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I’m a single mother of three children. My life is like a broken record, with love, money and my family (not the children)! I have to stop this cycle! Sometimes I feel like it’s already too late. How do I break the chain? Can you please tell my spirit guides to help me? I don’t want my children to go through what I did. Can you please help point me in the right direction?


Laura in Michigan


PS: Please, just be straight with me!

Dear Laura,

Don’t despair! It’s definitely not too late for you to stop the cycle, and while there’s no question that you have experienced a long period of grueling circumstances, over the next 12 months you’ll be coming into your own in many ways.

This coming year will be an opportunity for you to look carefully at your life and your beliefs and discard or revise anything which doesn’t represent who you are and what kind of a life you want to create for yourself. Use this time of endings and new beginnings well, and you’ll be able to operate from a sense of inner strength and stability which you have not felt until now – except when you’re acting on behalf of your children.

These very week benevolent seeds of change are being planted in your life, and while your experience so far hasn’t made it easy to be optimistic, right now – certainly through the rest of September – is an excellent time to start learning the art of being alert to positive possibilities. As your Guides say: Your past is not your future!

I’ll be very straight with you and say that even though positive change is in the works, this year may well seem challenging for you. However, if you pay attention you’ll soon see that it’s a different kind of challenge, and if you roll up your sleeves and learn what you have to learn, I promise you’ll look back later and see that this year was the beginning of a better life, one that’s more truly your own.

There was no need for me to tell your Spirit Guides you could use their help! They’re available, ready and longing to help you, but have been frustrated by the fact that you tend to discount or ignore their main way of communicating with you right now – through your feelings!

It can be a real challenge in the middle of an emotionally stressful life to quiet yourself enough to hear and learn to understand your inner voice and the quiet messages of your Spirit Guides, but it’s worth it! In addition to learning to trust inner wisdom and intuition, which can take some time and practice, you can accomplish a lot by building a working relationship with your Guides.

Talk to them, don’t assume they’ll magically know what you want and need! In your head, on paper, aloud in an empty house, in the car on the way to work, however you do it, talk about your hopes, dreams, emergency needs and long-term goals. Ask them questions and then be alert for answers in the form of feelings, or new opportunities, or a passage in a book, or a stranger saying something that rings a bell of recognition within you.

There are plenty of resources to help you work consciously with Spirit Guides using automatic writing and other techniques, in the California Psychics newsletter and blog, and elsewhere, but your Guides seem to feel that you already have the best tools, and it only remains for you to learn to recognize and trust them.

Don’t forget this most important message from your Guides, Laura – your past is not your future!

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