Your Chinese Horoscope: Revealing Dreams

Revealing Dreams

Your November Chinese Horoscope

Our Sleeping Dog month continuing through November 11 reminds us that our dreams are telling us a lot these days. They cover the things we haven’t dreamt into existence yet, and those fearful things we can derail with positive thoughts and assurances.

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The new moon opens the door, and on November 12 the Pig Traversing a Mountain gives new direction and opens doors to the future. This gives insight into the next few years. They’re all about taking the action to make life be all that you want it to be and you’re now laying that foundation. Your November animal days offer opportunities to start building your grandest ideals. Here is your Chinese Horoscope.



Be understanding with those you love on November 8. They’re experiencing emotional confusion and you can sort through the chaff of their fears as the Granary Rat. As the Rat on the Crossbeam on November 20, you find a new balance in your life by letting go of old upsets.

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November 9 is a perfect day for study and research as the Ox in the Byre, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Just make a point to indulge yourself a bit with pleasure and beauty to inspire your work. Enjoy your enthusiasm and have a great day as the Ox on the Road on November 21. Stop short of overdoing it and it will be a perfect day.


Communications are intense and deeply satisfying on November 10. Allow your passionate emotions to inspire you as you are the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. Relationship glitches are temporary on November 22, so be patient and confident as the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


It’s a time for new beginnings to take flight thanks to your positive attitude on November 11. As the Rabbit in the Burrow, your ideas have a healing quality. Combine intuition with strategy as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest on November 23 and you’ll be a winner.


Don’t let worries and fears discourage you on November 12 as the Rain Dragon. They’re passing emotions, so enjoy the beauty of the day. Turn major changes into financial windfalls on November 24 as the Dragon in the Whirlpool. These are real opportunities.

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A passionate, sexy day unfolds on November 1 as tender moments make lifetime memories. Enjoy exercise on November 13. Just know your limits for best results as the Hibernating Snake. Honor logic over fearful communications on Nov 25 to succeed as the Snake Leaving a Hole.


On November 2 sexuality transcends into love as the Way Horse, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Complete old projects early on November 14 so that you can enjoy music and romance during the evening as the Horse in the Clouds. Mental clarity grows during the day of November 26 bringing success as the Traveling Horse.


Passionate expression brings surprise opportunities on November 3 as the Sheep in a Flock. Your calm attitude stabilizes an unusual situation from your lover on November 15 as the Serious Sheep. A gentle approach overcomes aggressive behavior on November 27 as you are the Lost Sheep finding your way.


Take advantage of the evening hours on November 4. You’re a creator and a lover as the Tree Monkey. On November 16 you’re aligned with your true self, so present your ideas as the Mountain Monkey. Heart and wisdom conquer any challenge on November 28 as you’re the Independent Monkey.

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You’ve not only discovered your deepest creativity, but you can share it with the world on November 5 as this Cock Crowing at Noon. November 17 brings powerful mental energy as you’re the Rooster of Solitude. Enjoy a quiet day on November 29 as the Cock Pecking for Food. Action will be powerful from the evening on.


November 6 is full of mental intensity on this Sleeping Dog day and month, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Internalize and integrate these thoughts for a powerful future. November 18 is a high-energy day for you as the Mountain Dog. Partner with others regarding your brilliant ideas. You are full of effective enthusiasm and spirit on November 30 as the Temple Dog.


On November 7 you’re the Pig Traversing a Mountain. You have the energy for accomplishments at work. Once complete, you’ll have a great time enjoying sexy romance later. Be gentle with yourself and nurture your spiritual approach to your career and relationships on November 19 as the Monastic Pig.

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