Your Weekend Horoscope: More Than You Deserve?

More Than You Deserve?

Accept the Blessings in Your Weekend Horoscope

Benevolent and expansive Jupiter, activated by both quick-witted Mercury and opulent Venus, can bring a bout of good fortune. However, some people might be inclined to push their luck. Accept the blessing, but don’t spoil it by expecting more than you deserve or by squandering your good fortune. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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A conversation with someone in your professional circle could lead to an improvement in your work situation. You might pick up additional hours or hear about an opportunity. Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver nor to exaggerate your knowledge on the matter at hand.


Your ruler Venus, at odds with expansive Jupiter, inspires you to go too far in a romantic pursuit. You might spend too much money on gifts and expensive dates or you might be too lavish with affection. Your Weekend Horoscope suggests it’s better to pursue an enlightening experience that you will enjoy and remember fondly.


Your ruler Mercury, aligned with benevolent Jupiter, supports you in collaborating with your mate or family to make changes in your living situation. If you’re single, assistance might be available from a bank or another source of support. Don’t be tempted into a pricey arrangement.


A conversation with your significant other could prove very revealing. Your discussions don’t always flow so effortlessly, so be sure to ask questions that will yield the information you really want to know. Just be yourself. Don’t go overboard with trying to make the right impression.


Your skills could prove to be immensely marketable. You don’t need to dress them up or try to make them appear more valuable. Have faith in your abilities. You simply need to demonstrate your proficiency at what you know. This will be more than enough to pave the way to prosperity.


Your ruler Mercury, aligned with benevolent Jupiter, kindles your optimism, enthusiasm and spirit of generosity. Your positive vibe makes you a pleasure to be around and inspires people to do nice things for you. It’s a great time to share a favorite activity with children or a love interest.


Your ruler Venus, at odds with expansive Jupiter, could inspire a false belief that a certain matter will work out magically in your favor. It’s okay to be hopeful, but faith needs to be backed up with action. Mercury, in stable Capricorn, can help you to strategize and make a plan.


Opulent Venus, at odds with expansive Jupiter, could inspire an epic shopping spree that blows your budget. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself in a little luxury, but you should be careful not to go overboard. A look into your finances could help to free up extra cash.


Your ruler Jupiter, aligned with Mercury and Venus, enhances your best qualities and allows you to shine, according to your Weekend Horoscope. Charm will get your foot in the door, but it will take talent to get a seat at the table. Your cleverness could lead to a new opportunity if you put your knowledge and skills to use.


Getting your hopes up about a certain romantic matter could set you up for disappointment. Have a conversation if you really want to know the real deal. Instead of bumming you out, finding out the truth will empower you and allow you to decide upon the best course of action.


Clever Mercury aligned with bountiful Jupiter could attract support for an idea or plan that you have been developing behind closed doors. Accept help, but don’t go overboard with your expectations of what you benefactor should provide. What you receive will be enough.


Your Weekend Horoscope says the blessings of bountiful Jupiter can help your most important friendships and relationships grow through open communication. This allows for greater mutual understanding and respect. You don’t need to boast or put on airs. Give others a chance to know and love the real you.

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