10 Great Career Predictions

Success May Not Depend on a College Degree

When it comes to making money, choosing a career, or planning your education, it’s a given that we’re in challenging times. But there are thriving businesses and industries that will continue in good health. Surprise, a college degree may not be the best choice, and you may find new choices to satisfy your career desires.

Open your mind. Tech gurus say that while most jobs requiring repetitive performances or mechanical processes will be robotized, all jobs that need creative thinking, problem solving, and right-brain creativity will be crying for people to fill them. A recent list of today’s best-paying college degrees says engineering and science jobs pay around $90,000 right out of the box, but film making is still in the top fifty brightest futures, too.

Here, then, is a list to ponder as you plan the next five years or so. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 50, there’s time to focus your dreams, set your goals, and succeed. The fields in our list are wide open, actively seeking workers for now and the future.

“Change is always to be welcomed rather than feared because it leads to the greatest freedom.” – Faith ext. 9608

1. Engineering — Petroleum, chemical, aerospace, biomedical, you name it. If this kind of thinking appeals to you, your future is golden.

2. Computer Science — There are specialized degrees now that lean on specific microcosms of computer science. The field is vast and active. Consider software development, information systems management, systems design, or app development.

3. Service Jobs — Good with people? These jobs will become specialized and sophisticated. No more offshore boiler rooms full of untrained customer service reps — skills will be fine tuned. Hair stylists, fashion consultants, financial planners and advisers, concierges, or people who repair and troubleshoot technology will also be in high demand.

4. Artists and Designers With or Without Degrees — If you have creative talent and the discipline to put it to work, you’re in. An arts degree will enhance your chances of success in corporate creative fields like advertising, but there will even be a strong demand for self-taught artists and those with art school background.

5. Teaching — The field is somewhat bloated now, but as technology becomes more complicated, education will be a stronger focus in every nation. Talented, insightful teachers will find a bright future.

6. Medicine, Especially for Workers With a Technological Bent — Diagnostics will be more and more computerized, but the human element in the healthcare field cannot be replaced by a robot.

7. Writers — Naysayers are hanging crepe all over the writing and publishing fields. But fear not, the industry is in transition and will stabilize soon. Writers, good writers, will be in high demand and will be compensated fairly. Ghostwriting is a strong trend. Publishing is accessible to anyone with a computer, but the reading public still demands quality, so authors are seeking skilled collaborators. If writing is your passion, build a strong portfolio and be poised for golden opportunities in the next year or two and beyond.

8. Entertainers — The more somber the world feels, the more inclined people are to spend discretionary income on entertainment. The Great Depression of the 1930s saw a surge in popularity of movies, music, and other entertainments.

9. Child care and early childhood education will become critical and good providers more in demand as people find their ways back to work.

10. Entrepreneurial Endeavors — Industries change and workers are finding themselves unemployed in traditional jobs, so many seek ways to open their own businesses. They’re succeeding in droves. Got a skill you’re passionate about? Study the smartest ways to succeed in business and plan your own small company.

Some experts say the Mayan calender predicts the beginning of a new golden age of enlightenment in 2012. It could be a time of prosperity and personal growth that rivals the stellar age of ancient Egypt where spiritual growth and personal satisfaction were at a peak. Be ready — consider, plan, and make your future everything you want it to be.

“Take the time for an honest life review as the most significant modifications are made from the inside out.” – Faith ext. 9608

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4 thoughts on “10 Great Career Predictions

  1. rosalind

    I am currently off work, and dont see myself going back for quite some time. I would like to have a reading but cant afford it. Is there another way that that readings can get done without the costs. thank you

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    You know # 8 is very true……I remember my GrandParents saying that even during the great depression and during WW2…..people went to the movies….that was the only form of entertainment they could scrape up enough $ to enjoy……same holds true even now.

    As far as teaching goes…..that field will undergo a dramatic change….MANY parents are now getting into home-schooling.
    I feel that many teachers out there will change over to doing skilled tutoring. The $$$$ will be there for teachers…. only the job title and desription will change a bit…..and a bit of traveling, locally, may come into play.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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