Ask Your Spirit Guide

Hi spirit guides! I would like to ask you about my daughter. She is 2 years old, and I would like to know if she will be successful in her life.


Dear Alicia,

Your daughter is surrounded by a number of light beings with adoring smiles on their faces, and the most prominent are three (yes, three!) angels.

Even though I’m not clear on what “successful” would mean to you, I’m pretty sure that your daughter will surprise you by having a life that’s very different from what people these days would call successful, but which she will find exciting, enriching and – much of the time – joyful.

Obviously, she is blessed and watched over by unusually powerful and loving beings. My understanding from them is that she has a strong destiny, one that places her at some important intersections in the lives of many others. However, I’m told that whether or not she will be famous or rich is largely up to her, and her choices are unpredictable at this point. Let me tell you why.

Your daughter is one of several children I’ve read recently who have convinced me that we’re headed for a major shift in values, much like what occurred in the 1960s, at about the time this new generation reaches their late teens and early twenties. The many predictions about changes coming at the end of the Mayan Long Calendar in the year 2012 notwithstanding, my sense is that our very young and soon-to-be born children are the ones who will be leading the way for tremendous and far-reaching changes in the way we humans interact with our world, the Universe, and the future.

This may not be what you wanted to hear, Alicia, but I’m very excited for your daughter, and for you.

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