Mad Men Astrology

In the three years since its debut, AMC’s Mad Men has become a water cooler show for critics and fans alike, making stars of its then little-known lead actors and turning the conservative early 60s into the current height of hipness.

What is it about Mad Men that strikes a chord with so many? Well, like so many things, at least part of the show’s success may have been written in the stars! After all, actors bring little pieces of themselves to every role. Let’s see how the charts of a few of Mad Men‘s stars stack up to inform their characters!

Jon Hamm (Donald Draper)
The name Don Draper has become synonymous with style, sex appeal and most of all, secrets. What is it specifically that allows Jon Hamm (born March 10, 1971 in Saint Louis), to capture our hearts and fascinate our minds despite the fact that his actions often turn our stomachs? He’s handsome sure, with his classic features and manly frame, but it’s more than that! With the Sun and Mercury in artistic Pisces at the time of his birth and a Virgo Moon anchoring his emotional center, Hamm is naturally able to understand the calculated precision Draper exhibits in every move he makes, while imbuing him with the sensitivity of a creative soul – which makes for a devastatingly deadly combination.

January Jones (Betty Draper)
Rarely is a character so confounding as the simultaneously girlish and devastatingly gorgeous (soon to be ex) Mrs. Donald Draper, played pitch perfectly by former model January Jones. But unlike her co-stars who have been acting for years, Jones came to the role with little experience and no formal training.

Perhaps Betty’s cool exterior and practical choices in love are qualities this Capricorn (Born January 5, 1978 in South Dakota) relates to – especially since her love-ruling Venus is also in the sign of the goat. Combine these qualities with an adventurer’s heart (Moon in Sag) and sex drive (Mars) courtesy of Leo, and it’s no wonder Jones has always kept that little bit of desire for more lingering just below Betty’s surface. Now let’s just see what happens next season when she gets what she’s asked for!

Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell)
Often the guy viewers love to hate, Pete Campbell is at once unfairly privileged and desperate to prove himself. A study in contradictions, he is both cowardly enough to force himself on a neighbor’s au pair and courageous enough to confront Don with his own indiscretions. So how does Kartheiser do it? Perhaps it’s the preponderance of Aries in his chart. Mercury, Venus, and Mars were all residing in this aggressive sign on May 5, 1979 when the actor made his first entrance. As a result, he’s no stranger to fiery resolve or sheer force of will. Interestingly, like Jon Hamm, Kartheiser also has a Moon in Virgo – and like Donald Draper, Kartheiser’s Pete Campbell is especially adept at calculation and execution, regardless of the emotional cost (to anyone but himself)!

Christina Hendricks (Joan Holloway)
Christina Hendricks’ portrayal of Sterling Cooper’s resident siren Joan Holloway not only brought curves back to primetime, but stopped audiences in their tracks with its searing honesty.

Commanding and indispensable in the office, Joan wants nothing more than a husband – until she scores a (resident) surgeon and learns that her perfect life is not everything she thought it would be. So what gives Hendricks (and in turn Holloway), her intense and earthy sensuality? Why Taurus, of course! The scorching hot bull played host to the Sun as well as expression-ruling Mercury when Christina was born (on May 3, 1975 in Knoxville, TN), and though it may have taken this breakthrough role to showcase it, this bombshell’s probably been heating things up ever since!

Are you a fan? Who’s your fave character? Talk about it!

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