Money Matters: Your Personal Path for Success

Gael from Kent, United Kingdom asks:

I’m currently working in the UK for a career; however, my children, friends and family are in South Africa with my heart. I desperately would like to return there in March permanently. The problems I’m having is seeing any opportunity to earn the same amount of money in South Africa and which avenue would create enough money to meet all my commitments and live abundantly?

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

You created your oasis from tapping into the universal supply of competency. Only living this fantastic lifestyle without the ones you love is unbearable. Wanting more for your family and friends, you think going back home will make a difference. At an impasse, you’re wondering how you can wear the new you in your old surroundings.

Essentially, your nature requires you to stand on your own two feet. Although you have found the route to make life satisfying, your relatives stayed behind. They think your success is due to fortune, or being overly focused on work. Whereas you know you did not want to live without growth. Showing your true self made your world forever change.

The turning point is not about going back to South Africa and finding a way to recreate your financial achievements. It is about finding a way to gently allow the people in your earlier life to grow when they want. Your children are not following your particular ambitions and goals. Your flesh and blood will not attempt to undertake what you cannot imagine living without.

Knowing fulfillment makes it harder for you to look at your perception of waste. That’s why you can’t relocate back to South Africa – how can you give up a truly thriving new life in the UK? You aren’t afraid to remember your old life, but people from your past don’t want to be reminded of the permanently changed you. Finding oneself is a fate worse than death for everyone around you.

But it’s OK. Like yourself, there are many people that have found a new level and want relationships with someone like you. Keep in mind that all of those you love can choose to change their life, too. Remember you did not cause the separation by moving. Division occurs by intentions set in each and every heart, not by the distance alone.

Unlike the fable, having found the way to turn whatever you wish into gold, does not mean you will lose all that you love. By accepting where everyone is you will find a way to increase the closeness between all of you. Throughout our life we go forward, but that does not mean we are leaving something behind. Our life stays on track if we just allow it to happen.

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7 thoughts on “Money Matters: Your Personal Path for Success

  1. Vernon Smith

    How can a person look on the bright side when it concerns finances when so many people are struggling just to make ends meet? I am in the same boat as Mrs. Carver and I can relate to her comment.

  2. Glicerio Jr. Damoluan

    I wish I can win the lotto jackpot prize soon as I am really in need specially I wanted to build a house for my mother and someone to care for her while we are far away.

  3. julia reano

    I just want to hit the megalotto i need winners numbers since i know from me i always have money problems that pissme off all my money goes just to pay bills i need answers i’m getting desperate plz i hope to hear from u

  4. bernardbarron

    All ways very helpful and an excellent way yo share your gifts to help other. I am Thankful Now for this these blogs

  5. roberta carver

    how can you look ahead in money matters when you have very little to start with? and not a good age to look for a new job so close to retire?

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