Manifest a New Career Path and Succeed

Career Change Success in a Challenging Economy

The economy may still be in a challenging state, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’re indefinitely bound to remain where you are in your career. If you feel that your skills have grown to the next level, or even if you’re yearning to shift to a new field, you may be wondering what you can do to attract a smooth employment transition.

Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146 has been an intuitive since childhood. She explained, “I’m a fourth generation, that I’m aware of, clairvoyant and empath. I’ve done this work for decades.” She described her psychic abilities: “For me, it always involved a letting go of anything personal, and all of the everyday concerns. I become like an empty tube, for the clairvoyant part. The empathic part, that’s even more of a letting go. I just let myself go and feel what that person is feeling.” Maryanne shared her wisdom on the process for attracting the right job when you’re longing to move on.

Advantages of Patience

Maryanne advocated patience and trust when seeking a new position: “First of all take your time. It’s there. For someone who’s really evolved to the point where they’re ready for change, and they have evolved past the position they’re in, the new position, the step up for them, is out there.”

“In today’s environment, is it going to be out there quite as quickly as we want? It might not, but it’s out there, and the opportunity is out there to remain calm, remain secure, know it’s out there, and just keep going down the path until you get there. Don’t worry about it.” She pointed out that there are advantages to waiting. “It’s almost better if it takes a little longer because then you then you’re letting yourself know that you’re getting exactly what’s there for you.”

How to Attract Your New Career Path

“Believe that you deserve it. Know that you deserve it. And then give yourself time to not allow the fear to pressure you, thinking I have to have it by next week, or next month, or the next three days.”

“Allow yourself to be brave and let the opportunities come into your life. If you want to change to being an oil painter, go to a free oil painting class. Start getting familiarized with the new genre you’re entering. Allow yourself to succeed.”

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6 thoughts on “Manifest a New Career Path and Succeed

  1. Jemar

    Not gonna pretend I read all the reilpes, but seriously, if you want to have a president that is under no public scrutiny whatsoever then better get to work finding a dictator. And honestly, I’ve never in my life seen more people happily follow a president blindly than the current one. Regardless of how effective of a president he turns out to be when all is said and done, he is everyone’s hero still. They are still making children’s books about how awesome he is and selling them at Wal Mart for God’s sake. When in recent memory has a president been loved so much that he’s gotten this much leeway in his pursuits? His critics are hardly a hoard of zombies, more a swarm of flies buzzing in your ear and causing minor annoyance. When you are being bashed on every HBO series and Spencer Gifts shop then you can talk about being under heavy scrutiny (not that Bush didn’t deserve it, but I’m just being realistic here).

  2. LJ Innes

    This is so true. We are all capable of so much more than we think and life is supposed to be joyous for the most part – even our vocations.

  3. Robert

    To Maryanne my opion on your issue is this “you should not have to put up with the abuse you are going through with, no woman for that matter”no man has the right to belittle,beat,are cheat on the woman they are married to are dateing for a long time. With you being a Sag you need to get out and start over even though it’s been 30yr’s you don’t need to put up with the abuse anymore.

    Good Luck,Robert G

    May God be With You Always, He’s always their for us!!!!!!!

  4. misskrystal

    I agree with Maryanne, “Believe you deserve it” So true and can work wonders.
    Excellent, Erica. Really liked this post. Miss Krystal


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