until the 13th Century. Traditional Kabbalah was passed down orally and is an esoteric belief that every accent, letter, word and number in the Torah contains keys to understanding the nature of the human soul, and by extension, the universe.

The explanation of Karma varies slightly per tradition or philosophy, but the basic principle remains the same: “You reap what you sow” … “what goes around, comes around” … or (if you prefer) “an eye for an eye.” Karmic philosophy may have its roots in religion and spirituality, but even the most scientific mind cannot dispute that, “every action causes an equal and opposite reaction” – in other words, the purpose of Karma is actually to restore balance.

Historically, a mantra is a word with spiritual significance in Hindu culture. In general, a mantra is a syllable or word without meaning that you focus on while meditating in order to achieve a deep state of relaxation. This method is used in Transcendental Meditation and it has been shown to be a very effective technique. According to the teachings of Transcendental Meditation, thinking a mantra helps you focus your attention inwardly. Regular meditation has been shown to help eliminate irritability, even reducing blood pressure. Benefits are numerous and its affects are lasting, as meditation has been known to mitigate the body’s reaction after a stressful event.

Meditation has been around for centuries and is a focal point of many religions. It incorporates deep thinking, contemplation and engaging in a deep mental exercise in an effort to achieve a heightened level of Spiritual awareness.

A medium is someone who can contact loved ones who have passed from this Earth. This special ability allows him or her to communicate with the deceased individual in another realm or dimension. The death of a family member or friend can result in unresolved emotions and questions for those left behind – a psychic medium can help bring them peace.

Mutable Sign
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the mutable signs of the zodiac. These signs are versatile and capable of prospering in any environment.

Natal Chart
A natal chart is a basic tool of astrology which uses the date, time and place of an individual’s birth to show the positions of the planets in the signs and houses at the time of birth.

Near Death Experience
A near death experience occurs when an individual is physically deceased yet returns to life with a memory of what happened to them. Many have recounted stories of seeing their physical body beneath them and traveling toward a white light or tunnel where they are greeted by friends and relatives.

Like Astrology or the Tarot, Numerology is a means of divination. Through the use of numbers, Numerology tells us about the human condition and about our journey through life.

Opposition Aspect
An opposition aspect is an arc of 180∞. This means that planets are opposite each other if they are six star signs apart. An opposition can be indicative of tension.

A pendulum is any object suspended freely from a string or chain. The universal vibrations received by the dangling object provide knowledge to the holder of the pendulum usually in the form of simple yes or no answers to the questions asked.

Often called a Clairvoyant, a Psychic has the ability to draw knowledge from the universal consciousness. They know without conscious reasoning and are highly intuitive. Some psychics use tools such as the Tarot, Astrology or runes to help answer questions and divine the future.

Planets in retrograde look like they are moving backwards. The energy from a retrograde can cause communication mishaps such as when Mercury is Retrograde, or can derail love when Venus is in retrograde.

Runes are a divination tool used by some psychics in much the same way that astrology or the Tarot is used. They generally consist of clay tiles or coins with an inscription from the Runic alphabet.

A member of society (priest, magician, spiritual healer, medicine man, etc.) that acts as a medium or negotiator between the physical world and the spirit world using ritual-like practices and chanting for the purpose of healing, predicting or controlling natural events.

You’ve probably heard of crystal balls – scrying is a fancy name for concentrating intensely on a shiny surface to induce Clairvoyance.

The soul is the immaterial part of you that dictates your mind and personality. Depending on your particular beliefs, the soul can live on through many incarnations or exist on different ethereal planes. Soul to many is synonymous with Spirit.

A soulmate is someone you have experienced many lifetimes, learned life’s lessons, bonded with and loved. Some believe your soulmate is literally the person who carries and completes the other half of your soul.

Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides are non-physical entities which tend to be either highly evolved beings or the spirit of the dead. The purpose of these entities generally includes protecting an individual, assisting in spiritual development or as a source of inspiration. Many psychics utilize the help of spirit guides in their readings.

Sun Sign
As the Earth follows an elliptical path around the Sun, it passes through 12 constellations known collectively as the Zodiac. Your Sun Sign indicates in which constellation the Sun was positioned when you were born. It is sometimes referred to as your Birth Sign.

The belief that everything and everyone in the universe is connected by a universal force and therefore there is no coincidence. The famous Swiss Psychoanalyst, Carl Jung referred to synchronicity as “meaningful coincidence.”

A form of divination using a deck of 78 cards that depict images and symbols based on the Universal knowledge of humanity, including personality types, life cycles and experiences. It uses archetypal behavior patterns and the laws of synchronicity to reveal to the past, present and probable future of a particular situation.

Universal Consciousness
The combined memory and inborn knowledge of all human experience. Carl Jung categorized it into recognizable archetypes, personalities, situations, images and metaphors that recur consistently throughout mankind’s existence. He was fascinated with the Tarot because of it’s depiction of human nature and it’s use of synchronicity to divine the future.

Water Signs
The Water Signs include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Those with lot’s of water in their chart are said to be highly sensitive, empathetic and emotional.

A spiritual discipline for achieving a state of perfect insight and tranquility through focused concentration, meditation, postures and controlled breathing. The liberation from suffering through enlightenment is a common goal of all branches.

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