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Over 100 years ago, during the Spiritualist movement, the best science of the day viewed atomic structure like little solar systems with electrons orbiting the nucleus. Many in the scientific community actually believed that there was nothing else to learn about reality. It is amusing to note that this bold statement was made prior to air travel.

One could still buy live leeches at any drug store, to bleed out the evil spirits from a person’s body. Arthur Koestler addresses the many incorrect assumptions delivered by the scientific community throughout history in his book The Sleepwalkers. The highly esoteric teachings of the occult traditions presented a completely different view of reality. Science is finally catching up.

We exist in a vast sea of vibration. It is not incorrect to view the frequency of vibration as “spiritual light.” Today, one can actually view an atomic crystal, and under extreme magnification all that one sees is rings of vibration. Scientists used to believe that the atom was an extremely dense substance. We know that atomic structure is literally empty, and the illusion of solidity is nothing more than powerful vibratory force.

Several years ago a prominent bio-molecular chemist began a research project having to do with homeopathic medicine. His aim was to prove through his expertise that homeopathy was nonsense. What he discovered surprised him. His efforts revealed that many of the weak homeopathic formulas operate on a cellular level to actually alter the resonant frequencies of the cells. It is safe to assume that many of the compounds are specifically designed to strengthen the cells resistance to various viruses and bacteria. Yet, this is only one example of how we may influence our own frequency.

Everything that we do, think and feel changes our vibration. We vibrate high or low in various areas of our experience. It is no coincidence that all of the spiritual disciplines somehow relate to achieving control over the levels at which we vibrate. Notice how the senses either raise or lower our vibration. Sound and color therapies play on our vibration levels as well. Happiness and sadness directly impact our body’s vibration level – consequently, affect our overall health.

So how is a person to maintain a consistently high level of vibration while enduring all of the stressful vagaries that life presents?

What are you emotionally attached to, and why? Do those attachments create stressful or positive energy levels for you? Are you hanging on to dreams – or reality? Feeling pain is a very low vibration, and normally one’s response is not geared toward happiness, but merely the cessation of the pain.

I hear this all the time. “I can’t turn off my emotions…” “I don’t want to feel this pain…” “I can’t help it…” I do understand. I have been there, and done that. The answer for me has been a shift in my commitment. I am no longer committed to not feeling pain. In fact, bring it on, if that is what I need to pass through to know happiness. I am now committed to my happiness, thus my high level of vibration. Even the lowest of animals will avoid pain.

We are so much more. We all deserve the abundance of the universe. Demand it of yourself and the universe will comply. Above all else, commit to this high frequency, and make no mistake, it is God’s light.

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