Money Matters: Use a Psychic to Find a Job

Psychic Assistance Can Re-Focus Your Job Hunt

Karas from Portland, Maine asks:

I’m a 52 year old single parent. I lost my job and have exhausted my unemployment benefits. I have been sending out resumes, networking, knocking on doors and doing everything to find a job. I’m now behind on my mortgage, auto payments and utilities. I have asked for some financial help from family and friends, but unfortunately the economy has hit them hard as well. I’m terrified I will be out on the street. The stress is unbearable. Do you see any positive in my future?

Psychic Abrielle’s Response:

Dear Karas,

As I read your questions and concerns about finding a new job and rebuilding your finances, my guides gave me a picture of an enormous umbrella with you nicely protected underneath. The message that they are conveying to me on your behalf is that like an umbrella that protects us and helps us see clearly through harsh weather, you are being guided to the right job and financial success.

For all our California Psychics clients who are feeling insecure about jobs or finances, I have received for all of you and especially for you, Karas, a picture of gold coins and monetary bills pouring over not only the United States, but the whole world. My guides are assuring me that the roller coaster conditions many of you are experiencing in jobs and finances are soon over by the end of the year or earlier.

Psychically, I am receiving strong encouragement for all of you who are in situations such as Karas to keep a strong focus on networking, community or government resources,increased career development and job support groups. New avenues of job growth and opportunities are always opening up and you will need to remain super connected to locate these sudden openings. And my guides are saying loudly “remember how quickly economies have surged forward in other difficult times!”

Karas, my guides are showing me a wonderful picture of a treasure chest that has your name on it and this chest is filled with support and specific directions for you. Inside I am seeing gold coins representing your future prosperity, and also a treasure map that describes specifically where you will want to immediately and quickly focus your efforts to locate job and financial support.

For all our California Psychics readers who are wondering what would they do if they ever faced a situation where there simply seemed to be no opportunities and very little money coming in, after months of effort like Karas, I am receiving that that is the time when you will want to dig deeper into that treasure chest in the following ways:

1. Money is Running Out: check every charitable organization locally and statewide or in your country for short-term help with housing payments and food. Check with your country, state and county assistance bureaus and apply for assistance, if you absolutely have no money. Check in with free credit assitance bureaus for help with creditors.

2. Jobless After Months of Looking: increase not decrease your efforts to include MORE job support groups, including job support and career assistance through your state and government bodies.

3. Networking, Not Working: Almost 80 percent of jobs are filled through networking: if networking is difficult or not working for you, most likely you need to up your skills set on networking. The Internet is filled with free guidance on successful networking and job targeting. Job support networks will absolutely increase your skill set. Ask a successful friend or relative to help you with reviewing how you are networking.

4. Difficult to Find Jobs in Your Job Area: Check out no-cost programs to retrain for a new career. Most states or countries have retraining centers, or educational institutions where you can be retrained and locate a job within a short period of time, at little or no cost to you!

5. Your Resume is Blank After Months of No Work: Volunteer! Not only will future employers applaud you for doing this, you will have even better opportunities to network! Remember that those who work in volunteer organizations want to help others! Don’t know where to begin to volunteer? Go to your free public library and ask the staff where to look! No money even to get to volunteer jobs? Chances are you can be teamed up with someone who can pick you up, or be given public transportation vouchers.

Karas, I am receiving a message for you recognizing the challenges you have, but also acknowledging your strengths to get through this challenge successfully. My guides are holding up your treasure map in front of my eyes with specific guidance for you that you have as many as six job opportunities within the next three months.

To Karas, and all our California Psychics clients, you have my support and admiration as you persevere and remain strong and courageous and connected in your career search!

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8 thoughts on “Money Matters: Use a Psychic to Find a Job

  1. Wendy

    I had to go out on medical leave in 2010 over summer. They said needed an operation immediately. They did discover a whole lot of other medical complications along way. I neded to treat causes to get better. I was told could go back to work in a few months after emergency surgery. then I racked up a whole host of medical bills from insurance company through current empployment. They refused to pay bills and only allowed me a window of five visits to see doc a yr. Now I am in deat because of problem. I could not collect unemployment benifits since, on medical leave. I am living on ssdi benifits from husband since, disabled no other income. I must depend on food stamps and assit with medical coverage from welfare. I did not get this help would not be able to servive. I was recently told have to locate a new job perfession at 54 yrs old. I have been working in health care as home health, or cna for years. Last job did not give me whole lots of work hours and, concerned they were tring to fire me before medical leave. This time in my life need to change job, since no longer have strength to lift in job with patients, or stand long hours on feet. Tested by vocational service organization, who helps place disabled and uner worked clinets in employment opertunities. They now say, need a new job not in health care, since discovered have some depression and aniety. Where can I get a new job, and type after been in one type of perfesion for years. Help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. I am also going for some mental health counseling, and told should go back to work. Learned also have learning disablity never know about all my life, and ss says cant get benifits since beleave health issue are ok. Even though I can remember, think, and write ok can get another job. They do not realize had many issuess efected me on job, leading up to getting removed from company. I had to get employment by myself with no help. I never had right type of job counseling in life time correct this type of problem never new excisist. Help me with what should do next in quest for a job and good benifits or social security dsiblity.

  2. Renee

    I also understand the turmoil each of you feels when faced with the uncertianty of monies. I have found myself a single parent of two teenage boys and only a part time income that only covers half of my obligations.
    Always reach out to government agencies for food to start with, visit your local food banks to supplement your assistance, and also medical benefits for your children.
    As I have found out, benefits for adults caring for children is limited, but if you make NO money they will cover you also.
    Speak frankly and have a plan when you talk to your utility companies and landlord/mortgage holder etc. Offer to help, barter and keep a positive outlook ALWAYS.
    Never stop believing in yourself, never stop looking and NEVER allow yourself to give up. God BLess You All. He will never close a door without opening a window, we just need to climb out and perservere.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Now what I posted may not appeal or work for everybody….

    but in a bad economy, for some folks, a job is a job…or at the very least , a means of survival and a stepping stone to a better job.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Check out jobs in North Dakota…..I copied a CNN Money article for you all to read….

    or just type into a google search engine : jobs in North Dakota.

    Good Luck…..Gina Rose ext.9500

    (CNNMoney) — Believe it or not, a place exists where companies are hiring like crazy, and you can make $15 an hour serving tacos, $25 an hour waiting tables and $80,000 a year driving trucks.

    You just have to move to North Dakota. Specifically, to one of the tiny towns surrounding the oil-rich Bakken formation, estimated to hold anywhere between 4 billion and 24 billion barrels of oil.

    Oil companies have only recently discovered ways to tap this reserve. And along with the manpower needed to extract the oil, the town is now scrambling to find workers to support the new rush of labor.

    Watford City is at the center of the Bakken formation. While it is home to less than 3,000 permanent residents, there are about 6,500 people there right now, as job hunters relocate to seek out high-paying jobs.

    Aaron Pelton, the owner of Outlaws Bar & Grill in Watford, said his sales have been nearly doubling every year — and it’s only getting busier. Servers at his restaurant make about $25 an hour when tips are factored in, and kitchen staff employees make around $15 an hour.

  5. VJ


    I don’t know what your skills are but perhaps you could get temp work in your field or similar.

    I have been a legal secretary temp for many years, but my income has also decreased unbelievably. I am barely surviving off unemployment, but manage to get temp work at least once every two to three months, which helps cover the rent.

    Good luck!

  6. Ianthe Ciucci

    I am looking for a new job and I am not sure what type of work I should do next. The other question is do I give my ex another chance.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Those are great tips Abrielle…..

    especially # 4….some states, like North Dakota comes to mind, can’t fill job openings quick enough.

    Be flexible and be willing to re-locate.


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