You Inspire Our Psychics Every Day

Our Psychics are Inspired by Their Customers

Sure, you call California Psychics for advice and inspiration. Some of you call often, while others call once in a great while. But every time you connect with one of our psychics, your inspire them. They are inspired by your strength to persevere, by your ability to love and by your compassion. These traits are not that easy to come by, especially in the world we live in which often seems hard and prejudiced, and in your own world, where you have been hurt often and for no good reason. You are an inspiration and we want to acknowledge what you have done for us.

Read what just a few of our psychics have to say about how their customers inspire them:

Psychic Dawn ext. 9777: My Callers are My Best Teachers

“My callers inspire me in more ways that I could even begin to count. To begin with, the word, ‘inspire’ means ‘being in spirit.’ My callers are my best teachers. Their courage, strength, wisdom and grace throughout this often-challenging journey called life, give me the ability to stay ‘in spirit.’ I have never-ending gratitude for the wealth of love and compassion I am taught by my callers every day. We are all one—a reflection of one another in this earthly existence. With each phone call I receive, I am aware that it is an honor and a privilege to be connecting with my callers. You inspire me. You are all radiant beings.”

Psychic Asia ext. 5486: My Callers Help Me Break My Patterns

My clients inspire me greatly! They energize me to strive even harder to give them the best that I have. By helping and encouraging my clients, it has made me step out of my box in my own life. They help me to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes psychics get those ‘mirror readings’ that parallel exactly what is going on in our own lives. And sometimes we give advice that we do not follow ourselves because we can be so stubborn. My clients help me to be less stubborn! They help me break my patterns and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

Psychic Amanda ext. 5605: My Callers Raise the Planet’s Positive Vibrations

“I feel my readings are powerful exchanges of energies where greater things are often created and new heights in my clients’ creativity are reached. As for me, my mood is enhanced and I realize that we are all a part of each other. My clients’ personal success and happiness contribute to raising the positive vibrations of the planet and of all humanity. We all benefit from the happy exchange of positive, loving energies.”

Psychic Regina ext. 5764: My Callers Keep Me Going

“My customers remind me every day that there is always hope and that the human spirit is truly unsinkable. I get to be there at the beginning of new ideas and help my customers nurture them to maturity. I also get to help and encourage them as they go through a tragedy or disappointment and watch them rise from the ashes to find something better. Over and over I have seen someone find the courage to escape from a toxic relationship, get back on their feet, believe in themselves and find the love they truly deserve. Artists, musicians and entrepreneurs share their ideas and enthusiasm with me and I can’t help but get excited for them. Even some of the people who are in the darkest places when they come to me have called back later to let me know about the wonderful changes they have manifested into their lives. Seeing the happily-ever-afters, the good outcomes and the strength and determination of my customers helps me to keep going. It is truly a blessing to get to help someone on their journey from despair to joy.”

30 thoughts on “You Inspire Our Psychics Every Day

  1. Charissa

    Am I gonna get married soon. Before I’m 25 please I hope so. I want one more boy and one girl before 25 is it possible can it happen I love my boyfriend Troy. And I wanna know if he loves me enough to marry me and have babies and more babys and a house a family and our love. To KEEP growing stronger and stronger and our love deeper and deeper. Do you think I can give him all of me and love him enough to trust him and give him all of me sexually emotionally mentally physical. Give him the most amazing part of me I know I m a good wife will it happen for me. Can I finally live and let go and actually be happy for once

  2. joshua toritseju fregene

    Greetings my enviable psychics on here; i sincerely believe having the rare opportunity of meeting you on this medium is very inspiring and very invigorating to say the least. All i desire in life is to have a soul mates who would ultimately nourish me emotionally and perhaps spend the rest of my life with. In the meantime, i wish you the very best in your endeavor’s. Stay bless.

  3. Surender pal

    I do not have date of birth but my son ,s birth is 25 FEB 1991 time 1905 hrs india .
    I wopuld like to know why I am a ex -defence person is deceived by persons whom I belive and work sincely and dignity . lastly my dues also not paid .
    I am 59 years old as per my school certificate . presently not having job … reason
    pls give reply to my mail id .



  5. June

    I have found comfort in the different things I have learned through, tarot, numerology, etc. I just want to find the one person that would love to share what life has to give . A soul mate? Do you have any answers for me?

  6. Bella

    NATA is 4 free except 4 love it it should be free … Everyone has 2 make $$ including ALL psychics 2 be able 2 pay their bills 2 be able 2 survive in this world as it detates it 2 us now .. I think it’s very thoughtful when y’all do share / give FREE advice like ms Quinn does on the weekend forecast BCZ she does not have / need 2 you see .. So In these trying times some things can’t always be 4 FREE … FYI I am 1 of the ones who pays 4 California psychics services FYI BCZ I do believe in their wisdom / insights yes 2 me it’s worth every cent of my own $$$ .. I do pro bono FREE LEGAL work a lot myself BCZ it’s the right thing 2 do BCZ a lot of folks (( KIDS)) can’t afford any legal bills .. Thank you again California psychics BCZ I do take most of your advice / wisdom 2 heart love ya & xoxoxo – ((((ms.quinn)))) thank you LJ , im hearing feeling / you lol lol … All I’m saying us right now I’m just really had it with ALL men BS right now .. I’m not no babysitter oh hell NO I’m not … Your right I needed a cleansing lol lol hey & I’m already on it FYI I spend as much on this 1 website buying what knots & candles as what I do on my Victoria Secret clothes / products shopping budget lol lol .. Yes ms Quinn I’m home from the hospital only 4 days this time whew wee 4 me lol lol … 🙂

  7. Linda G

    I saw you post this evening, thank you.

    This world is full of hurting souls, and I can’t stop my empathetic feelings even when I get the short end. I believe we are all here to help one another, there are so many walking wounded and I am moved by how hungry these souls are to find some sort of truth, why, they don’t have the skills or convictions for their actions and misdeeds. I can’t hold it against them, unconditional love and guidance. That is what is inside of me. There is no doubt in my mind that each and every soul has value,they are all worthy to be loved. If you don’t have anyone to take you by the hand and show you The right path, and where it leads you, then their is no one to keep you from the wrong one. If there’s no one to make you do what is right, then hey why not please self even at the expense of another’s happiness, or the breaking of ones heart. But you have to make choices when you fall victim to intentional betrayal. Ouch….it hasn’t been an easy walk lately, but I choose what I feel I’ve been put on this earth for. To share my light, my love, my heart and my home even at the expense of suffering. I just need to learn to see the signs, and to protect myself from heart ache. My last call in to you. Opened my eyes to an old wound from childhood, I think that is why I am the best for the job. I too had a dysfunction environment . Thank you for showing me how to start the healing, I’m on a mission, I dont know who, or when, but I do know there will always be someone that will be sent to me, and I don’t even think about it, I just know some how what my part is. I’ll always need guidance, and you know who I’ll be calling to help me get my energy level back up, and where I missed the beginning of the end. I’m just a seed planter. There is also great reward when you see walls coming down and trust starting to grow. Sometime somewhere someone else will hopefully connect to those I’ve showed a home to that have moved on and help them to heal and be healthy. Thank you again, you take good care of me, I’m learning too. Have a happy day, you inspire me too. You make it possible for me to know when it’s time for me to rest along this journey we call life. You do help me, thank you for helping me see where to draw the line and cut losses. Hardest lesson yet. Love comes in all shapes in sizes, and I thank you for your commitment to help others in time of need. I feel like I’ m starting to open up to the spiritual realm. Self and others are helping me and I am starting to distinguish self sand the voice or subcontious information that isn’t mine. It’s not easy but I do have fun most of the time. You are good for me, who knows maybe I’m gifted after all Haha. Goodnight

  8. liberty cana

    i met a guy from sweden october 30,2012 after my ex britist guy broke my heart june 9,2012.then my ex filipino husband sometimes visit me….is this three man in my life still in love with me?

  9. marios

    Hi I have no doubt in my mind that you do an excelent work and that you are the healers of many .in this world economy crisis the peopls problems are deepen and you are called upon healing, assisting and even solving problems anseeng by medical doctors !we love you all and from the bootom of my heart as an individual I should pray to get the strength and courage and GOD help you GOD be within you so can excell !!!!!!love mario

  10. Joshua / pieces83Richmond, va

    I m having strange verbrations concerning my past love an Aries83, why!? Im feeling and having dreams and visions of us returning love as one. Is this possible. What does this all mean. Any opinion or comments to help me out. Thanks you all are great.

  11. angeliathompson

    will I get my ssd this nov coming up or money answers and health apporival from ssd and juge.and will I ever find true love again,no drunks,or men like that.i am in desper ways right now no income coming in or anyone supporting me.thanks angie

  12. Stephen Edwards

    To whom it may concern: I have been having some money matter problems that every month it seems I can’t get ahead. And I met this lady that works but it seems to me she just wants me to help her with her bills! Am I wrong? I want to find someone who will love me just for me and what I am.

  13. nancy

    I can’t belive
    you are rght on.
    thank you..
    You knw o much.
    I’m Impressed..
    We cant tun evil into good…thanks so much

  14. Mark

    I have been having serious money issues, Laid off and job search is getting old. Can I get a clue when this will change? I gave up on love long ago, I don’t see it happening…

  15. Tyler Burkett

    This website helped me find my true love. i never would have thought he was right in front of my face. i love him very much and i know he loves me too.

  16. Sharon Barker

    My questions/concerns:
    I retired on July 31, 2013 – My Birthdate is July 31, 1948 (65 yrs)

    1) Special people that died – Is Vernon Ray Rawlings, and Frank Vana watching me! Loved for many years. Is some man looking for me over 60yrs?
    2) I have been lucky at casino’s this summer, will that continue?

  17. ellen hemighaus

    very nice to read the comments. I have read often with Priscilla, also Charlie would they share their thoughts also? great readings I have had with Calif Psychics.

  18. James

    Why cant i/ we ever get anything for free just from the kindness of a persons soul.
    I need guidance/advice and im broke. sometimes i really feel that all this stuff is just a money maker, because i have never gotten free,sound advice. thank you and have a nice day.

  19. Linda

    I soooooo needed to here that from all of you. Going through it. Encouraging words warmed my heart tonight. Thank-you all

  20. counba

    Psychics make me comfortable no matter what situation i am going thru because it is always a hope, a suprise that only psychics can help us to reach out. Really it is no price for your work!!!!!!appreciate you all.


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