Venus in Retrograde: Natal Charts, Effects, Meaning, and More

Venus Retrograde: Natal Charts, Effects ,Meaning, and More Peace and Growth: the Steps to Forgiveness | California Psychics

Relationship Review

Venus retrogrades in Capricorn during the holiday season this year and lasts for about six weeks, or 40 days. Venus goes into retrograde about every year and a half. Every star sign will be affected in their relationships in some way, including those in business, friendship, and romance, so here is your Venus in Retrograde Survival Guide.

Don’t Sweat the Retrograde

When a planet goes retrograde, there’s no need to stress, because it’s not something to fear. In fact, it’s a great time to internally reassess your situation and show yourself more lovingkindness. Venus loves and helps you even during her retrogrades.

Retrogrades can be challenging, but they can also be very good, as they bring opportunities for “do-overs” and second chances. Anything with a “re” in front of it comes forward now: Renew, re-do, review, repair, release, re-examine, re-think, and relax are some examples.

The Goddess of Love

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and money. She rules Libra and Taurus and is always on your side. No matter what is affecting her, be it retrogrades, signs, or aspects, she is one of the great benefics (Jupiter is the other one). She always brings love and harmony to everything she touches in your life. Venus has your back.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

With Venus being all about feeling and expressing love, she feels uncomfortable retrograding in Capricorn. Venus tends to be unhappy in Capricorn because this sign can make her cautious, careful, cool, and sometimes aloof. Here, Venus is emotionally reserved and can be rather unexpressive with her feelings. She wants someone who is successful, responsible, and mature and may exhibit these qualities herself. Status is important to Venus in Capricorn. Capricorn loves work, and this retrograde can be a productive time to reassess your work relationships, make plans to build a good team, grow closer with the team you’ve got, or if you feel the need, think about how you might want to rechart your career course.

What to Expect During Venus Retrograde

While seeming to spin backward, Venus retrograde often brings back ex-lovers from the past, and current close relationships could undergo testing and strain. It is helpful to draw and hold good boundaries now.

For Singles

If you are single, Venus retrograde can encourage you to take some space and invest in nurturing and loving yourself. Remind yourself that you deserve love and abundance. Giving yourself extreme self-care now will be both healing and strengthening to your heart as you contemplate what kind of partner you truly want to manifest into your life. This can be the perfect time to burn pink candles for love, tranquility, and happiness, take luxurious bubble baths, do lots of brainstorming, get extra rest, and be very tender with yourself.

For Couples

If you are in a relationship, Venus in retrograde can mess with your emotions and stir up old hurts and past wounds between you and the one you love. Treat every issue that arises with patience, love, and kindness. Communicate your needs gently. If your partner craves more love and reassurance, give it. Try not to make any major decisions about your relationship right now. Wait until Venus goes direct to do this, for your feelings will be calmer, clearer, and more understandable then.

About Those Ex-Partners

As mentioned above, exes may reappear, and they might test your boundaries. Now is the time to move with caution. Proceed slowly and carefully with any decisions about love and who you want to allow in your life. You may want to give your ex another chance, or you might want to close the door on an ex for good. Venus in retrograde can help you reassess these actions, but it’s best to wait before making any decision until after Venus goes direct. In matters of the heart, and in every area of your life, let your intuition guide you so that you do what feels right and don’t do what doesn’t.

If you are getting over someone, this is the perfect time to do some deep inner healing and self-nurturing. Remember that “this too, shall pass.” Know that your angels often protect you by removing hurtful lovers from your life if they have become toxic to you, so that you may have true love enter your life.

Venus Retrograde in the 12 Houses

Here are some brief descriptions of Venus retrograde transiting through your natal chart and how it may affect you in which of your 12 houses it touches upon:

First House

Please treat yourself with lovingkindness. Don’t give in to your inner critic. You might want to amp up your appearance, which is fine. But you also might be tempted to make drastic changes to your appearance. Please don’t. If you feel you need plastic surgery, postpone it until Venus is direct. Your judgment about your appearance will be better and more balanced then.

Second House

Money issues may arise, but don’t panic. You just may need to sort out your financial priorities and not let yourself get too wild in your spending now. Proceed with caution and concentrate on planning where you want your money to go.

Third House

This is the time you might feel less willing to communicate much, but if you do, then do so with love toward others, especially siblings. Old hurts may arise now, but treat yourself and others with compassion, because painful past issues can be healed at this time.

Fourth House

You may feel restless and want to move from your home, and now is the time to plan, but not act in this matter. Wait until Venus goes direct before moving. However, this can be a great time to clean out closets and release things you feel you no longer need. Your family may need more loving attention, and you will be able to give it.

Fifth House

What gives you joy? Focus on what makes you the happiest, whether it’s creativity, children, or romantic pleasure. Sexual renewal may come to the fore. Your creativity will rise now, but instead of beginning anything new, it’s best to throw yourself into past creative projects you have been wanting to finish.

Sixth House

This can be a great time in which to reassess your health routines. You can plan out new ways to give yourself greater health, fitness, and renewed self-esteem. You may wish to revamp the ways in which you work and give service to others and give even more loving attention to your pets.

Seventh House

Relationships will either be strengthened or ended now, for Venus in retrograde is testing them for their worthiness in your life. It will serve you well to “clean house” of any toxic relationships and let go of those who only bring misery. This way you can make room for new love and allow only your happy relationships to blossom.

Eighth House

Reevaluate your power and where you might be giving it away. Other people’s money may be readdressed at this time. Focus on empowering your values and how they are being reflected back to you in your relationships. Make sure you are valuing yourself as much as you may value others.

Ninth House

This is the perfect time to jump into new classes, for you may be hungering for new knowledge. Take that course or program you’ve been thinking about, for this will increase your education and fulfill your need to learn more about anything that interests you.

Tenth House

Venus in retrograde may bring you a promotion now that includes increased responsibility and bigger paychecks. You might also wish to reconsider your career path and make plans to do something different. Think about how the world perceives you and if you are showing the world the image you really want.

Eleventh House

Old friends may come back around, and past connections may come into focus. This is the time to reassess your friendships, your hopes, your wishes, and your dreams. Are they giving you what you want and need? Are you giving enough to those you care about? You might want to rethink your online presence as well and see if it is what you want it to be.

Twelfth House

Venus in retrograde will help your subconscious to regroup and aid your conscious mind even more effectively. Secrets about love and money may come to light now. This includes secret affairs and shady business. This is also the time you may deepen your spiritual beliefs and feel even closer to your guardian angels and Spirit.

Venus Retrograde 2021

Stations retrograde: December 19, 2021

Stations direct: January 29, 2022

Heal Your Heart

Venus in retrograde can be a time of great healing for you and your relationships. This is when she helps nurture you by filling in the empty places in your heart that may have been painful. Let her give you what you’ve been missing in love, relationships, and financial blessings. Venus, retrograde or direct, is all about loving you. Let yourself receive Venus’ gifts of healing, nurturing, and empowering love. With her assistance, you will not only survive this time, but you will also begin to thrive.

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