5 Easy Ways to Be Happy

Here are five ways to make happiness your mission:

1. Think about what you need the most — right at this moment. Do you need some quiet time? A cup of tea? Maybe you need to read something uplifting, or a blog post to lift your spirits … Whatever it is, allow yourself to do it. Give yourself a few minutes, even if you’re in the middle of running errands, writing that memo, or paying your bills. Stop. Just do one pleasurable thing.

2. Burn one of your favorite candles or buy one. Sit and watch the flame. Think about getting in touch with yourself and your needs. Listen to your inner voice without seeking the right answers. Be still.

3. Stop being a news junkie. Quit perusing the web for the latest carjack, murder, health care initiative, or traffic report. Just cut the cord for a day. One day.

4. Start a daily appreciation or gratitude journal. Think of everyone in your life you’re grateful for, why, and how they’ve changed your life. Add to this list daily.

5. Repeat this to yourself any time during the day you have a negative thought, “Everything is as it should be. I am OK.”

Do you have any happiness hints of your own? Have you tried any of these suggestions? Share them with us.

One thought on “5 Easy Ways to Be Happy

  1. Roni

    Every morning I thank the supreme being for the day and all that goes with it. I tell him I know he walks along side of me as my best friend, to show me the right way to go. If I slip I know he will carry me. When things are not to my pleasing I know there is a reason. I have learned through the years to see that the out come may not have been right for me, or to approche it in a different propective. Being still and meditating soothes the everyday spiraling of stress and negative thinking that comes my way. It’s not always easy to live in peace and tranquility, but it is a good practice, which becomes easier and easier as you practice.

    Your articles are head on…and I Thank You for that! The one that I find that really works is #5. I have never seen anyone write that before, but I say it to my self many times and it really does work!

    Blessings to all

    Roni 🙂


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