Money Matters: Find a New Career in a New Economy

Carmen from Narimo, Washington writes:

It’s so interesting to read this article about Gina, as I too am considering a change in careers in the beauty industry—permanent makeup artist. But I’m not sure if this is the career to persue alongside an herbal business I’m trying to get off the ground. I have a job now but feel I’m ready for a change. I also have concerns regarding some real estate investments my husband and I have made, and I’m wondering if they’re going to take us down, stay even and staedy, or increase in value in a few years. Any insights you can give me would be great. I’m almost forty-eight and don’t want life to pass me by. Thanks.

Abrielle Responds:

Carmen, you have given us all such an important and valuable example of how to approach our new economy—starting not only a new career but a new business as well! And both look very good from the psychic pictures I am being shown of you with not only one gold medal around your neck but two!

So often changing careers and starting new businesses feels like we may be starting to run a race that we are not sure we are going to win. I am being guided to tell all our California Psychics’ clients as well as Carmen, that in this rapidly changing economy we all must look at this rapid change as an opportunity to win the best possible income and career growth for ourselves. It is going to feel at times we are in a race ,but I am being guided to tell all of us that the more you challenge yourself, the more gold you will win!

Carmen, on that first gold medal, I am seeing the words “beauty” and this tells me that your career as a permanent make-up artist is going to yield significant monetary growth for you. I am being shown a field a flowers, and all these flowers represent the people waiting for your services. The second gold medal is just peeking out under the “beauty” medal, and I see the word “herbal” very clearly. The position of the herbal medal is telling me that your beauty career is going to be more significant for you immediately in terms of cash, and, that your beauty clients will also be good potential to be your herbal clients!

All our California Psychics clients will want to be alert like Carmen as they look for new ways to accelerate career and business growth to choose two market areas like Carmen has that can help each other grow—I’m being guided with a picture of thousands of twins. That picture tells me to remind all of you urgently seeking financial growth is that some of the fastest ways to secure income is to think of pairing every opportunity with another for immediate profit!

Carmen, you had another question about your real estate holdings, and I am so strongly receiving the number “five,” and my guidance is telling me that within five years you will see significant profits in your real estate ventures. And, during those five years I see you very established in your two new businesses, and happy with the future income growth your real estate holdings provide to you.

Best of luck to you Carmen, in your two new businesses, and best of luck to all our California Psychics’ clients looking to increase their income through doubling their businesses and income potential!

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2 thoughts on “Money Matters: Find a New Career in a New Economy

  1. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Abrielle,
    Love and respect your incite, I agree with you 100%!
    To look at the economy as a growth experience is truly the only method that will prove great success….

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  2. Venice

    Hi! My name is Venice.. I just resigned from my previous work and trying to shift a new career . I have been waiting for almost a month for the right job. I applied for different positions and I am currently experiencing rejection most of the time due to large number of applicants. I fee so frustrated and hopeless.. What advice u can give me?


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