What Astrological Sign Is Your True Love?

Let the Stars Help You Find the One!

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what you want in a lover—or know if you’ve actually found it! Luckily, astrology provides a window into what makes people tick, in the bedroom and beyond.

Here’s our guide to finding your true love by sign. Keep in mind, astrological charts are complex, but Sun Signs are the perfect place to start!


Do you love clean, organized, thoughtful partners who never forget the details like your favorite food or your anniversary? A Virgo in love feels the urge to serve and is more than happy to relinquish the spotlight to their mate. If this sounds appealing, then the Virgin may be for you. If you can withstand their laser sharp criticism.


The scales only feels balanced as part of a twosome. Indeed, the one thing Libra loves more than mingling is being in love. They’re attentive partners who may be demanding, but give as good as they get. They also have a roving eye and a tendency toward burying feelings to avoid confrontation. If people pleasing or passive aggressive behavior aren’t acceptable, look for love elsewhere.


These intense (and intensely loyal) people are purveyors of passion on all fronts. They’re also possessive and tend to push things to the limits. If you’re looking for easy, breezy surface level interaction, the stinger is not your sign. That said, if you’re up for a potentially transformative adventure that plumbs the depths emotionally, intellectually and sexually… then look no further.


Passionate and honest, Sag offers the best of both worlds. A loyal partner who gives you plenty of space. You’ll always have fun with this sign and know where you stand. However, if you’re needy, demanding or overly sensitive, look out. Tact is not the Archer’s strong suit and they’re unlikely to sacrifice their independence for anything or anyone.


While not the flowers and candy type, this Earth Sign is romantic in its own way. Translation? It is Capricorn’s goal to impress lovers with their hard work and dedication – in and out of the bedroom. If you require grand gestures and open emotional communication, keep looking. But if a solid, stable type who responds well to respect and admiration appeals… the goat may be your guy or gal.


Convention is lost on the Water Bearer. These lively eccentrics can’t help but stand out and at their best, they’re the life of the party. So, if you’re a by the rules type who wants to blend in at all costs, run! However, if you’re intrigued by philosophical discourse or interested, above all, in a challenging, intellectual connection Aquarius might give wind to your wings.


Romance is not lost on imaginative, dreamy Pisces. The fishes will go to great lengths to express their undying love. However, such sensitivity doesn’t come without a price. Pisces is easily offended and can – when hurt – be brooding beyond compare. Wallowing is a Piscean specialty. So pick yourselves up by the bootstraps type may want to steer clear.


What you see is what you get with aggressive, on the go Aries – and you’d better have the energy to keep up with their exploits. Luckily, you’ll always know how you’re faring in their eyes since Aries can’t hide their feelings, nor do they feel they should have to. They’re demanding… but believe that they’re worth it. The question is, do you?


It’s hard to get to the Bull’s emotions, but if you manage to do it, these sensitive souls have a lot to offer. Of course they’ll want to offer it from the comforts of home in their own (sometimes snail like) time, so if you’re a more action oriented person, you may find yourself bored to tears or simply tired of waiting. Patient partners are rewarded – if they make Taurus feel safe.


It’s no surprise that a relationship with a Gemini is like being involved with two people at once. This can be exciting – or disconcerting – depending on your point of view. Still, love with the Twins is never dull and always provides plenty to talk about – at rapid fire pace. The issue is that Gemini often does all the talking… and doesn’t always listen.


The most loving and nurturing sign in the zodiac, Cancer is a born caretaker. However, they require a lot of tending to themselves. Sensitive to a fault, the crab will retreat into their shell if hurt, which is tricky, because they’re easily offended. If you’re prepared, however, to accept this vulnerability and treat them with care, they’ll give you their undying affection.


Given admiration, the lion is a generous lover who will put you on a pedestal. In fact, provided you don’t hurt a Leo’s pride, this sign will go to the ends of the earth to make you feel important. The trick is making sure they feel more important – even if they’ll never admit it. If you’re a great cheerleader willing to remain on the sidelines much of the time, this may be an ideal fit.

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16 thoughts on “What Astrological Sign Is Your True Love?

  1. Ganiyat olatorera kareem

    I am a taureans and in love with a libra. What is d successful percentage of the relationship. He says the ball is in my court that he knows what he wants and thats me. But he seems bothered with something lately that he is finding it diff to tel me. He told me he’ll be fine and we are fine that just sometime he needed. I love him and he loves me too . I am nt scared or afraid and seem relax but shdnt i be afraid of sumtin. He doesnt pretend& quick 2anger bt wil neva nag at me. He prefers 2b quiet when he’s angry but you wil knw he’s nt fine. I am very loving and caring and at times i wonder if its too much and wnt he be takin me 4granted. He love it wen i complement or tease him

  2. Joey

    I am a Leo with a Aries boyfriend. He is the BEST I can ever have! I know that my personality is extremely overwhelming and dramatic, but he’s really strong, and boyishly charming… Just someone that I can trust, believe in, and lean on when things get rough. No, leos are NOT needy. We just expect ALOT from people just because we ourselves can do it, we believe people can do it as well. And yes, we are arrogantly charming… It’s a fire sign thing, okay?

  3. Gin

    I am a Taurus woman and I recently got out of a long roller coaster relationship with a man who is a Leo. They can be very needy and overly dramatic in the worst sense. He was lucky I was so patient with him. They can be extremely sweet and loving, that’s what keeps you with them. But it can turn badly when you try to compromise with them about things wow

  4. Cammie

    Im a libra and i just got involved with a libra. Im always thinking we are alike. But i think we are even though ive heard opposites attract. I wonder did it kill him to ask me for a hug im so shy i wanted to jump in his arms anyway. The way he acts with me is the way i act when im highly attracted to someone. There i go thinking were alike again. He may blow my mind and call it quits quick depending on what he already got on the plate. And we hit it off without alot of questions being asked so like me i think he has a lot to talk about he either forgets or just dont care. Oops i did it again and said like me.

  5. Patty

    I’m a Gemini. We’re known as effective communicators. Personally, I get off on seeing others happy, and if I had something to do with their happiness, so much the better. What I’ve read about Gemini’s doesn’t always apply to ME, or others, and I know a lot of Gemini’s. I DO listen to others, and quite a few people come to talk to me for that reason. I will always listen to a persons argument and try to make an impartial decision. Every sign has people who don’t fit the general description associated with it, and then you have the flipside of the coin, those who fit it perfectly.

  6. Cece

    I’m a Pisces I’m with a Taurus man I love the mix he’s got alot of pacience and he works hard when he trys to get boring the fish comes out and spices it up again he is very loyal and devoted

  7. Teresa

    I am a scorpio and I am married to a taurus for the past 4 1/2 years.It has been a rocky road with him amd I think he is not the man for me.

  8. Karen

    I am with a cancer and I am a taurus. I have never been with a cancer and it has been such a wonderful relationship. He is very affectionate as I am also. He pays attention to me and makes me feel so loved. I couldn’t have asked for a better person in my life.

  9. Babs

    I am a Scorpio married to a Gemini for 13 yrs. Let me tell you it’s the most difficult relationship I have ever been in. Gemini doesn’t listen, compromise, communicate or think outside of themselves. Flighty doesn’t completely explain their behaviors. They can be quite sneaky and the roving eye was probably named after this sign. They are narcissistic, and selfish. The child like quality you hear so much about is just their inability to conform to responsibilities they possess. They have no sense of loyalty, or selflessness. They stampede their way thru life, over people never acknowledging anyone else’s feelings. Because they don’t hear (listen to) you when you express your emotions. That’s the Gemini I know.

  10. sona shaw

    i m a virgo and since last 8 years i m in love with a virgo . we have smooth understanding, thinking get marry soon . both of us enjoy each other’s company , he is 2 years younger than me, is it matters if we get marry. is pair of virgo with virgo is successfull?

  11. Raya

    Hahaha…i think we’re (gemini lots in common here) yes i dated taurus man also, everytime i get bored im asking for break up and you know what finally we’re back together again, but i wonder if taurus man ever get jealous ? coz everytime i try to make him jealous he’s just moved away, and after a couple of days he’ll come back like nothing’s happened.

    I read in compatible tools for gemini and taurus is the worst pair, but why (somehow in coincident) i always attract taurus man (i have 3 taurean men from the net by coincident) eventhough i know that this relationship would end unhappy but im trying so hard to make that happen, a happy ending…

  12. Tiny

    Being a Gemini I will say being married to a Taurus… was hard, I made all the decisions, but they wanted all the control. Including to control me.. I’m with a Virgo and I can say, he never forgets anniversaries, our first talks, he knows me and will move mountains to do it all for me.. They say Virgo and Gemini are not a good mix and if we do connect it will end soon because we (twins) get bored with Virgin (Virgo) it’s been over 5 yrs and not bored yet.. I will say they can be critical, but as gemini’s do we listen?? No.. so….

  13. Debi

    What is a more compatible pair with Gemini….Taurus or Pisces? I have always been attracted to Taurus guys …..what’s that all about?


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