New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus on April 24, 2009 brings a new financial cycle during the next two weeks (and beyond). What’s more, Pluto dances with the New Moon to heighten your earning power, so be on the lookout for moneymaking opportunities. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will be the most in tune with this prosperous influence.

In the romance arena, sensuality kicks into high gear because Taurus is all about the senses. An enticing ambiance, delectable cuisine and leisurely bedroom romps are ways to satisfy your earthy side. Additionally, Venus joins Mars in fiery Aries on this day to heighten both passion and impulsiveness in love. Therefore, it’s time to express what’s in your heart!

Read your Sun and Ascendant signs below to discover how you can take advantage of these influences.

Aries: The New Moon illuminates your financial sector, so keep your eyes open for some solid financial opportunities. Additionally, Venus and Mars in your sign kick your confidence into the cocky category, which makes you a magnet for romance and professional opportunities. Scattering your energy is the challenge, so focus on what’s important to you.

Taurus: If you’re alert to opportunities, the New Moon in your sign can launch a new personal path. Your confidence, artistry and style will attract both romance and people who can help you professionally. Plus, your abundant sensuality makes you irresistible! If you’re in a relationship, now is the time to rev up romance by taking the time to enjoy each other.

Gemini: An intimate tÍte-‡-tÍte in a serene locale can make passion soar during the New Moon. However, the Aries influences make you restless for action on the social scene, so your friends may take up most of your time and energy. Look for opportunities through group endeavors. Also, pay attention to your intuition and dreams, which are strong now.

Cancer: The New Moon brings opportunities through friends, group activities and community endeavors. The Aries influences energize your career and being opportunities through networking, especially with colleagues. In romance, a friend may match you up with someone special. If you’re paired, socializing as a couple can bring you closer together.

Leo: If you’ve been wanting to launch a project that can advance your career, the New Moon will assist you, so show off your expertise. Mars and Venus in Aries make you especially magnetic, both personally and professionally. Look for romance while traveling or during a class or spiritual activity. If you’re paired, a trip for two can get passion percolating.

Virgo: The New Moon brings a new cycle of insights about your future. Now is the time to envision your professional and personal aspirations, which will help you manifest the people and situations that will assist you. Opportunities to travel or increase your education may arise as well. In love, Aries influences heat up intimate encounters!

Libra: The New Moon can illuminate emotional blocks that keep you from sexual fulfillment. Letting go of negative emotional patterns will clear the way for a closer connection with your partner – or help you attract someone new. What’s more, Venus and Mars in Aries make passion sizzle! If you’re solo, now is the time to seek out someone compatible.

Scorpio: An upswing in partnership activities (and closeness!) is promised by the New Moon. A business partnership may also be on the horizon. If you’re solo, getting clear about the kind of partner you want will help you manifest them into your life. Additionally, Aries influences can bring romance through a work project or flirtation at the gym.

Sagittarius: Romance and financial opportunities can be found during an environmental project or charity event during the New Moon. It’s also time to revamp your work and exercise/diet routines. Best of all, Venus and Mars in Aries are energizing your romance sector by revving up your powers of attraction. If you’re paired, an adventurous romp can fire up your bond!

Capricorn: Romance skyrockets during the New Moon, while Aries influences energize your desire to entertain. No doubt you’ll have your fill of socializing via partying with friends – and enjoying more intimate trysts for two. Family activities are energized as well. Your creativity also kicks into high gear, so promoting your creative projects can bring financial rewards.

Aquarius: The New Moon gives you the urge to create an enticing home environment, which can inspire a cozy rendezvous with your sweetie. Family interactions take up your time as well. Venus and Mars in Aries energize flirting and can fire up romance during a trip for two. Look for opportunities through networking with friends and colleagues.

Pisces: Your wit makes you a magnet for romance during the New Moon, so share your brainpower! Online connections and networking can bring romance – or open doors to moneymaking possibilities. Travel is also indicated. Plus, Aries influences heighten your earning power by giving you the confidence to launch a potentially lucrative project.

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