Love Worth Waiting For

Love wait

Have you ever been in a romantic situation that inspires the well meaning people around you to continuously moan, “Give up,” “You’re wasting your time,” or “They’re just not into you!” Yet a voice deep within your otherwise-sensibly beating heart tells you that someday, against all odds, you will be together – at least for a while. Read More!

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  1. Sea Turtle

    Yes, Siobhan,
    There is a plan for sure…
    Just wish the otehr person didn’t have so much to do with it..but then again..maybe they don’t!!??

  2. Sea Turtle

    Hi RG,
    Yes, I am trying…funny thing though I’ve felt like calling him teh past couple of days…and that is not usually something that I struggle with…I have a lot of will power…LOL!
    Maybe after reading my journal and sharing with Brown Eyes it stirred things up…
    Glad you’re at peace.
    Oh well..time will tell!
    In the meantime…let’s live life!

  3. browneyes

    Hi Lily, I’m in the same boat as you too. I have also been told not to contact this man. I was stupid and did some time ago. And I manipulated things and interfered til I really messed things up. Dont know if things will ever recover but I, like some of the others, am trying really hard to just let go and move on. I have been told that there will be something in October also. At least a start and also been told that we will be together by the end of the year, or at least together enough that I will have an idea of what is going on with us. Because right now nothing is going on with us, lol. No contact, no talk, no emails, nothing. It kills me but I just have to get my mind on other things. I have started playing a lot of poker online at the free games. Its fun and it does seem to be a distraction. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get good enough and enter the WSOP one of these days and come out a winner. If Im gonna dream, I may as well dream big, right? Good luck to you Lily, I hope to hear a positive update from you soon.
    your newest friend,

  4. siobhan

    Hi Lily!
    Oh yeah, it’s hard. Sometimes I think the holdup is to teach me patience! But really I know that he is just not ready for me. I have doubts sometimes that he ever will be able to get through this early midlife crisis, but then I have to step back and remind myself that if he is not ready then he would only make me miserable and that the universe is protecting me from him until he can deal with himself and me honestly. Time will tell!

  5. RG

    Hi Lily,
    Just came across your post. Funny you mention it, I’m in the exact same boat. But I’ve been told I can’t contact the person, he will call me, before Thanksgiving (OCT 11). But lately the timelines have been hinting towards Oct 3/09…the wait game is deadly…..but make sure you keep busy. Time will go by so much quicker.
    Keep Smiling,

  6. RG

    Alot easier said than done, I have my weak moments too. But they are far more seldom now than 3 months from now
    **I meant 3 MONTHS AGO**

  7. RG

    Hi Fran,
    I read your posts and they always make me laugh…thanks for your wonderful insight.
    YES! Very true…..what we want hasn’t changed, its what we’re doing in the meantime that makes the world of a difference. As we’re waiting for someone/something…lets not forget we have a life to live. So enjoy it while we can.
    Alot easier said than done, I have my weak moments too. But they are far more seldom now than 3 months from now. Everything will work out for everyone….i truly believe that. You all are such wonderful people, that there WILL BE great things in store for all of you.
    I wish everyone much love, strength and patience…
    Keep Smiling
    p.s. Curious to see what name you come up….hahahha

  8. Fran

    Hi RG,
    I just wanted to say that I think you are so right! Life is soooo much more peaceful when we “let go.” It’s taken me a long time to realize this. But since I’ve let go of the outcome, I feel so much more peaceful inside. Oh, I still WANT the outcome (hehe!) but I’m not stressing over it like I used to. I’m just enjoying each moment as it comes.
    I hope things work out for you with “DS” (we’ll have to come up with a nickname for him too….I’ll work on it!)
    Hugs to you,

  9. RG

    HI ST,
    I’m glad my email made you smile, no need to thank you. I’m really hoping for you and wish that you get what you want in life. There is something good out there for all of us, let it be “Oldee” for you or “DS” for me. Right now, we may feel we’re at dead end, but you never know what lies ahead of us that we can’t even see.
    I think its a fantastic thing that you’ve decided to let go. There is soo much internal peace when you’ve decided you’ve had enough. And just let life happen……IF EVERYTHING IS NOT OK…THEN ITS NOT THE END!!…I truly believe this.
    In the meantime, have fun and enjoy your life. We’re never going to get the present back again.
    Keep Smiling,

  10. Lily

    I am still waiting for someone.(lets call him Ted) I get the distinct feeling timing is crucial. At a certain point in October, I have the go ahead to contact this person (Oct 9). I pray things work out. I actually had a client in similar circumstances as my own. The universe has a funny sense of humor.
    I hope Jesse and myself can figure this one out. The CP readers are awesome. Anyone have this situation?

  11. siobhan

    Yes, I wish people could sense that I do not want to talk about it, especially because the perspective they have is not the whole picture. I know more about what’s going on beneath the veneer than they do, but I just have to try to ignore it and trust that the universe has a plan and things will work out the way they are supposed to in the long run. It’s hard. Thank you!

  12. browneyes

    ST, Dont you dare apologize for not asking how I was doing the other day. Shame on you. I am doing better and better every day sweetie pie. I am still thinking of you know who but not as often and I am truly focusing on other things. I got so much cleaning done yesterday and maybe the post I sent got posted at one of the other blogs. Not sure which one I sent it to but it was either Predictions Update or Customer Roundtable.
    The only thing new is this. I did have a prediction come true concerning a date I was given, but it turned out to be a negative thing and not “J” that contacted me, it was his daughter. But Donna said she thought the next significant date that she gave me would be more positive so we will see. But I was really surprised that this contact from his daughter did come on the exact date that she gave me.
    And the guy I have been seeing off and on all summer…..I had started to think he had lost interest in me except as a friend. I stopped calling or messaging him unless he contacts me first, then I would talk and be friendly. Well, he called this morning and in the course of our conversation I kind of let him know in a nice way that I was really tired of the dating stuff and the letdowns that come along with it. He let me know that I am still on his mind and still in the running for his affections when he is ready to really committ. This guy is serious about finding a wife but he is not out of school yet as he is going for a degree and wants that finished before marrying. But he is really taking the whole thing seriously and wants to make the right decision because he truly wants it to be forever. He said he didnt want any misunderstandings between us or our friendship to be damaged because of his indecision. I told him I thought it was a good idea for him to shop around and be sure of who he really wanted to share his life with. I felt good about telling him that. The distance between us doesnt help the matter any but he has already mentioned a vacation when we have the time. So maybe I have learned something after all, patience. I believe if I give this man time to sort through, he will eventually come to me. I think he is the one that popped up unexpectedly in a reading not long ago. I never mentioned him but Pamela did. She described him and said he was falling in love with me, of course it would be later when I know for sure and it sure seems to be looking that way. Im gonna handle this differently, Im not waiting or thinking about it. Im just living my life and if he comes to me I will have landed one of the best catches around. He truly is a wonderful man. Maybe this is the man Jesse told me about so long ago. Even now I do think I would have to think twice about choosing “J” over this man “G”. Funny huh? Maybe this is truly predictions coming to fruition. And “G” has already proposed twice in a joking way when he is fed up with online stuff as we all do now and then.LOL. Time will tell. Have a great day ST.

  13. Sea Turtle

    So sorry..sometimes I wish well meaing people would just keep informaiton to themselves…unless of course we ask…
    I did not ask last week…and was so upset that I’ve really just given up…too much for me.
    BUT…glad the baking and bake sale went well…
    Hope you’re not too down…

  14. siobhan

    Thank you! I think that in part due to your positive energy it went quite well. Sadly I also got more than I bargained for in the information department concerning my errant soulmate, but I am focusing on the good we did instead!
    Thanks for your support!

  15. USMC

    Hey Gina,
    Hope all is well. I didn’t know you had a birthday awhile ago that is if I read the post right. Well happy birthday :)- I notice that your not ont tonight, I was going to try to get in oh well… Things seem to going very, very slow. No emails or anything lately from her. It’s like everthing stopped and she’s in no where land again or out with others as I mentioned before. I will try to get on with you asap maybe then you may have some insight.
    Thanks Gina,

  16. Sea Turtle

    HI Siobhan!
    Well…I love to bake and am pretty good at it…SOOOO…am sending you “good bkaing energy”…!!!
    I LOVE animals…and have adopted two from the shelter here…adopted one from one of my children’s friends (she only lived with me for two years, she was very old,) We laugh about it though-her name was Lucy and when she came here she was old and smelly and dirty and had long nails and never got any exercise…so I took her to be groomed, took her for walks every day, and she got tons of TLC…her “retirmenet years” were very pleasant! She was so afraid of storms…each time there is a thunder storm I think of her and miss her.
    SO now, I have three dogs and a cat and am crazy …and i do mean …crazy in love with them all…I’m one of those “animal lovers” that some make fun of…
    Oh well, I could have worse habits!!
    I spoke to “Nudee” last night…he is just so nice and easy to talk to…so, we’ll see what happens…
    Hope your bake sale was a success!
    Happy Weekend!

  17. siobhan

    Hi ST,
    I feel the same way — what is wrong with these men and why are they so far behind? I get an image of all of us hanging out on our paths, checking our watches and waiting for them to catch up.
    Anyway, for the immediate future I need a little positive energy. I work for a company that does a lot of charity work, and my chosen charity is the Humane Society because I love animals. I am holding a bake sale tomorrow morning and am not the best baker. I have chosen the simplest recipe I can find, but I could use the best energy I can get from everyone so that I do not unintentionally make anyone sick!! Please? Thanks!!!!

  18. Sea Turtle

    Brown Eyes,
    I’m sorry..I was focusing so much on my own stuff…that I forgot to ask how you’re doing…you mentioned in your email that you were having a tough time too…
    I hope that you’re feeling better..I felt much better today…
    I can’t imagine waiting six years…oh, man…
    Anything new…?

  19. Sea Turtle

    HI RG,
    You’re email made me smile..”thank you” so much for your uplifting words!
    I know that I need to “let him go” for my own peace of mind..he has taken up way too much time in my mind and heart and been too much of a distraction to me.
    I absolutly know that Gina Rose is accurate…I just wonder how it’s all impacted by a person such as “Oldee” Gina Rose stated on a different blog…he does seem to be a “slow learner”…
    He is on that dating site cruising around any time that I check into it..whcih is amazing as he is a physician and one would NOT think he would have so much free time…
    He seems a bit old to be behaving the way in which he does…and I don’t believe that he is happy…
    BUT, it also doesn’t look as if “he gets it” or is willing to really look at his life and face the fact that what he’s doing just isn’t working…
    SO, I can’t let him take me down with himself…
    I choose to be happy and content…I want a real life,committed, monogamous life partner…and do NOT want to be part of his shallowness…
    He does not live his life with conviction or with integrity…and even if he were to call me…HE WOULD NEED TO DO A 360 turn to prove to me that he was sincere…
    So, after I answer all of my friends sweet and loving emails..I’m not going to be talking about him anymore.
    (Gina Rose may not get off the hook so easily as I may still need to call her from time to time to get me over any hurdles..LOL..sorry Gina Rose)…LOL!
    But, I am going to at least TRY like crazy to “let him go”…
    I hope that things in your life work out JUST as if you hoping for!
    Thanks so much for caring…

  20. Sea Turtle

    Hi Brown Eyes!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    You are just so sweet…and I agree with you on it all!
    For me, I know I just need to “let him go” and move on…he has drained me so much…too much of a distraction…and wouldn’t it be an irony if he doesn’t even think of me at all…????
    I mean, from what I know of “Oldee”..he goes after what he I think I have been hanging onto a fantasy…and for that alone…I feel foolish. 🙁
    So, after answering all of my sweet friends emails…about “HIM”…I’m not going to be talking about him anymore.
    The only time you’ll be hearing about him again is if he actually does call me..and at that point..MAYBE I WON”T WANT TO ANSWER!!!
    Would be a big decision to go down that road again..especially once I do the work to get him out of my mind and heart…
    Each time I thought of him today..I said to myself,..”oops…no room in my mind or heart for him..and dismissed those thoughts…we’ll see how successful I actually am…BUT, I am going to TRY!
    And, you’re right…we must be strong and whole on our one else…even in a good relationship…can or should be responsible for our individual happiness and peace…that my friend is something we all need to work on individually…
    I am lonnely as my girls are grown…and most of my friends are married or in a relationship…BUT, at the same time, I know a lot of good has come out of the time that I have spent alone.
    And, everything considered..I am OKAY…and I do like who I am when I close my eyes at night or look into the mirror…
    Have not heard from “Nudee” in two days and I miss hearing from him…BUT, at this point we are just building a friendship..and if he were here…I might move to fast as a it’s good he lives 1000 miles away!!!
    Let’s stay on our healthy eating/weight loss/ kick and just take care of ourselves and encourage one another..we all have “STUFF” to deal’s just part of life…and we are so lucky to have found each other to share with and to talk with and to encourage each other!
    Love you and love all on here!

  21. Sea Turtle

    Hi Siobhan,
    So nice to “meet” you!
    Thank you for the beautiful note…it seems to be loaded with truth and wisdom…I do agree with what you said.
    For me, I am choosing to move on and to try to forget about “Oldee”…I need to as I feel as if he has been a drain to my energy for long enough now.
    Now, in my heart, I would say there is still a part of me that is hoping that what Gina Rose in particular has said will manifest…BUT, I just have to let him go…
    I pray that in your case that all that you are hoping for does come to fruition. You sure do sound like a beautiful and special woman (as do all of us on the way..hmmm…what’s up with these “men”?) LOL!
    He told me last December that he was confused and kind of drifting..and it seems as if still is…and perhaps he is not willing to do the work that he needs to do in order to be whole…casual sex with one after the other..can NOT be very fulfilling…I don’t know…maybe men are different…?(he’s closer to 60 than 50)
    In fact, any men reading this out there? I would invite you to comment so perhpas I/we can understand a man’s point of view…????
    Again Siobhan, thank you so much for your sweet and insightful email. It really does mean a lot to me.
    Sending you a hug,

  22. siobhan

    Hi Fran!
    It’s a lot easier to give advice than to take it, that’s for sure! I know what I should do, I just am having a hard time practicing it myself. It’s a work in progress for sure!
    As for my guide, she was my imaginary playmate when I was little and at some point in my adulthood (I can’t remember how) I realized that she was my guide. After I got divorced and moved into my own place I got to a quiet space where I could listen more clearly to my intuition. Verbena suggested that I start journaling, and ask questions and write whatever comes to mind. It’s not easy for me to meditate and quiet my own mind, but I am working on it and sometimes feel certain that I am getting through to her because the answers don’t seem like something I would say myself. Other times I feel I am just imagining it. I would love love love to be clairaudient so that I could just have a conversation in the “normal” sense with her, but I have to just go with my feelings for now. Maybe one day!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  23. Fran

    Hi Siobhan!!
    I loved your advice to Sea Turtle. You are such a very wise woman. Gina Rose told me once that sometimes the one we love is not at the same level that we’re on, and they still need time to learn. Until they’ve reached that point, we’ve got to sit tight and wait. Earlier I wrote that I was told that things aren’t as they appear to be. Even though sometimes it seems impossible, I’ve been reassured that it IS NOT impossible, and I’ve got to remain positive, live my life for myself, and have faith. Well, I’ve been doing that, and it’s working. I think I’ve finally found that state of Grace….I’m sincerely thankful for everything in my life….all of it, good and bad. And I’ve detached from the outcome as a result, and it feels good! I’m letting God and the Angels handle it from now on!!! (Who could ask for a better team?) 🙂
    I would love to hear more from you about your own Guide, and how you learned to communicate with him/her.
    Gotta run and pick up my daughter from school, then we’re off to the orthodontist. Talk to you soon!

  24. siobhan

    Hi Sea Turtle,
    I know we haven’t talked, but I have read your posts and feel a kinship with you and your situation. As RG said, we are all in the same boat with slight differences. In my case, my soulmate up and married someone half my age just to prove a point. If there was ever external evidence that I should give up hope, that should have done it. But my readings continue to be hopeful, as does the information I get from my own Guide. Sometimes people have to go off on different paths to be able to be in the right place spiritually and emotionally for it to work. If “Oldee” is still cruising dating sites, then he is not in the place where you need him to be. You can still love him and let him go at the same time. I have been working on this myself! But that doesn’t mean you have to give up all hope either. Destiny is delicate, but resilient. I still believe that if it is meant to be, the opportunity will present itself again and then YOU can choose what you want.
    Take care,

  25. RG

    Good Morning Sea Turtle…..
    My heart goes out to you…but I feel your at a point in life that your able to look beyond “Oldee” and look at whats most important….YOU!
    Listen to your heart, and what Gina Rose says to you. She’s pretty good at what she does, and if she says he’s coming around, then he’s going to be coming around. Sheesh, they are men after all, they don’t stop for directions lol, he’s probably just lost 🙂
    In the meantime, I’d say channel your thoughts/energy into something else and before you know it that phone will ring.
    Don’t feel you wasted your time and definetly DO NOT feel embarrased at all. You deserve the best and will get it. We’re all in the same boat, with minor differences. So we can all relate to you, and your situation.
    To “forget him” is a good plan of action, less we think about it, the more likely it is that it will happen, right?
    I’ve learned that along the way.
    I wish you much luck and strength….and can’t wait for your post where you tell all of us that “oldee” called……:)
    Keep Smiling,

  26. RG

    YES Gina,
    I remember what we discussed and have every intention of going along with your advice. I’d be completely lost without you, Thank you so very much for your friendly, accurate and percise predictions….and a HUGE thank you to your guides for being so patient and understanding 🙂
    Keep Smiling

  27. browneyes

    Hi ST, I am so sorry you are feeling so bad and believe me I know exactly how you feel. It must be something in the stars cause I am feeling the same way. I have gotten so many readings telling me he would realize and have an epiphany of some sort and see that he should be with me. Who knows how long that could take? I read the post from Norma the other day and thought how awful it must be to wait for 6 years for something that still hasnt happened. Well, I dont have that long to wait. And I wont. Ive been told I would know something by the end of this year but I have decided that if this man had any sense at all, he would never have walked away from me. I was the only real thing he ever had in his life as far as real unconditional love, the one that could have lasted forever. Im worth more than he will ever know, and so are you. I know I kind of bragged not long ago about 3 men talking to me and all, well Im only talking to one of them now and its only a friendship thing. He is still looking around so I dont message or call him at all anymore. He contacts me if there is any at all. I refuse to be the doormat anymore and I am focusing on me, my family, my beautiful grandson and my home. If any of these positive predictions ever do come true then it will be a nice surprise, but Im not holding my breath any longer. I am happy for those that have seen things come to fruition or even the starting of those things. But I have to tell you this, the mean part of me hopes that “J” never finds love again as long as he lives, cause I want him to experience the day that he regrets leaving me. I know that is negative but its the woman in me that was scorned and thrown aside that makes me feel that way.
    Keep your chin up ST, I love you even if “D” cant see what a wonderful woman you are. I think we will both find someone to love us but I am giving up on the passion and strong emotions that I felt that one time in my life. I am also seeing it as a learning experience that will make me more grounded the next time around. I will not let myself get so wound up in another man that I lose sight of myself. I will be happy and productive and I dont need someone else to make me happy, I will so that myself. When that lucky man finds me, he will only add to my happiness, not be the source.
    Be encouraged ST and I will be here for you anytime. Message me here at this blog or Predictions Update or Customer Roundtable as these are my three main blogs that I check each morning and evening.
    Luv ya girl.

  28. Sea Turtle

    HI RG,
    FRAN, Brown Eyes, Cubes, Gina Rose, Miss Krystal, Jesse, Amor, Panda, Lystra and all my friends..
    Thanks for your sweet and encouraging note…(notes)
    I’m so glad for you RG…you seem like an awesome woman!
    You know, I’m wondering if there was “anyhting real” about my relationship with “Oldee” or perhpas I made it more than it really was…
    When I met him, I had just gotten out of a bad and loveless (and passionless ) marriage…the markets were bottoming out…I had lost most of my money and real estate holdings…and then “HE” came along…maybe I just used him as an escape…and maybe I made “it” into more than it really was…
    I think it’s time for me to take my head out of the sand and just try to “FORGET ABOUT HIM”…
    IF, he cared about me, IF he wanted me…he would be coming after me…sounds as if he has moved on…and so must I.
    I’m just not normally such a stupd woman..and I feel so embarassed for thinking about him..and for thinking he really would want to be with me…and for wasting so much time and energy..
    I was so depressed today that I didn’t work…was difficlut to do anything…but I did take the “boys” for a walk as they really, really need to exercise…and I found a sand dollar and a conch shell (not alive..) so I brought two beautiful treasures home to add to my collection.
    Please say a prayer for me, because even if it was just a “fantasy”…I am kind of sad to say goodbye to “whatever it was”…and I do feel a loss..
    Thanks all,

  29. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi RG….
    Well….I’m happy you are smiling….because now, so am I !!!
    OK…hang in there….remember what we discussed….
    Hugs…Gina Rose ext.9500

  30. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi browneyes,
    Here is the response to the question you posed to me :
    Speaking for myself…I see things much deeper than the client does…
    I get a yes or a no in the first few minutes of the first reading….my Guides are very consistent…
    In fact, I’m not much concerned about what is happening in the present….I keep my eye on the future,…
    *****it is the final outcome I’m known for…..
    ******everything leading up to the final outc ome is a learning process for ALL soul/entities involved.
    I hope this helps….
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  31. RG

    Hi ST……I haven’t been following much on the blogs lately, just been so busy with work and all the other stuff life has to bring.
    Funny you mention giving up. I gave up on Monday…completely gave up. To the point that I had asked my friends never to bring up “his” name around me and that the chapter was closed. Heck, I had even switched to a whole other book. And before you know it, he called me 2 days later on Wednesday. I was shocked, and my jaw hit the floor because Gina was always 101% sure that he would. And he did……my faith has been restored and am starting to take one day at a time.
    Now that I see predictions coming true, I’m not a stress case that I used to be. I’m just letting life happen….
    Sister, there is hope for ya. Hang in there, but keep living life. You have so much to live for and appreciate, and WHEN he comes around, it will be the last piece to that puzzle. You’ll feel like you never had a “break” with him. ITs alot easier said than done…..but if you get a chance to speak with Gina (she’s such a busy gal) she will totally put things in perspective and give you a new approach to deal with this issue.
    It’ll be worth the wait…trust me!
    We’ve been in touch via text message once since….but thats about it. I’m sure he’s going to call when he’s got it all together. Hopefully, we’ll be dating again soon….fingers crossed.
    You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sending you strength and patience.
    Keep Smiling,

  32. RG

    Thanks for the conversation last night, Gina….your always a breath of fresh air.
    Glad we could catch, and you could give me some more valuable insight.
    I’m looking forward to the next few days, like you said.
    I’ll be sure to be in touch with you.
    Till then have a fantastic week……much love.
    Keep Smiling,

  33. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Browneyes,
    Hello there! Thanks for your question. What I wrote was about my own style only and, something I have been working on and developed through almost 20 years of professional experience. I can only speak for myself.
    Not with every client, but with a lot, sometimes, especially in waiting periods, or major moments of crisis, I will say,”This psychic can see what the outcome could be, but the client has to do the work suggested in order to get to the desired outcome.”
    Bascially, my clients have to use their free will energy and believe that my path is realistic and has the best points for departure in order for them to achieve their goal. However, there should be some type of “click” for the client when hearing my messages in a reading, and does make sense to them.
    However, I do not discourage you to get other readings from others here at CP. This helps you develop your free will energy, and if you feel that my tips and suggestions fit your situation the best, in order to arrive at your deepest desired outcome, then my guidance will be applied. Or, as a lot of my clients have used and still use other readers, sometimes they call, and say, “I wanted to talk to you, specifically, on this one issue because you were the one who saw blah blah blah and you were right.”
    Most of my testimonials are people who worked with me and applied my guidance to their situation. That would be a psychic success. 🙂
    I hope that helps.
    Make it a great day! Good to hear from ya! Blessings,
    Miss Krystal

  34. Norma

    I think I can speak for the waiting game. I started reading with CP back in 03. My heart tells me and 90% of the ones I have read with on here concur that this thing will come about. Its been almost 6 years now. I have finally let go of the situation and am just going to let it have its own wings. I can only fly for myself. Jessie Appreciate your writing the article . Also all the input i have received and guidance ..and mainly when the outside has told me no way you guys say yes. YOu havent been wrong before on shorter things… thanks AK Jean

  35. Sea Turtle

    Hi Jesse,
    I like what you said and it makes sense…
    I don’t seem to be geting anything out of “Oldee”…no calls nothing…
    And yet, I have read with Gina Rose and Miss Krystal and they both seem to think he will call and Gina Rose is quite certain that he and I will be together…
    So, I have conflicting feelings…
    How are you? I haven’t been able to get on your blog for a month now and lately haven’t been able to access any of the blogs!!
    Sending you a hug,

  36. Sea Turtle

    Hi RG,
    Thanks for sharing your update with is encouraging to hear…
    I have just about given up that my “Oldee” will call…although there is a part of me that is still hoping…
    How did the call go? Are things progressing the way you would like them to?
    Did you speak to a particular psyhcic? I think I might remember reading that it was Gina Rose?
    Hope things work out the way that you want them to!

  37. Sea Turtle

    Good question that you asked Miss Krystal…would be very interested in the answer…
    Maybe Gina Rose and other psychics would jump in…???
    Thanks for asking and thanks in avance for answering..

  38. Karen

    Hi Jessie,
    How does one know when they have overcome the challenges and are nearing the rewards. Based on the hurdles I am jumping over: the race has to be ending soon, but I see no end in sight. Will I be going to Texas in 45 days or less? Is is that the right choice? How do I get that inner voice to speak loudly?

  39. browneyes

    Hey Jesse, Havent heard from you in a while. Bet you’re glad to be back home in this great state of Texas. I have a haunted place for you and I plan to go there as soon as I can get someone to go with me. It is in Jefferson TX. A hotel from long ago called the Excelsior. It is said to have a room or two that is haunted and cool spots in the hallway. There have been many famous people stay there and it has the most quait little courtyard where Lady Bird Johnson used to sit and relax. Its great and furnished with antiques. The only drawback is a shared bathroom, lol. But I do want so badly to stay there sometime. I went there with this guy to tour the little historic section of town once and we went into the hotel. We had planned to stay there but there were no vacancies when we went so I will have to make reservations ahead of time. But you can check it out online by going to Jefferson TX online and it should bring up some information on the historic section of town. I have some pics of the place I will try to download here sometime so you can see if you cant find it online. Or I will try to get a link for you if you need it. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Hugs to my soul sister, lol.

  40. browneyes

    I hope you can answer this Miss Krystal. You said this:
    The first is to see realization of what is really going on-My clients get results simply because we deal with reality. The waiting is the hardest part, however. That is a journey in itself. That is when we need to keep the faith! If there is a way “in” I will usually find it.
    Miss Krystal
    Now, my question: If we get an answer from our psychics that we connect with of a very positive outcome but things are looking so negative to us as to the things that are happening now, what is the reality? Is it what we are actually seeing that is going on now or do our psychics see the deeper things that we cannot see on the surface? Does this question make sense to you? Example: If someone is told there will be contact but the person in question is absolutely refusing contact, what is the reality? Not asking for a reading but just clarification. Thank you. And I want you to know I am feeling stronger everyday. Still waiting of course but living my life and thinking of taking on some new things. I even hit my first golf ball the other day,lol, I actually hit it. Broke the tee when I did but I at least made the ball go. Now if I can get some air under that ball maybe I will be on my way to a new pass time. I will be looking for your reply. Have a wonderful day all.

  41. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jesse,
    Thank you for the b-day wishes….I responded to you ( somewhere in here, LOL )……are you all unpacked yet ????
    Bet you are glad to be back home.
    Have a great week….Gina Rose ext.9500
    Still going thru estate stuff….will take months, but am making headway….slow but sure.

  42. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi RG,
    I posted back to you in another section…don’t know if you saw it….
    Thank You for your kind words and testimonial…. TypePad has not notified me ,for a few weeks now, of postings….so I happened to catch up with you in here to thank you.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    Keep smiling !!!!!

  43. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    The first is to see realization of what is really going on-My clients get results simply because we deal with reality. The waiting is the hardest part, however. That is a journey in itself. That is when we need to keep the faith! If there is a way “in” I will usually find it.
    Miss Krystal

  44. Fran

    Hi Jesse!!!
    How’s everything deep in the heart o’ Texas? Have you gotten a chance to visit any of those haunted sites yet??
    That’s one reason I’m writing to you. Yes, this blog is about love, but I was feeling immense love this morning when something that I think you’ll find interesting happened to me.
    I was coming back home this morning after dropping my daughter off at school, and I was feeling very grateful to the Universe for this new sense of peace that has come over me. I’ve been in a state of gratitude lately, and not worrying about any outcomes. As I was nearing my driveway, I was thanking the Universe for this peaceful feeling (and the wonderful LACK of anxiety) when suddenly, my car was filled with the lovely fragrance of oranges! (I even turned off the radio so I could smell it better!! LOL!! LOL!!) I opened the window to see if the aroma was coming from outside, but it wasn’t. My very first impression was that it was my Grandfather. I can remember him sitting at the dining room table on a Sunday afternoon after we had finished dinner, and he’d be eating an orange.
    Do you think it was him sending hugs and kisses?
    Sending hugs & kisses your way,

  45. RG

    Hi There,
    I came across this blog and thought I’d post an inspirational message to help others in similar situations. I just had a prediction come true this past week. I’ve been waiting for “this man” to call me since July, and last Monday I decided to stop waiting and just let life happen. He called me on that Wednesday. It seemed like he never would and I was confused as to how he would just pick up and make that call but he did. Now I’m certain that the other predictions will come true when they are meant to. If your heart is telling you to hold on just a bit longer….then hang in there. Your heart won’t lie to you.
    I thank CP for their support and guidance and wish that everyone gets what they are waiting for.
    Keep Smiling,

  46. Lily

    I believe I have the winner of all tough love situations, waiting a year and half for a guy named T.. and Jesse’s advice has been invaluable. Patience has definitely been the lesson. I can wait. After waiting this long, time lost all meaning. I hope my next two weeks count for something. What do you think Jesse timewise?

  47. Psychic - Jesse - x9027

    I’ve had several clients who were ready to throw in the towel and when we had the reading, it showed they should wait just a few more weeks…and what a difference that time made!
    Others, however, were being told in all directions to release the situation and they simply refused to face the truth.
    When you weigh what you have been putting into the relationship against what you are receiving from it, the answer is often quite clear. When you have a reading (or several) that come up with the same conclusion, it is time to really consider your next move and find the courage to stick with it.


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