Scorpio: The Perfect Sign for You?

Scorpio: Depth and Desire

Compatibility is complicated. And of course there’s more to an astrological match than just a Sun Sign. However, as the aspect of a chart which has the most to say about individual personality, Sun Signs still offer a lot of information. With that in mind (and the Sun entering Scorpio this month), here’s everything you need to know about the sign of the stinger.

If any zodiac sign has a bad rap when it comes to relationships, it’s Scorpio. While these sensitive Water Signs are certainly a lot to handle (and you definitely don’t want to wind up on a stinger’s bad side), what they offer cannot be matched by many lovers—sexually or spiritually. They’ll see into your soul and embrace both the dark and light in you. They’ll shower you with adoration and display loyalty you’d never imagined existed. They’ll make you forget anyone else ever existed while they probe the depths of your mind, body and willingness to connect on an intimate level. That’s exactly where the problem lies for some.

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpios are both warriors and masters of transformation. Endings don’t scare them any more than beginnings do, so they’ll dive in head first if a potential paramour strikes the right chord—though most of them would deny this to be the case, calling themselves reserved, especially once their hearts have been broken. Sure, many Scorpios do exude a reserved, aloof sex appeal. However, there’s nothing cold about this sexy sign, except, perhaps their skills of calculation. Able to assess people’s motivations almost on sight, Scorpios know how to get what they want; which in its lowest form can be manipulative, but at its best is simply very good planning.

“If you are not in a relationship with someone, then love yourself.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178

Likewise, Scorpios don’t take conversation lightly. Whatever you talk about with a stinger will be considered on a fundamental level; it’s their life mission to understand the human condition. This can be heavy for some, daunting or even draining. Be advised: Scorpio is not satisfied with the pithy, frothy or surface in any arena. They work hard, play harder and think hardest. They’ve got opinions about everything and a desire to discuss them. Speaking of which, what you perceive as an argument is probably just a conversation for them. They love a good debate. As you may’ve guessed by now, these people are passionate with a capital P. If that gets you going, there’s no further you can go. If it scares you, even in theory, there’s no far enough place you should run!

“Astrology reveals your aspirations and goals, talents, hopes and wishes, as well as your challenges en route to your goals.” – Psychic Sonja ext. 5071

Finally, it should be no surprise that the stinger’s reputation as the zodiac’s great lover is rightly earned. Whether they have sex with you upon meeting or wait a few dates (It probably won’t be more than three!), there’s no bedroom ground that goes unexplored with Scorpio. If you think it’s hot and heavy at the start—wait until they’ve got you hooked. Intimacy is Scorpios’ language of love and what more intimate act is there than sex? They want to be wanted—may even give more than the want to receive. You can tell them your darkest fantasies and odds are good, they’ll be willing to make them reality. Low sex drive? That’s probably not going to sit well with a Scorpio. Unfaithful? Look out. Scorpio will kill you.

Bottom line: There’s no limit to the intensity you can experience with this Water Sign. The question is, will you be in over your head?!

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7 thoughts on “Scorpio: The Perfect Sign for You?

  1. Ann Thompson


  2. virgo2757

    Very few Scorpio men turn me off. Many, if not most, Scorpio men turn me on, very often for reasons I can’t put my finger on, they just have that certain “something”. If I find myself attracted to a guy and I can’t even tell you exactly why, it comes as no surprise to me if I learn later on that he’s a Scorpio. They’re the poison I gotta have!

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    And, yes, they are the deepest and strongest of the water signs .

    There is a difference between signs of the same ELEMENT.
    For example : Cancer is fluid water…..Scorpio is solid ice…..and Pisces is misty/hazy fog.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Too many Scorpios get a bad rap and are stereotyped as being promiscuous.

    Not true, when a Scorpio truly falls in love, they can be one of the most loyal of all signs in the zodiac.

    Never met a Scorpio that I didn’t like. They are highly intelligent and masters of strategy too…..your world class chess masters, military strategists, analysts, debaters, etc… are generally born under the sign of Scorpio. Many have an IQ high enough to join Mensa.

  5. gabbismom

    This is a very interesting article about Scorpios. My boyfriend(42) is a scorpio but this doesn’t sound like him at all. This line from the article “They work hard, play harder and think hardest. They’ve got opinions about everything.” He doesn’t work hard-he tends to do little, sits on the couch. He doesn’t do anything to ‘play.’ He most certainly doesn’t have opinions on everything. I talk with him or ask questions and there is a blank stare, then says “I don’t know.” He doesn’t want to give more than receive. “Great lover..” HAH! Being intimate wasn’t something that happened even after 3 dates…. it was several months. Sex is a rare occurance.


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