How to Manifest Happiness

Acknowledging co-creation is all about opportunity and responsibility. It means permitting your heart to be open to joy. Have you ever experienced a time when you were so “into” what you were doing that you lost yourself in it?

You lost track of time, and it didn’t matter. Isn’t love like that? It often begins with total immersion into another person, but it is really total immersion into our creation, whatever it is in that moment. These are all Leonian qualities, which explains why Leo rules the heart and spine. What comes out of one’s heart and the courage (spine) to openly pursue it? Sooner or later, we are all challenged to blossom.

It helps to take a look at where you are stuck. I am often challenged to review the patterns that keep me from my happiness. I notice how I “accidentally” stumble into “I wish I were doing this.” Or: “I’ll regret that I am still doing that.” I recall those moments in my past when I was totally immersed in a realized dream and in my joy. In all honesty, though, I can also see how I have chosen to resist taking that risk, and opening myself up again.

Without a dream, and a clear, heartfelt goal, there is little meaning. The truth is that the dream points us toward our happiness, but it is our responsibility to make that dream manifest. I find myself always pushing through a natural resistance. Thoughts of “I can’t do this” or “I am not good enough” mostly mask fear of the unknown. As Anais Nin wrote, “The breadth of one’s life is directly proportional to one’s courage.” It’s a thought to keep in mind.

I view life like a highway. We have to make the journey. We choose whether we drive down a two-lane highway, or along an eight-lane freeway. The truth is, life presents us with an infinite number of lanes. My vistas are limited only by my biased perception of myself. It is one thing to know your limitations, and it is quite another to explore your capabilities. We all have gifts – and a purpose. Happiness and peace are worth any risk, and as I continually remind my clients, we must strive to “need nothing, but want everything.” I’m making a seemingly subtle distinction, yet in the final analysis it makes the difference between misery and happiness, weakness and strength.

Have you manifested happiness? Share your thoughts here.

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