Obama Won the Nobel Prize!

President Obama certainly has a lot on his plate…and thank his lucky stars for a Neptune square in his Sun and Mercury. This placement gives him a sensitivity for dissolving boundaries and fostering dialogue – precisely what the Nobel committee was looking for. President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his outreach to the Muslim world as well as his quest to curb nuclear proliferation.

Interestingly, another Peace Prize President, Jimmy Carter, has a square between his Neptune and Moon in Scorpio. Similar to Obama, this placement heightens his desire to help the underpriveledged. Read more about President Obama and Jimmy Carter’s astrology here.

One thought on “Obama Won the Nobel Prize!

  1. Aurelia

    Hi. My name is Aurelia, my name in a past life in Ancient Rome. My specialty is Reincarnation. Here is what i know about Barack Obama:
    He was Augustus Caesar. Truth. He was Ancient Rome’s handpicked successor to Julius Caesar (pronounced Kayzer). Obama is right in character and appearance with whom he was before, a superhuman leader who arrived on the scene just in time to pull Rome out of the chaos it fell into after the famous assassination on the Ides of March. Augustus Caesar ruled Rome for 40 years.
    Because of who Obama is, it is fair to predict he will win a second term. His wife Michelle was his sister, Octavia, back in Ancient Rome. She came back as his wife, which is why they look so similar. I think she is gorgeous and inspirational. Barack and Michelle are Spirit Twins (as distinguished from soul mates). This is their last time together on this plane, and both are eager to leave their legacy.


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