Money Matters: Starving Artist or Thriving Author?

Laurie from Dayton, New Jersey asks:

I’m a writer. Well, I’m a legal secretary by day, but like Clark Kent, I get a bigger kick out of putting on my writer’s cape first thing in the morning before work, after work and sometimes during a break. I’ve joined several sites that allow me to publish my articles and, hopefully, get noticed. Will I ever make it as a writer, without being a “starving artist,” or am I doomed to be locked in the prison I call work? I appreciate my job, because it gives me everything I have including security in being able to pay my bills. However, I feel my time there is coming to an end – hopefully the end means a transition to writing full time. Any hope for my new career choice? It may be a bit late in life for some, but I say you’re never too old. I’d like to have a syndicated column or write a book one day. Thank you so much.

Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894 Responds:

Laurie, I’m receiving a special psychic reminder of the name of Grandma Moses for you and for all those wonderful California Psychics clients who want to start a new project, vision or career and think they may be in their “mature years.” How wonderful to get those psychic nudges from guides who want all of us to remember that Grandma Moses began her painting career at the age of 76!

Especially for you, Laurie, I’m also receiving a psychic photo of an open purse sitting on a book which shows your name as the author. The purse cannot hold all the dollar bills pouring out of it because the book it’s sitting on is causing the purse to burst open!

Also, I see three images in regards to how to arrive at the book and the bursting purse.

First, I see a small group of twenty or so people, each sitting with a book on their lap and their names appearing on the books. I’m being told that this is a writer’s group of dedicated, success-oriented writers who are supporting each other to get their books read and published. The guidance I receive is that you will want to seek out a writer’s group in your area or create one yourself. A writer’s group will speed up your book from writing to publishing, as well as provide positive, supportive and low-cost motivation, Laurie.

I’m also being reminded by guides to convey to all our California Psychics clients who want to complete a creative, artistic or business project and quickly bring that project to the marketplace there is nothing like the power of group energy and support to accelerate the process. If you can’t find a group on the Internet, form a group, a vision team, either in your home city or a worldwide group through the Internet!

Second, Laurie, I’m seeing an extremely large image of a stadium filled with people who are standing up and holding laptops in the air above their heads. The guidance I hear is that these people represent everyone around the world waiting to read your column. The computers they’re holding represent the medium you’ll use for them to locate what you write.

For you and all our readers who have a message or a vision to convey, I’m told by guides that the computer marketplace or what we would call “social media” is the fastest and the most low-cost method to get your message to the market. If you’re not sure what social media is or don’t have the money to create your message, all of this can be researched and created at your local library at no cost to you.

Laurie, the third image I see is you’re holding a golden figure in your hands and you’re speaking to an audience. What this tells me is that you’re not only an award-winning writer but that you’re also sharing your success with others!

Laurie, the best of luck to you and to all our California Psychics clients connecting their vision to the marketplace!

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One thought on “Money Matters: Starving Artist or Thriving Author?

  1. velvetoversteel

    Great Advice, Abrielle!! Gina Rose gave me similar advice almost 2 years ago and I’m now using all of these means. You are absolutely correct too on social media and writers’ groups to ‘provide positive, supportive and low-cost motivation’! These are totally working for me and others.

    Good Luck, Laurie! I’m looking forward to reading you work someday very soon!!
    Big Hug & Many Blessnigs,
    Coreen @ VOS


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