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My soon-to-be-19-year-old daughter says she see spirits most days and is able to talk to her deceased father sometimes. I want to believe her, but when I ask her to relate a question to him, she says he won’t answer her. First, is this true, can she really talk to spirits? And second, if it is, how can I help her develop her abilities?

Judy in Portland, OR

Dear Judy,

Your daughter certainly appears to me to be the “real deal,” a talented Medium and channel.

There are several reasons why she doesn’t get answers when you give her questions for her father. First, the link between them was set up for her comfort, training and spiritual development, and appears to be like a technological “dedicated line,” and not open for other uses. Next, he also speaks directly to you, and wants you to be open to a direct connection rather than working through your daughter. Finally, your daughter is a little jealous of her connection with her father and may unconsciously be adding to the barriers.

How can you help her develop her abilities?

First, become more comfortable with your own abilities, to the point where you consider your gifts — and hers — to be a natural part of everyday life, something that can be included in mealtime discussions, and something you can puzzle out together occasionally.

Next, let her see that you believe and trust that what she’s telling you is accurate. At the same time, show her by example that it’s also important to exercise good judgment when acting upon information from spirit worlds. In other words, listen, believe and then check with your own intuition — and hers — to see if the information or insights are useful and applicable. Spirit Guides have a different view of our lives, and Angels’ views are even more removed from everyday reality, so it’s up to us to decide whether or not to take their advice or accept their interpretations of events.

And, last, why don’t the two of you take some spiritual development classes together? Whether you’re learning about psychic development, the Law of Attraction or Spirit Guides, it will give you a common experience, a common language and will deepen your bond.

I expect that and your daughter will really enjoy exploring this together.

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