Your Weekend Horoscope for January 16 – 18, 2015

Your Weekend Horoscope for January 16 – 18, 2015

Your Weekend Horoscope: Effort vs. Progress

When warrior Mars goes up against taskmaster Saturn, it creates tension as people try to muscle their way through the barriers that prevent them from making progress toward achieving their goals. It may be too much effort for too little progress. Know when to give it a rest. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope.

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Because you feel frustrated at having to work behind the scenes rather than taking center stage, you are likely to be argumentative. Annoying others won’t win them over and elicit their support. Even if you happen to be right, you need to take a gentler approach if you want people to listen.


A combination of frustration and impatience may cause you to be overly aggressive. Pushing a friend to give you what you want is not likely to produce the desired result. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that it would be wise to back off, take a deep breath, and rethink your actions.


You are feeling pretty ambitious now and you are ready to push a career project or goal to the next level, but your progress depends upon the support of someone who may not be giving you a green light. You can’t afford to alienate a colleague or ally. Proceed with caution.


You can be awfully bossy, especially when you want things done a certain way. Not everyone is willing or able to perform tasks according to your exacting standards. Give others a break and just be grateful if someone wants to lend a helping hand. You can’t have everything your way.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you are ready to get serious about a romance and take things to the next level. However, just because you’ve made up your mind, it doesn’t mean that your partner is on the same page. Give him or her time to catch up to where you are.


Whether it’s a family relationship or a home repair, something in your domestic sector needs fixing and you are the one who needs to take care of it. You have what it takes to successfully resolve the matter. However, it may take longer than you think. Patience is key.


Even when you know what you want to say, it can be challenging to express yourself. Add your current state of frustration to the mix and it feels impossible. This is a sign that now is not the time. When you are in a better mood it will be easier to get your point across.


If you have committed to being more frugal, then you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on something frivolous. Keep your eye on your long-term financial goal rather that sacrificing it for the sake of short-term pleasure. The urge to splurge will pass and you will be happy that you didn’t give in.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you are being a lot harder on yourself than you should be. It is impossible to please everyone around you all of the time. This is the first step toward reclaiming your peace of mind. Do what you can and be content with your efforts.


Feeling disappointed with yourself makes it easy for you to lash out at others. You work so hard at everything that you expect you’ll always succeed. You’re only human. Give yourself a break. Recognize your good qualities as well as those of the people closest to you.


Your financial obligations to a friend or to a group that you participate in may be costly. If this association is something that will serve you over the long run, then you need to pony up and make the investment. If the connection is fleeting then it may be time to cut the cord.


You are super motivated now and you just want to get things done! The world, however, may not be operating at your breakneck speed. Be on the lookout for a boss or another authority figure who will demand that you be a bit more thorough and play by the rules.

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