Your November 2011 Forecast

Your Love Outlook This Month

This month’s emphasis on Fire influences Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, can energize your love life, communications and vision for the future. Your spirituality will likely get a boost as well, which makes this a great month to get into meditation, dream analysis, prayer or journaling—anything that deepens your spiritual life. But it’s not all about serious stuff—your playful side will get some attention too!

Transit Tales

Venus and Mercury enter fun-loving, philosophical Sagittarius on November 2. These two sociable planets will be striding hand-in-hand through the galaxy during the next two weeks, which is sure to fire up the freedom, adventurousness and optimism in relationships—and relationship talks. Too much of a good thing, though, can cause overindulgence, impulsiveness or a demand for freedom at any cost.

Adding to the fire are Mars in Leo (through November 9), which intensifies passion and courageousness, and Uranus in Aries (until March 2019), which heightens spontaneity, innovation and social change.

Grounding influences start to take over after Mars enters Virgo on November 10 and Venus enters Capricorn on November 26, which focus on practicality and commitment in romance and business partnerships.

Planets in Motion

After five months of being retrograde, Neptune finally turns direct on November 9. This should bring some clarity, if you’ve been struggling with your direction.

Speaking of clarity (or lack thereof), Mercury turns retrograde on November 23 (through December 12), which messes with communications and travel. As such, be especially mindful of your words, back up your computer files regularly and double-check your travel arrangements.

Lunar Magic

The Full Moon in Taurus on November 10 energizes the desire for physical pleasure. It may also prompt you to get your finances and other practical matters in order.

The New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius on November 24 trines Uranus, which favors activities that focus on spirituality, innovation, freedom or culture. This should bring a lively energy to Thanksgiving festivities.

Planetary Highlights

November 1: Mercury square Neptune can muddle communications because of fuzzy thinking or misunderstandings, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

November 2-25: Venus in Sagittarius can bring out the need for playfulness, freedom, expansiveness or spirituality in relationships.

November 2-January 6, 2012: Mercury in Sagittarius favors discussions and ideas that are optimistic, expansive or philosophical.

November 2: Venus conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius combines love, art and brainpower to energize ideas and discussions that are flirtatious, heartfelt or eloquent.

November 3: Venus and Mercury trine Uranus heightens the spontaneity, brilliance and insightfulness in relationships and communications.

November 7: Mars opposing Neptune can stymie the will to take action, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

November 9: Neptune turning direct will help bring clarity to your direction.

November 10: The Full Moon in Taurus can intensify the desire for more food, sex, money or control.

November 10-July 3, 2012: Mars in Virgo energizes activities that are healthy, helpful or practical.

November 16: Mars trine Jupiter favors activities that are spiritual, patriotic or competitive.

November 20: Sun square Neptune can inspire creativity while depleting willpower, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

November 22: Sun in Sagittarius can inspire you to envision the bigger picture of your dreams and goals.

November 23-December 12: Retrograde Mercury can derail communications and travel arrangements.

November 23: Mars trine Pluto favors actions that are daring, secretive or profitable.

November 23: Sun trine Uranus can bring up the need to make a change or help others in need.

November 24: The New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius favors focusing on your spirituality/vision for the future, while the trine from Uranus energizes innovation and altruism.

November 26-December 19: Venus in Capricorn can bring out the need for more stability, practicality or goal-setting in your relationship.

November 26: Venus square Uranus can instigate some erratic behavior in romance.

November 27: Venus trine Jupiter heightens the joy and optimism while socializing.

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33 thoughts on “Your November 2011 Forecast

  1. mandeep

    can u tell me plzzzz,, when my financial situation, will b really good when i will get a huge money in my life ??? ??? in my love life when i get a really gud and PARMANENT partner in my life, who loves me a lottt ????? and is my married life will b start gud and smoothly with someone ???? plz tell me.. thnx

  2. jose arroyo

    I have question I was born on july 22 1985 At11 am I get emotional like a cancer but I’m flamboyant like a leo I was wondering if I’m mixed with both signs?

  3. Thenji

    Hi,love all the updates.Please may i get an in-depth analysis of my life?Its been a bit confusing for me.My D.O.B IS 13.01.1978 time of birth is 8.05 am.thanking you.

  4. michelle

    HI i ‘m a scorpio. and despite what people think about us.i find it very troubling that people place curses on others.against their will .i’m only curious to know how long do these spells last.and what do we do to protect ourselves being placed under a spell????please RESPOND I WILL BE WAITING . THANKS A LOT !OH AND I LOVE THE MONTHLY ARTICLES..

  5. Sanjay

    Is it true that everything u hve told abt my november forecast.? I read my daily forecast but i didnt found the same in my real lyf. Then wat we should think about ur astrology, is this astrology method a true thing or just to mke relax ur hearts. Plz rply abt it.

  6. yum

    i dont understand it all the planets uve said how it affects in my november forecast..i dont know the meaning of those planets…can u make it more easier to understand..



  8. sumer syal

    very practical indeed. in my case…
    i am being literally experiencing the best according to ur above monthly statement.

    sumer syal
    30 sept 1982

  9. nc1983

    i enjoy reading the love forecast for this month but i want to know does this go toward my sighn im a capricorn my birthday and i just want to know about my relationship with my partner she is a piecise her birthday i want to know if we are a good cuple because different things have been going on with us she is not the same girl i first met and she suffered a lose a few months ago she lost her younger brother and after we had barried him and had his service its been about a month and 40 days since he was barried and she has been going out of town a lot and spending a lot of time away from me and i miss the memories we use to share and want to know if yall can help me out please because i love her with all my heart and soul and i would like to pop the big question.

  10. Rajaram.k

    Really i am happy to read your daily news letter, & am following ur advice. so i wanted to know my future work, health,financial sound& how many year’s u can read my life?.more than 3 year’s over i am reading this letter. Thank’s 4 all of U. I will call one day. i am an INDIAN,working in QATAR as Safety Officer.myDOB..03/06/1952
    pl;don’t hide any thing
    with regards

  11. barbara

    To careful what you wish for..not only did you get your exboyfriend to go back with you against his will but you also performed the lovecaster spell for your own personal gain..the age old it harm none do what ye will; do unto others as you would have them do unto you; what you send out you’ll get back;you reap what you sow,etc…all of it applies to all of nature and yes including us mortals…you may like the results now but you’ll grow to regret it later…

  12. Deborah anne damato ward

    Thank you so very much for this forcast on sag.’s i’ve enjoy reading mine so much and the day do match on what is going on for me. It seems though i’ll be doing o.k. This month. Your people that read the plants and stars are so good at it i feel so lucky to have you people in my corner of my world…. Thank you again for the in site.

  13. sussie

    hi, i’m Susan, this might sound like an advert, but take it as it is,
    couple of months ago my lover left me for another wasnt easy coping without him.
    he was everything to me, a father, a lover and a guidian, everything seem to be going wrong,,
    so i decided to grab the bull by the horn, and take actions after numerous pleas,text messages,
    emails, missed calls… i was online, then i came across a post about this love spellcaster,
    the testimony seemed kind of hard to believe but i gave it a trial and it worked.. solved my love
    problrm with he few nickel,he was back and better, relationship was renewed with passion and love

  14. Diana

    With everything changing in my life sould I countinue to want to be with Joseph, I love him so much but he seems afraid to move forward and he is a capricorn and i am a cancer we were eant to be together so will we be and when please.

  15. Clova

    Thank you so much for this free November forecast. We are feeling the love, passion and other elements mentioned in our Sagittarius/Scorpio love match. My partner and I are currently in a long distance relationship. We communicate daily, have very strong desires to be together permanently and envision that it will be in the upcoming months.

  16. christina


  17. Merideth Wood

    Wish you could arrange it that checks re: payment could be sent prior and when received, the person desiring a reading could be read. Thank you!

  18. elisabeth

    thanXS again for the LUV forecast !! AND as usually IT is very interesting ?? & like i said ” i am still waitng for a firey / passionate LUV connection forecast prediction for US very loyal , fun loving BUT very stable capricorn’s ” 2 come about !! so & maybe it is just around the bend for US capricorn ‘s , since everything is finally turning retrograde .. because i can FINALLY see that venus IS ” finally ” coming into our OWN birth sign .. whew & THANK — GDNESS 4 that , because & even though we are very practical , but very down 2 earth people / WE ARE VERY passionate people when IT come’s 2 the LUV dept IN spite of what some people might think about US / or about our very stern out look on life .. so thanXS 4 the take on the LUV forecast prediction 4 november !! & thanXS !!


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