Meditations on Heaven

I will never forget my experience in December 2001 when I felt like I visited heaven. I remember feeling like I was floating and seeing mist around me. I don’t know how to describe it other than, it was thinner than clouds, but thicker than fog. It looked like energy. It wasn’t materialistic like you would see things on earth. It was as if I, and everything else, was energy. It’s almost so indescribable.

I will say this, I did not want to leave that place. I said if this is what it’s like after life, I don’t want to go back. And before I was sent back, the spirit gave me a lot of information, mostly in my subconscious, like a guide to life. I have followed it ever since. But the interesting thing is that when I woke up, things were moved around in my room. The covers were off of me, papers were on the floor, it looked as if someone brought a big fan into the room and just blew everything. Something happened. It’s hard for me to believe, but I never felt the same afterward. It’s like after that moment, I never feared death at all. That had to be heaven. It was just so amazing. It’s like although it was just energy, it was the most beautiful thing ever. Nothing on earth compares to it.

– Leo ext. 5265

One thought on “Meditations on Heaven

  1. cheryl klein

    I have a little wooden door in my closet that holds a water heater and besides that it isn’t finished no floor boards etc. I saw and picked up on many spirits drawn to that palce or me. I have sent numerous spirits to the light, some were negative ones black and white I told them I couldn’t help them cross but to pray for forgiveness. They left soon after. I was brought up not to fear the dead, I astral travel frequently. My daughter and I have had similar views on heaven. It is quite like earth. NEVER FEAR THE DEAD FEAR THE LIVING


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