5 Habits That Undermine Your Confidence

Know How to Embrace Confidence and Let Go of What’s Holding You Back!

If you knew there were certain things you did every day that deplete your self-confidence and self-worth, wouldn’t you want to change them? It’ll take work and discipline to think and live differently, but the rewards will be life-altering. Read on for tips on how to improve your quality of life and self-confidence by making more positive choices.

Lack of Appreciation

You’ll never truly enjoy or hold on to anything positive in life if you do not or cannot appreciate it. No matter your good fortune, without appreciation you will always feel dissatisfied, eventually sabotaging anything good you’ve got going. How can you feel good and confident if you don’t feel grateful for your life? Make an effort throughout your day to appreciate the small things as much as the big ones and watch how more secure and at peace with the world you feel!


When you feel the need to over-explain your thoughts, views, choices, etc., you are essentially saying that you need to prove their worth. While some explaining allows us to communicate properly and efficiently with others, going overboard just means you are trying to validate your opinions to others. Instead of seeking outside approval, work on making peace with the person you are and trusting the choices you make.


No one feels good about themselves when they put off projects and responsibilities. Confidence is built through overcoming obstacles, surpassing challenges and reaching goals. When you procrastinate, you let yourself down and set yourself up for failure. Every time you feel the urge to put something off, try powering through it instead, and observe how this leads to powerful feelings of accomplishment and self-confidence.

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Setting Unrealistic Goals

You need to always be realistic about your abilities and expectations. Just as you should challenge yourself to exceed them, so should you love yourself enough to not place yourself in impossible scenarios. If you fall short of your goal every time, you will never believe in yourself! When setting goals, always look to challenge yourself on a smaller scale. The confidence you will build from your achievements will undoubtedly build a more bold and beautiful you!

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Negative Self-Talk

We all have an inner critic, always willing to judge and criticize us, our choices or our perceived shortcomings. Most of us don’t even notice how often this negative self-talk surfaces, because it’s been ingrained in our thinking for so long. Next time you’re feeling negative about a moment in your day, reflect on what thoughts you had before you went to that negative place. Once you learn to recognize your inner judge, you can begin to snuff them out!

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5 thoughts on “5 Habits That Undermine Your Confidence

  1. Jan Evans

    I liked the thing about overexplaining! I find myself doing it because the response I get says the person doesn’t understand but I never thought it was because I needed validation etc.

  2. douglas

    well i did at one time trie to beleave and you all but thares nothing you can tell me about my self that i already know or whats going to happen in my futher 5or6 yeas ago that said that i will meet the woman of my dreams and money but thares nothing you all cant tell me i know you all got to make money but please dont do it on my exspents thank you have a nice day mam


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